October 31, 2020

Because Supreme Court justices betrayed their oath of office for 80 years.

Before things get bloody, let there be 50 new presidents after the Fed Gov is terminated. Let different opinions reign in different areas and let people vote with their feet to live in an area that suits them.

What’s going on right now is stupid. Why must there be one jerk in DC known as the president over 300+ million people? Why is there one Congress with 500+ [insufficiently strong expletive] that dictate to 300+ million people? Why are there 9 judges that dictate to 300+ million people? Why can’t we get things more local so we can better influence what’s considered reasonable?

Comment by RoatanBill on "The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change." By Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 10/29/20.

October 30, 2020

Weaponized inaction.

[NY mayor Dave] Dinkins was accused of only tacitly encouraging the rioters [in the 1991 Crown Heights crimefest]; today’s mayors do so explicitly. The “policy of restraint” regarding police protection cited by the [Rosenbaum] district court has been replaced by a policy of deliberate, calculated withholding of protection.[1]
Item: "Philly Police Were 'Ordered Not to Arrest Looters' by Deputy Police Commissioner Who Took A Knee For BLM."

Melvin. Concerned citizen.

It is bizarre to live in times when governments have unmistakably abandoned their responsibility to maintain order and obtusely chosen to embrace a notion of constitutional "peaceful assembly" that includes looting, arson, assault on other citizens and police, and murder. There is nothing about "peaceful assemblies" that exempts them from constitutional municipal restrictions on the time, place, and manner of assembly. However, municipal authorities have adopted a position of abject, cringing duplicitous "helplessness" at best and gleeful encouragement at worst. "What can we do?" Or, so help me, "Summer of love."

Either way it's a major contribution to a victory for the dregs of society . . . located at the bottom and the top of society. The agreeable, productive, law-abiding middle can just suck it up.

We'll see if this generates a blip on the old radar screen at TEOTWAWKI aitch cue. Or in what might laughingly be referred to as the "election results."

[1] "Jewish Problems, Jewish Solutions." By David Cole, Taki's Mag, 10/20/20.

October 29, 2020

Eternal, arrogant, unreasoning, ungrateful, manipulative, minority grievance.

Scotland is 96% white. Comments on YouTube are choice, including this one:

Indigenous people of Scotland making up the majority in their country! Surprising!
I wonder why the government officials in Nigeria are black. Must be "racism".
H/t: ZeroHedge.

October 28, 2020

Restoring bookmarks in your Brave browser.

Through no fault of Brave I needed to reinstall it, which I did (over the old installation) without any initial problems. Though the "Bookmarks" file (no extension) was still in the location used by Brave before, my old bookmarks did not appear once I launched Brave after reinstalling.

Apparently, Brave does not treat the bookmarks file like Firefox and thus it's not sufficient to copy the old file to the correct subdirectory (or not move it from the original location). There's apparently some kind of klugey process of saving bookmarks involving "synch" and getting a key or "password" in the process. You need the key/pwd to reinstall I gather. I didn't go that route as I was thinking "Firefox easy profile management" so I know nothing about it.

Brave will import an HTML version of your bookmarks. However, if you wisely export your bookmarks from Brave before reinstalling and then try to import from that HTML file you get some kind of weird new arrangement with a top folder on your toolbar and then various of your bookmarks in folders marked "Tier1," "Tier2," and "Tier3." This in no way resembles your carefully arranged bookmarks of old. Maybe I did that wrong. I don't know.

You can get a "Firefox result" however in this way IF you happen to have a backup of your Brave bookmarks file called "Bookmarks" or it still can be found in "C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default":

  1. Move the file "Bookmarks" to your desktop.
  2. Start Brave. You should see a question like "Import bookmarks now?" Answer no or just ignore.
  3. Go to any web page and create from it a new bookmark in your new installation. This creates the file "Bookmarks" in the above subdirectory.
  4. Exit Brave.
  5. Copy your "Bookmarks" file from the desktop to the above directory.
  6. Restart Brave.
That worked for me. If it created other problems with my Brave profile/settings I don't know and you can try this at your own risk.

