May 5, 2022

The "we're all going to die" narrative. Version 87.01.

More climate change hysteria from The Weather Channel:

5/4/22 -- "Why Are Some Beaches Expanding, Despite Sea Level Rise?" "With sea levels rising due to climate change you might think that beaches are disappearing . . . ." You might think that because of their constant harping on rising sea levels.

5/4/22 -- "Parts of the Rio Grande Running Drier Than Usual." Climate change and increased demand . . . .

5/2/22 -- "Where Tornadoes Strike Most Frequently Is Changing." By Ally Hirschlag, Weather Channel. "Meteorologists have some theories as to why this appears to be happening which include climate change and natural variability." Personally, I'm going with climate change.

5/4/22 -- "Historic Lake Mead Drought Reveals Body in Barrel." "Climate change has fueled the megadrought", etc.

5/2/22 -- "Wildfire in Northern New Mexico is Largest in Country." "Scientists say wildfires are more widespread and starting earlier due to climate change."

5/1/22 -- "Climate Change Could Bring On Mass Extinction Event On Par with Great Dying." The Great Dying of 250 million years ago. ". . . . [B]ecause of climate change."

4/28/22 -- "One-in-Five Reptiles Threatened With Extinction." "The study points to habitat loss as the reptiles' primary threat but hunting and climate change have an impact too."

4/28/22 -- "Climate Change Has Decimated this Once Popular Iraq Lake (PHOTOS)." "The lake, which was located west of Samawa in Iraq's Muthana Province, has disappeared due to climate change-induced drought and groundwater harvesting for agricultural and industrial purposes."

4/28/22 -- "Climate Change Could Increase Cross-Species Disease Spread." "A new study published in the journal Nature predicted climate-related disease spread could put humans at a greater risk of picking up infections from animals." Again with the "studies."

4/28/22 -- "Floating City of the Future Being Built." "The goal is to ensure that city dwellers displaced by future rising sea levels will have a thriving place to live." It's not clear what will cause future risking sea levels but we'll get back to you when this becomes known.

4/28/22 -- "Denali Main Road Partially Closed Due to Climate Change." Escalating landslides . . . . Scientists say . . . .

4/27/22 -- "UN: Climate Change Has Big Impact on Increasing Global Disasters." "A U.N. report said the world can expect disasters to increase in the coming years mostly due to climate change." 560 disasters expected by 2030, up from about 400 per year in 2015. Devestating heat waves, more droughts, extremely strong tropical cyclones in northern Africa, expanding wildfire season in American west. Compound with other factors like covid-19 "pandemic" and economic woes. Funds go to recovery and only a small percentage go for "prevention."

4/27/22 -- "Gray Wolf Howls at Car in Yellowstone." Because of climate change. Ok. Just kidding.

4/26/22 -- "As Climate Anxiety Grows, Youth-Led Lawsuits Spark Action." "Climate change is one the leading causes of anxiety in young people all over the globe according to recent surveys. Negative feelings about the climate crisis correlate with worry that the government is not doing enough."

4/26/22 -- "UN: Climate Change Has Big Impact on Increasing Global Disasters." "A new report by the UN’s Office of Disaster Risk Reduction said that disasters are only going to increase by 2030." We are doomed. Find sticks and sharpen them.

4/25/22 -- "More Americans Are Moving into Areas Prone to Climate Disasters, Study Finds."

4/22/22 -- "Climate Change Reveals Underwater 'Fairy Chimneys' in Turkey (PHOTOS)." By Nicole Bonaccorso. "Receding water from climate change fueled-drought have revealed what looks like a tiny underwater city in Turkey's Van Lake."

4/21/22 -- "Glaciers Before and After Climate Change (PHOTOS)." By Nicole Bonaccorso.

4/21/22 -- "Crop-Threatening Bacteria Found in North America for First Time." "With many crops already stressed by warmer temperatures and drought . . . ."

4/20/22 -- "Most Endangered US River Is Water Source for 40M." "An advocacy group says the nation’s sixth-longest river is under threat from climate change and other factors."

4/20/22 -- "West’s Wildfires Affecting Pollution Levels Across U.S.." "Wildfires are becoming more intense due to climate change."

4/20/22 -- "Sea Level Rise Not the Only Coastal City Danger." "See level rise is one of the worst effects of climate change for coastal cities but there's another threat that can make it even worse -- land subsidence. . . . It'll take better monitoring and government intervention to keep land subsidence in check. And with the seas expected to rise by at least a foot in the 21st-century minimizing land subsidence will be crucial." King Canute call your office.

