30 June 2015

That which must never be acknowledged.

The Marxists are intent on rewriting or destroying history to erase any mention of human behavior prior to around 2007. Or should I say any behavior by non-whites prior to 2007. The savagery of the American Indian tribes, the savagery of Central American Indian tribes, the cannibalism throughout the New World particularly in the Caribbean and Central America, the barbarity and cannibalism throughout Africa and Australasia, all must be erased from memory. Whites were the evil oppressors who forced innocent and pure natives to do evil things. Whites are all bad and everyone else is saintly, period.
Comment by Stan D Mute on "RIP Oz 'Aborigine Elder' Bob Randall. A White Guilt Classic From THE ECONOMIST." By John Derbyshire, The Unz Review, 6/19/15.

The homosexual agenda: Revenge.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that as governments in Europe, Canada, the UK, and the various American states to do so prior to the ruling, have declared the creation of same-sex marriage by legislative fiat it has not resulted in lesbians and gays swarming the altars and courthouses of these nations to get hitched so much as in activists, strategically seeking out Christian florists, bakeries, printers, caterers, and anyone whose business is remotely connected to weddings and marriage, suing them, and winning large rulings if they stood true to the principles of their faith. A direct attack on churches is next in the revolutionary agenda.
"The Collective Madness of the Age ." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Alter, Liberty, 6/27/15.

29 June 2015

Vild und crazy guys.

Always remember one thing: Merkel's Grosse Koalizion may genuflect in front of the US at every turn, but compared to the SPD they are Nigel Farage, Beppe Grillo and Marine Le Pen all rolled into one when it comes to the EU.
Comment by MauroCella on "Top German Politician Blasts Nuland & Carter: 'F##k US Imperialism'." By ZeroHedge, 6/2815.

28 June 2015

Criminals compel.

ObamaCare is coercion. Forcing people to participate in gay marriages is coercion. The FHA ruling is coercion. We may be compelled into compliance, but compulsion is all it is. It isn’t law or justice.

The distinction is important.

* * * *

When we follow the law, we do so because it is right. When we are coerced, we are at gunpoint by an illegitimate system. Those who compel us are not any different than criminals.

. . . They have not defeated us. They have corrupted themselves.[1]

And make no mistake about. These decisions are about naked coercion.

[1] "Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be." By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 6/26/15.

H/t: New Zeal Blog.

The evil that underlies the left.

Contrary to what some conservatives like to believe, the left did not suddenly show up here in 1963 or 1905 and disrupt a formerly peaceful country. The left has always been here. It’s a part of us.

No people and no country are untouched by evil. It’s only a matter of what form it takes. But in any form, we know it by its destructive instincts, its facade of righteousness that poorly conceals a lust for power.[1]

It's clear that the left loathes what America set out to be. It has recklessly and maliciously done all in its power to magnify the power and cost of the federal government.

Well-meaning people have done their part in this process, but they and more malevolent or arrogant souls have all turned their back on the notion of popular sovereignty and morality and done their part to destroy what made the governmental system of U.S.A. unique. They have labored with intelligence and energy to turn government into a source of riches and power, an unrepresentative parasitic entity like myriads of governments around the world and throughout history.

It's evil, plain and simple with abuse, dishonesty, and corruption the inevitable result as Mr. Greenfield says.

[1] "Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be." By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 6/26/15.

H/t: New Zeal Blog.

21 June 2015

The plague years.

There are estimated to be 1.8 billion M*sl*ms in the world making up about 25% of the population. But though M*sl*ms are just 25% of the world population, they seem to account for about 80% to 90% of world conflicts.