Apparently, if you reinstall, Brave does not recognize the old Bookmarks file. You have to create a bookmark from within Brave and then it creates the file "Bookmarks" and "sees" that file. It doesn't automatically "see" an old file that is there in the subdirectory when it starts up after reinstall. If you create an entirely new file named "Bookmarks" as I described above, Brave apparently "sees" the new file. Brave doesn't care about what's in the file, only that the browser software makes a link to it by your doing something to make that happen, namely, creating that one bookmark. Copying your old Bookmarks file over the new one you just created doesn't disturb the link just created.

My passwords came back too, btw.

I'm lukewarm about Brave. It's fast but its handling of bookmarks isn't like Firefox. With Brave you can't sort bookmarks from what I can tell but rather have to save them through the Brave interface and there they sit. No sorting? The bookmark backup and restore options are complex and basically pathetic. The "new tab" option randomly displays one or two links to some of your favorite web pages but the links change and you've no ability to manage your favorites. Better at Firefox.

Firefox's wokeness infuriates me but I may have to go back if Brave creates any more aggro.

October 25, 2020

Definitely Theory 2.

Theory 1: Hunter Biden, an admitted drug abuser, took a damaged laptop full of incriminating evidence to a repair shop less than 5 miles from his father's house and forgot about it

Theory 2: Putin did it

"Relax, I didn't vote for the guy you hate" quoted in "Outrage After WaPo Says To 'Treat Biden Leaks As Foreign Intel Operation - Even If They Probably Aren't.'" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 10/25/20.

October 23, 2020

Four years distilled.

Russia is not interfering in the election, it is the big tech Internet companies and mainstream media that are attempting to steal the election for their candidate, Beijing Joe. . . .

* * * *

DOJ Attorney General William Barr, John Durham, Christopher Wray (FBI), and Gina Haspel (CIA) are the gatekeepers of the deep state Washington swamp. They have slow-walked, and deliberately impeded the investigations into Democrat political malfeasance that would have exonerated President Trump; proved the truthfulness of his claims; and exposed the illegal and deeply troubling dirty tricks being used to overthrow him.[1]

It's absurd that we tolerate the pond scum running and owning the tech giants. Who are these arrogant twinks, faculty-lounge fairies, and scraggle beards who presume to act as watchman at the gate and suffocate opinion on a whim? Who knew that a few hundred true-thinking, righteous people would become the gatekeepers of acceptable opinion in the blink of an eye, something the government itself had failed to achieve in 231 years?

And, yes, Barr and Durham are slow-walking the pursuit of reckoning for assorted toads and sellouts that have run our country in recent years. Vicious and instant persecution for the Manaforts, Flynns, and Assanges. Sure. But molasses in winter when it comes to manifest, sustained subversion and nation-wide leftist street violence.

[1] "Remembering Martha Mitchell." By Linda Goudsmit, New Zeal, 10/21/20.

October 20, 2020

The Russians did it!

The is a comment on a Caitlin Johnstone article about how the MSM are going to push the "Russian disinformation" and "classic textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft" (Clapper) nonsense to protect Biden from anything that will come out from his son's laptop computer:
Yep. Yep. Those crafty Russians. They KNEW years ahead of time that if they placed an infiltrator in a corner computer repair shop it would draw in a coke head with lap tops festooned with sensitive national security information into the lair. Man, you gotta hand it to those crafty rooskies.

Here's to you, Vlad!

Gobble D. Goop comment on "'The Emails Are Russian' Will Be The Narrative, Regardless Of Facts Or Evidence." By Caitlin Johnstone, ZeroHedge, 10/19/20.

October 18, 2020

The agenda of malevolence.

The agenda of malevolence.
Since she’s not running for re-election next year [Merkel] now has to do everything she can to deliver Germany to her Davos Crowd masters weak, divided, locked down and betrayed, as she’s been ordered to do.