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For some perspective, see also "From ice age to global warming – the climate doom-mongers’ swift about-turn." By Ivor Williams, The Conservative Woman, 4/26/22. It's well worth reading even if you're not a conservative woman.

May 1, 2022

A reckoning in the offing.

Tim Knight of Slope of Hope, a technical analysis site, has an interesting piece about the immediate spot of housecleaning likely to result in the wake of the forthcoming bit of market bumpiness. Well, to be precise, he describes this as a "financial cataclysm" brought about by the modern American religion of kissing every boo boo in this vale of tears.
We have not had an honest-to-God bear market in ninety years. But what about 2008? Or 2001? Or 1987? Yeah, yeah, the market went down, it's true, but in every single down-market since the 1930s, the federal government has intervened to stop the bleeding. The natural, organic, and marvelously healthy process of a sweeping financial cleaning hasn't been permitted since the days of FDR, since the nanny state government feels duty-bound to spare its citizens anything that might hurt even a little bit.
So it's not looking good he thinks because of the accumulation of froth and he has written an entertaining article about "what segments of our society will be purged when the dust settles." Or the federal punch bowl is taken away.

It's an interesting list. Adios to froth, hype, cuteness, and billion-dollar parsley conglomerates. Recommended.

[1] "Scheduled to be Slayed." By Tim Knight, ZeroHedge, 4/30/22 (bolding removed).

April 30, 2022

There's that.

That this "Defensive Alliance" [sic] of 30 members takes ZERO issue with the criminal activities of its Head Member demonstrates that it is a corrupt a lawless Organization in totality.
  1. Bloody Coups effected by its lead member go unquestioned
  2. Invasions + Wars of Aggression by its lead member go unquestioned
  3. Civilian deaths + destruction of public infrastructure by its lead member go unquestioned
  4. Targeting and Murder of Heads-of-State by its lead member go unquestioned
  5. Unlawful seizure of Sovereign Wealth by its lead member go unquestioned
  6. Complete disregard of Law of War / UN Charter / Treaties and Conventions by its lead member go unquestioned
Comment by The Archivist on "White House Says It Would "Strongly Support" Finland & Sweden NATO Membership." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 4/30/22 (bracketed text in original).

April 29, 2022

My stars but that's a good question.

At what point does it occur to the foreign policy community that a country rife with critical race theory, identity politics, cancel culture, and wokeism that cultivates self-hate and endless apologies is destined for the trash bin of history, not for hegemony?
"Governmental Dysfunction Rises with Time." By Paul Craig Roberts, The Unz Review, 4/29/22.

April 28, 2022

Pearls of expression.

The Russians are a weird people. For some reason, known only to their bizarre selves, they object to German invasions of their country. And not only that: they have the inexplicable habit of strenuously opposing another such eventuality.
"Nuclear War?" By Walter E. Block, ZeroHedge, 4/28/22.

April 24, 2022

An astonishing national priority.

As always, I have to ask When did the American people demand such actions on the part of our "leaders" and what could $1 billion a year have paid for in America itself?

I don't know what it is about foreigners that fascinates American foreign policy "elites" but whatever it is we sure as heck heart foreigners in the worst way. Not Syrians, of course. We exist to kill them, destroy their country, and steal their oil, all the while that we play le grande homme.

Anyway, check this out:

Obama's upgraded proxy war in Syria proved to be "one of the costliest covert action programs in the history of the C.I.A.," the New York Times reported in 2017. Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed a budget of nearly $1 billion per year, or around $1 of every $15 in CIA spending. The CIA armed and trained nearly 10,000 insurgents, spending "roughly $100,000 per year for every anti-Assad rebel who has gone through the program," U.S. officials told the Washington Post in 2015. Two years later, one U.S. official estimated that CIA-funded militias "may have killed or wounded 100,000 Syrian soldiers and their allies over the past four years."[1]
In this case, as with Iran, everything you want to know about our policy toward Syria floats up the Potomac from an Israel submarine marked "Special Delivery" for "Current occupant 1600 Pennsylvania Ave."

[1] "'Al Qaeda is on our side': How Obama-Biden team empowered terrorists in Syria." By Aaron Maté, Substack, 4/20/22.