01 May 2016

Not buying the anti-Trump wavelet.

A couple of great comments from The Unz Review:
A big part of the Trump movement is the result of the masses believing that we no longer have a constitutional republic. Too many thousand-page bills and trade deals that no one gets to read are rubber stamped. The federal government refuses to enforce existing laws, or at the least picks and chooses which laws to enforce. De facto amnesty has been granted to millions of people who don’t belong.

Yet the Trump supporters ["Trumpistas"] are the problem? Trump only needs to enforce existing laws to make an impact. Yet enforcing laws seems to be autocratic by Douthat [author of NYT piece, "Give Us a King!"]. Oh, and throw in a reference to Putin. That’s double-plus-bad.

We get it. We are supposed to shut up, let the rulers replace our population and outsource our industry all while trying to start a war with Russia.[1]

The truth is that Trump is a moderate Republican who wants some sanity in our Government dealings regarding trade and immigration but otherwise is a pretty reasonable, middle of the road, american billionaire.

But evidently, even the slightest disagreement with the status quo means you’re “just like Hitler!!”[2]

[1] Comment by iSteveFan on "Douthat: 'Give Us a King!'" By Steve Sailer, The Unz Review, 5/1/16.
[2] Comment by Honesthughgrant on same article.

29 April 2016

Quick guide to demonstration attendance.

You should not be at a "demonstration" where:
  • there are lots of Mexican flags,
  • there are lots of Mexican illegals,
  • people are trashing automobiles,
  • people are wearing masks and hoodies,
  • there's a drumming circle with at least one overweight lesbian,
  • there are men with beautiful pony tails on your side of the police barricades,
  • "transsexuals" spit on people they are debating,
  • people are six inches away from police lines and cursing the police,
  • there's a Black Lives Matter contingent,
  • your purpose is to forcibly stop someone else from exercising free speech,
  • your own speech is what might charitably be called incoherent,
  • you arrived on a bus and you don't know who paid for your ticket,
  • George Soros is involved in any way, and/or
  • you agree with organizers that America should be the dumping ground for every ignorant, parasitic, or criminal third-world person who wants to take a job from an American.
If any of these apply to the demonstration you're at, your judgment, decency, or patriotism are questionable.

Monetary stupidity and the financial system's unwillingness to make healthy reforms.

In other words, central banks and planners have generated enormous bubbles in debt, housing and stocks to maintain the illusion that doing more of what failed spectacularly will actually fix what's broken. This is crazy, because these policies are what's broken. All these massive interventions and manipulations are driving the system off the cliff.

* * * *

Here is the craziness: nothing has actually been fixed in the past 7 years. Rather, everything that was broken in 2008 has been ramped up to an even higher levels of craziness. The crazy solution to bursting housing bubbles is even bigger housing bubbles (see Sweden, China and the U.S.).[1]

Mr. Smith points out that the "Swiss central bank admitted to spending $470 billion on currency market manipulation since 2010." That's an enormous amount of money for a very small country to spend. That has to be an expenditure coming under the heading of desperation measures and something far removed from any kind of long-term productive purpose.

[1] "Is the World Getting Crazier, But We No Longer Notice?" By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 4/29/16.

28 April 2016

Pearls of expression.

Éric Zemmour on Pope Francis's decision to take some Syrian Muslim families back to Rome with him from Lesbos but to leave some Christian families behind:
The Pope explains to us, not without a touch of irony, that the Christian families who were presented to him did not have their papers in order. We didn't know that divine mercy was so legalistic. Or should we understand that religion matters little to him? That the Christian father has crossed Europe off?
"Abandoning Europe to Islam." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 4/27/16.

In thrall to hideous Wahhabism.

The Saudi lobby is a vast public relations machine, well-oiled with money and top-heavy with Washington insiders. Former Senator Norm Coleman, who headed up the American Action Fund – a major “dark money”conduit to GOP campaigns – and is now backing Ted Cruz is on the Saudi payroll. .

On the other side of the partisan divide, the Clinton Foundation is the recipient of Saudi money and the Podesta Group, a major Democratic party public relations firm, is on retainer to the Kingdom. Tony Podesta, founder of the firm, is a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton.[1]

Mr. Raimondo's piece is about more than just Saudi influence and he finishes with the question on most every ordinary American's lips:
This is the price we pay for empire: interventionism is a two-way street. We send the Marines to foreign lands – and they send their lobbyists to Washington. Our overseas client-states have every interest in maintaining the level of financial and military support that flows out to them, and it’s no surprise that they’re fighting to retain it. The question is: are the American people finally beginning to realize that their overseas empire is a burden rather than a boon? The Fifth Estate is looking out for Number One – but who is looking out for the American people?[2]
There's much more in Mr. Raimondo's illuminating article on how foreign lobbyists distort the American political process. Highly recommended.

