19 August 2017

The stench from the MSM.

Next The New Yorker cover:

Modern discourse.

If you take the way soi-disant “anti-racists” talk about white people and substitute “Jews” for “whites” you will end up with something that sounds like a Nuremburg Rally speech or reads like a chapter of Mein Kampf. Now you know who the real Nazis are today.[1]
This is exactly right. Substitute "Jew" or "female" or "black" or "homosexual" any place the left use "white" and you have the perfect igniter for leftist screams of outrage and contrived apoplexy. Leave "white" alone in their discourse and what's said is treated as the most sensible thing anyone could say. "Oh, right. Those @#$#% white bastards."

[1] "Brief Thoughts on Assorted Matters: Special Charlottesville Edition." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Altar, Liberty, 8/17/17.

16 August 2017

To serve and defect.

It’s worth remembering that Charlottesville did everything it could to prevent the demonstrations, issuing permits only after being sued by the ACLU. And when push came to shove—literally—on Saturday, police and National Guardsmen were to be found only on the periphery of the brawling. Indeed, the Virginia ACLU reported that police were refusing to intervene unless specifically ordered to do so.[1]
Shades of Berkley when cops similarly did not intervene to stop AntiFa violence.[2]

[1] "Avoidable Mayhem. Why did Virginia’s political leadership order the police and National Guard to stand down?" By Bob McManus, City Journal, 8/14/17.
[2] H/t: The Burning Platform.

11 August 2017

"Neocon" defined.

"Neocon" is a squishy term, or at least has been in the past. Today its meaning is firming up some. However, the following list of neocon passions brings to the fore the defining element – political actions that are mysterious to voters and utterly divorced from rational policies of non-interference in the affairs of others, avoidance of fantastic expense in the pursuit of vague goals, abandonment of any kind of a Lone Ranger desire for "leadership" on the world stage, and avoidance of stupid and artificial disputes with nuclear powers:
Within hours of Trump’s emergence as the putative Republican nominee, the Never Trump cadres initiated numerous rearguard actions designed to elect Clinton, whom they correctly saw as the candidate who would implement their neocon foreign policy of regime change, nation-building, humanitarian intervention, meddling in foreign civil wars and domestic affairs, spreading democracy, confronting Russia, maintaining America’s state of perpetual covert and overt war, and requiring the continued presence of hundreds of thousands of troops in every corner of the globe costing billions of taxpayer dollars.[1]
Missing from the list is commitment to the foreign policy goals of Israel. In my opinion nothing we've done in the Middle East make any sense unless you understand that the U.S. is at the beck and call of Israel and its AIPAC enablers. Overall, however, neocon means more than a slavish adherence to the needs of Israel. Something else is in there that has a lot to do with the military-industrial-congressional complex. It's not about any gas pipeline for Qatar.

Primarily, I am incensed by having unelected people dictate policies that have never been put to the American electorate. Neocon policies are not policies that American voters have approved. Period. Who are these people that say we should be waging war against Syria with over 400,000 civilian deaths on our account? We bitch and moan about a relative handful of casualties in bogus chemical weapons incidents but don't even blink as 100s of thousands of civilian deaths are added to the reckoning of the cost of our dirty policies. Policies that are unconstitutional and that further our aggressive war in Syria.

Just about every aspect of American politics and 100% of European politics are devoted to the needs of foreigners, minorities, globalists, mega-corporations, and the banksters. The needs and wishes of the founding people of all these countries is a matter of indifference to their governing classes.

[1] "How Romney Loyalists Hijacked Trump’s Foreign Policy. Those who play the game by establishment rules are waived in. Those who would challenge the status quo are kept out." By Ron Maxwell, The American Conservative, 7/31/17.

10 August 2017

Hubris and complete disdain for the past and reason itself.

According to Professor Legutko’s analysis, the similarities that he has observed under communism and the current liberal democratic regime are not attributable to accidents of history or to the activities of a few misguided men, but are the logical consequences of their whole world outlook. And perhaps the single most important similarity is that each of the systems is forward-looking and judges the present not by what has existed in an imperfect past, or by what is possible for human beings given their essential and abiding nature, let alone by any deontological precepts, but by a future state of perfection that the systems responsible for the present will allegedly call into existence.[1]
I think I've recounted the marvelous insight that a speaker at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting had after he'd recounted the complete disaster that his life had become: "And my best thinking got me there." Two of the tenets of AA are that
  1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Just as that speaker experienced complete collapse of his life and all loss of self respect, so has the West rushed with energy and purpose to its own destruction.

AA's idea of a "higher power" is non-sectarian and who or what he or she or it is is not central to its rejuvenating approach. It does require that the alcoholic (zealot) give up the illusion of personal mastery and humbly take into account that someone else might actually have something worthwhile to contribute to his or her life. The Western world takes the opposite approach and puts its faith in kings, potentates, bwanas, poobahs, and scumbag intellectuals, politicians, artists, journalists, and bureaucrats. The work product of these hideous people is all around us now. It swamps us. It drowns us. It slimes us with crudity, delusion, lies, and assaults on reason and experience.

Samuel Johnson had his finger on the problem:

"How small, of all that human hearts endure,/ That part which laws or kings can cause or cure!"
Western man has got it all wrong with our vast schemes for the reformation of all aspects of human existence. We have desecrated all that our ancestors handed down to us. Much humility is now in order but such incipient signs of awakening as can be seen are but dim candles. It cannot and will not overcome over a century of utter stupidity and willful betrayal.

Humility won't return to us until we have a smoking ruin.

[1] "A Takedown of the Moral Prometheans." By Theodore Dalrymple|, Library of Law and Liberty, 8/10/17.

Government that crushes.

How is this not tyranny?
I've mentioned this in previous "Illinois is FUBARed" threads, but I think it marks the point well. I live in suburban St. Louis, MO. in an area that probably has the highest, if not amongst the highest property tax rates in the whole state of Missouri. My in-laws, god love them, live in a small rural town in Illinois. My house is 3x the size of theirs, and likely 3-4 times the market value of theirs. Point being? My property taxes are, and have been functionally the same as theirs almost as long as I've known them. Think about that for a second. That's unreal.

It's no shock why Illinois has the problems they have.[1]

Not to be outdone, RaoulDuke66 on the Illinois train wreck:
This is a sure sign that more government is required to fix the problems created by evil capitalists.[2]
A classic comment. Socialists, statists, communists, progressives, and fools have hamstrung and done the vampire deal on free markets and the rule of law to create vast, unresponsive, liberty-destroying monstrosities that make the Philadelphia Convention look like a shower for Rosemary's baby.

And, boom, when it gets to be heavy sledding and "recalculate" just doesn't make the spreadsheet numbers change, it's capitalism that gets blamed and the AntiFa mobs get called out in force.

[1] Comment by Stan Smith on "This $5 Trillion Time Bomb Will Devastate Americans." By Nick Giambruno, Zero Hedge, 8/9/17.
[2] Comment at id.

08 August 2017

Altrustic lawyer?

And how does a recently bankrupt and unemployed Imran Awan wind up with a high-priced lawyer to defend him who is associated with the Clintons? Would that kind of lawyer even take a relatively minor bank fraud case if that were all that is involved?
"The Tale of the Brothers Awan. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the middle of a new scandal." By Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 8/8/17.