In Thailand, M*sl*ms have been fighting the majority Buddhists for decades. In India there’s regular trouble between M*sl*ms and the majority Hindus. M*sl*m Pakistan is at daggers drawn with Hindu India and within Pakistan M*sl*ms are eagerly slaughtering each other. Across the border in Afghanistan there’s a very uncivil war between M*sl*ms. In China, there have been years of problems with their M*sl*ms. In Myanmar, the majority Buddhists are so fed up with M*sl*m violence that they’re throwing them out and sending them to M*sl*m Malaysia and Indonesia. In the Middle East, we’ve had more then half a century of M*sl*ms trying to destroy tiny Israel. And now across the Middle East, M*slims are both slaughtering the few remaining Christians they can find and also busily slaughtering each other.[1]

The West is plagued by a diseased, mendacious left who turn on their own people, hate their traditions, dishonor their ancestors, undermine law, bow down to totalitarians, worship foreigners and minorities, and fawn over feminist freaks, homosexuals, and useless males in whom there is no fight.

And since the seventh century the world has been afflicted by a savage, backward political system that worships death, revels in conquest, and rejects reason itself.[2]

The combination of these evil forces and their present-day alliance is a plague on us all. This plague is as inexplicable to me as the plague must have been to medieval Europe. Then flaggelants traveled around Europe, whipping themselves for their supposed sins they believed had brought God's wrath down on them.

Maybe there's some similar phenomenon today of self-loathing on the part of the left that makes them want to punish us for their sins? Dr. Sanity (see blogroll) would be the right person to explain that.

It's not an idle question. Were the left to cease its treasonous idiocy and help the West deal with the Muslim threat, we could work out a new understanding -- free of irrelevancies and distractions about "capitalist exploitation," "inequality," "structural racism," and assorted other foolishness -- while reversing the damage done to us by the madness of mass immigration of primitives and hostiles.

If the left won't cease and desist, the West will be extinguished.

It already is if you consider that Muslim and third-world breeding rates will continue and Western men will almost certainly persist to the bitter end in their suicidal determination not to see and understand obvious mortal threats.

To repeat: Muslim and third-world fertility will inundate and destroy the West even if not one "immigrant" ever sets foot in the West for the next 50 years. That's now the default. Only Western action will change this.

It is not a plague we are helpless to reverse.

[1] "Are M*sl*ms always bad news?" By David Craig, Snouts in the Trough, 6/16/15. The Religion of Peace website will vastly expand on the author's list if you care to spend 15 minutes there.
[2] On the latter point, Muslim notables have decreed that the earth is flat, the sun orbits the earth, that scantily clad women cause earthquakes, and Mickey Mouse is a soldier of Satan. Breast feeding male business colleagues and the permissibility of eating mermaids have been discussed. Too, drinking the urine of Mohammed is blessing. You can read it here. There are Muslims who cringe at this nonsense as the brave scientist in the video linked to above. But in a contest between a rational Muslim and an imam who can decree that the former is being blasphemous, my money is on the imam so far as figuring out who runs things in Muslim societies. The idiots are not the minority in Islamic society and disputes with Muslims can put one in mortal danger.

20 June 2015

Politics of exclusion.

[Aldous] Huxley thought this [social control and the propagation of ignorance] might take place through drugs and genetic engineering, but the real drugs and social planning of late modernity lies in the presence of an entertainment and public pedagogy industry that trades in pleasure and idiocy, most evident in the merging of neoliberalism, celebrity culture, and the control of commanding cultural apparatuses extending from Hollywood movies and video games to mainstream television, news, and the social media.[1]
Like all leftists, it seems, the author of this quote, Mr. Giroux, can actually make insightful observations but then he comes up with what he calls "the politics of exclusion." This is actually being practiced with "Big Brother" now patrolling public spaces to spot "the people who do not fit in" and "departing" them or just "never allowing them to come anywhere near." Near, that is, to the home countries of Western people.

Now, to test this proposition, consider the daily litany of stories that demonstrate Western governments are weak, servile, and pathetic in the face of the third-world invasion of the West:

From this glimpse of the reality of modern Western life -- and 20 years of other such stories -- Mr. Giroux thinks he has discovered "the politics of exclusion."

What planet do these people live on?

[1] "Orwell, Huxley and America’s Plunge into Authoritarianism." By Henry A. Giroux 6/19-21/15.

Logic of the times.

"Transgender “Female” MMA Fighter Brutally Injures Female Opponent."

H/t: Gates of Vienna.

18 June 2015

Human conceit.