[1] "The Fifth Estate: Foreign Lobbyists." By Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com, 4/22/16.
[2] Id. Emphasis added.

ADDENDUM 4/28/16:

"When Media Shill For Saudi Money." Moon of Alabama, 4/21/16.

27 April 2016

A Whale Shark Cooperates with the Diver Saving Him.

Air Force airspace penetration deficiencies.

Pretty interesting stuff:
The combination of threat development, neglect of electronic warfare and an overcommittment to stealth should throw the Air Force’s ability to penetrate well-defended airspace into question. There is a way for the Air Force to regain its penetration capability, but it will require recognition that the all-stealth philosophy has been technologically outmaneuvered. The Air Force cannot spend its way out of this problem with the F-35; the aircraft’s design parameters were designed for a less-advanced threat environment that has instead outstripped the JSF’s development. Instead of putting the entire tactical airpower portfolio at the mercy of one aircraft, the service should make an effort to restore long-dormant capabilities and re-invest in readiness, training, and electronic warfare. The Air Force should buy back its EC triad and recommit to low-altitude operations.
"Low-Altitude Penetration and Electronic Warfare: Stuck on Denial, Part III." By Mike Pietrucha, War on the Rocks, 4/25/16.

26 April 2016

Something vicious and dishonorable.

From a British "skilled manual worker who mostly works in domestic households":
The intellectual classes strive for justice, equality, multiculturalism, killing the rich, lifting the poor out of poverty and peace on earth with all men. But God forbid a white working class male has a different view to them. The red neck [N]ed is a man to be despised. They fight for him yet despise him at the same time.[1]
I knew an interesting man here in the U.S. who observed once that he loved mankind but despised the common man. He later denied he'd said that but he had. Another well-educated young woman of my acquaintance once told me she thought it would be interesting surreptitiously to observe black people from a van parked on the street. She wanted to study them.

Millions of liberals swoon about the rights of this or that oppressed, disadvantaged, under-advantaged, deprived, poor, underprivileged, neglected, overlooked, sidelined, marginalized, or under-funded person who can't manage life without their help but make damn sure that they return each night to homes that are as free of the presence of such persons as it is humanly possible to be.

Their "concern" is nothing but hypocrisy for they advocate policies that guarantee desperate and degraded lives for their target group(s) unless the group consists of foreigners, in which case the priority is to grant them special privileges. Foreigners are indeed "more equal" than others. As another commenter observes:

There is a culture of disassociation among the British upper classes (particularly the conservative – so called – Government and the Judiciary) that is dismissive of the reality of Tommy Robinson and the suffering lower-classes – suffering as a result of gung-ho, poorly thought-out policies and absolute refusal to back down, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence of moral, societal and cultural destruction![2]
You see that with Cameron who earlier said he wanted to reduce immigration to the "tens of thousands." Not zero with decades of evidence of the deleterious effects of third-world immigration, but tens of thousands. (Merkel's the same way. Stop the invasion? No way. Add Turks to the mix as well!)

The Treason Class purports to wear the mantle of caring and compassion but the actual result down in the streets where millions live is consistent with something vicious and dishonorable. If that characterization seems excessive, bear in mind that if you oppose this class you can expect, like Tommy Robinson, to be persecuted in the criminal courts and to be imprisoned where you're at the mercy of violent Muslims who try to pour boiling water on you and you do have your teeth knocked out.

[1] Comment by Ooh God! on "Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor." By Dymphna, Gates of Vienna, 4/26/16.
[2] Comment by Eirene on "Britain’s Dirty Secret: Class Trumps Everything, Even Honor." By Dymphna, Gates of Vienna, 4/26/16.

Degraded America.

Less than 15 years after 9/11, the US government is openly cooperating with and defending Al Qaeda. What more needs to be said about the morality of the US government, or the state of democracy in the USA?

Immediately after 9/11, Washington declared relentless war against Al Qaeda; and President Putin was the first foreign leader to offer his condolences and his support.

Today, Washington has aligned itself with Al Qaeda and against Russia.

Comment by tom on "Syria: Russia Rejects Kerry's New Attempts to Shield Terrorists." By Moon of Alabama, 4/26/16.

No blogging.

I've not done any blogging for the last week. It's been a difficult time for me while I process the fact that a drug-addicted pop icon of indeterminate sex has been taken from us due to a drug overdose. And just when the healing has begun, Fox Business News does another 25-minute segment on his life and the wound is opened up.