From what I've seen over the past 43 years, attempts to bypass the negatives of "organized religion" while still maintaining its "spiritual" benefits have failed, and the Boomers had the benefit of being raised in a functional society with actual rules and obligations. I'm not foolish enough to think I could do better on my own.[1]
What could go wrong?
Just another take on the fatuous "modern" belief that tradition has nothing to offer and that we can just dump the past like a mattress on the edge of the highway. Alcoholics will tell stories of how they lost wife, children, health, job and self respect and then add, "And my best thinking got me there." It's a heck of a thought and one that should be taken to heart by all the mechanics and tinkerers among us who think they can sweep everything off the table with one smooth motion and then come up with something better.

The economic and immigration madness that has infected the West is something created by the deliberate actions of many highly educated people enamored of (1) secularism, (2) "equality," and (3) the idea that lemonade and candy can gush forth if a rational and humane "socialism" can replace the rotten ways of the past.

Life is unequal and unfair but more equality and fairness came into the world because of people freely pursuing their self interest in free markets. Wise, loving, "enlightened" people had nothing to do with, unless it was those who created a legal structure of rationality, predictability, an even-handedness within which trial and error could slowly lead to amelioration of the harshness of life.

No attempt to cast aside workable legal restraints has led to anything more decent or more just. When was "revolutionary justice" anything but a satisfaction of individual revenge fantasies and bestial instincts that led straight to more slaughter? Handing more and more political power to what some like to think are the "right" kind of people has only led to horror in our times, not just mass killing but social decay that threatens civilization itself. Once-great American cities in our own time are being laid waste by uncivilized people and where is there a scintilla, a soupcon, or a smidgin of evidence that that will ever be turned around? Destruction of our cities is today the course that we pursue with determination. Each new fracturing draws not leaders but buffoons and other political jokes like vultures on the Ferlinghetti Plain.

The Christian religion has attempted to deal with the idea of fallen man. It gives hope to people conscious of their own transgressions and keeps sinners as a part of a larger community. Not an insignificant effort in a world that has always had no lack of suffering humanity.

But secularists and iconoclasts have yet to address the issue of human limitation. In fact, they do not acknowledge it except to offload the defects of the world onto the shoulders of "bigots," "racists," "sexists," and such. This is what the psychologists refer to as "displacement" which is seen in people who transfer personal failings onto others. Only people who have no consciousness of their own failings and propensity for sin can so casually, so recklessly abandon, in the case of the U.S., the salutary protections of the Constitution. What is the need for law, if the rulers are good people?

Hubris is bound up in secularism and today we see its full flowering. Neither common sense, decency, tradition, law, or arithmetic restrain. All correction or limitation is swept aside like tissue. Are you an illegal immigrant? Well, then amnesty's just the thing for you. Is that yet another illegitimate child? Why, it's more money for you! Are education and a job to you like Kryptonite to Superman? Oh, but for structural racism! Eighty trillion dollars in the hole and counting? Please. Let there be an end to hate.

But we got rid of the accursed stupidity and cruelty of the Christian religion. There's that.

[1] "Create Your Own Religion." The Lost Art of Self-Preservation (for Women), 1/3/2015.

15 June 2015

Not for nothing the Colonel's appellation of "lunatic country."

“The Danes are disregarded as right-wing extremists along with other countries which don’t opt for a Swedish–style immigration policy.”
True! A few years back (maybe 2009), I actually followed the editorials in DN (largest “serious” daily newspaper) during the whole year, just to see how many countries they would condemn as “right wing” or racist. As I recalled, they got every single one in the EU plus some others!

These people really think that they are knights in shining armor, fighting nazis and fascists that are all around them. They have no problem regarding all of Europe as “extremists” and them selves as “normal”.

In a sane place, they would be under treatment, but in Sweden, they are in control!

Finally, they have manged to put a fresh spin on the term democracy. Normally, it means that the population replaces the political parties they don’t like. In Sweden, the political parties instead replaces the population!

Comment by utlandssvensk on "Sweden heading in a more multicultural direction." Swedish Surveyor, 6/8/15.