It’s similar to what the Democrats are trying to pull off here in the U.S. and Labour has only partially succeeded in doing in the U.K.

Merkel has succeeded far more than Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have.

The markets have begun sniffing this outcome for weeks. The firming U.S. dollar and failed bond rout from last week in U.S. Treasuries have been your signals that smart money is beginning to leave Europe.[1]

The notion that the Western political class is motivated by pure malevolence is hard to swallow. But . . . it's downright compelling according to the Holmes dictum that, once you've eliminated the impossible, what's left is the truth, no matter how improbable.

And the truth of the post-WWII has been the priority given by the political class, Homo toadus turpis, to mass third-world immigration. Which is proof positive of their utter viciousness as there is NO WAY that you can look at an influx of millions and millions of third worlders, Muslims in particular, to white, Christian countries and say that stability, social peace, and net improvement could be the inevitable result. Let alone a possible result.

Can you hear us now?
Given the no-go zones of Europe, frenzies of French car-b-ques, terror, street crime, rape, murder, street, garden, and swimming pool defecation, tent cities in public streets, declarations of eternal hostility and subversion, sexual abuse of young girls, FGM visits to the home country, honor killings, subordination of women, animal slaughter on public streets, abuse of welfare systems, and separate courts, inter bleeping alia, there's NO WAY you say there was any rationality or kindness behind it all. Only pure malevolence.

A dear lady friend picked up a hitchhiker some years back and gave him a ride of many hundreds of miles. Being the kind and benevolent, but overly trusting, person she was, when they reached her destination she allowed him to stay in the apartment of a recently deceased relative. Whereupon he proceeded to hock the valuables he found in the apartment. My friend made an incorrect judgment call in that instance and her judgment was clouded by her extreme compassion for others, for which I love her. But the toads who have engineered mass immigration and danced around the "diversity" maypole have no such compassion. They have in essence allowed an initial group of immigrants in and watched them do to the nation at large what that hitchhiker did to my friend. AND THEN proceeded WITH THE EVIDENCE of what immigration means to their orderly, ethnically and culturally coherent nations TO IMPORT MILLIONS MORE.

So it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe that what was done was dione with no knowledge of the disastrous consequences for their own societies, that it was done with kindness, and that NO OTHER alternative to assisting "refugees" or other benighted people existed such as (1) helping them IN PLACE in their own countries and, oh, (2) refraining from POINTLESS WARS and ARROGANT REGIME-CHANGE kabukifests where those foreigners live. No. The logic, so help me Soros, is that these vitally important wars and meddlings have . . . surprisingly . . . generated scads of "refugees" from Scythia, Bactria, Ephesus, Nubia, Zululand, Sumatra, Malaya, Papua New Guinea, Sambosia, Haiti, Aztecia, Ninevah, Tyre, Uttar Dinesh, Laputa, and Burmashavia and WE'RE HELPLESS to stop them crossing our borders because, well, they're just "seeking a better life (SABL)" and that's IT. END of story. End of Nowlogic calculation. As for you dorks, slobs, deplorables, degenerates, gulls, marks, dweebs, apes, missing links, tax donkeys, and LOCALS, well . . . SUCK IT UP, 'chachos, 'cause this is the New World Order and, btw, GFY.

So there you have it. The calculus of Homo toadus turpis is 100% focused on the needs of foreigners. 100%. Utter bullshit is marshaled to conceal this fact but you had better nod respectfully because legions of pretty boys and beautious bints from Networkia, academic harridans, and Masked Crusaders of Righteousness (MCRs) will rip the flesh from your bones if you dissent from this and, gasp, suggest that there are legitimate white interests that have been ignored. What?! You dare to mention such a thing? White interests?!

And I haven't even touched on the cultural, religious, educational, fiscal, monetary, and economic insanity that is the equivalent of 5,000,000 Scoville heat units dumped into the completely functional, adequate, admirable, tasty stew that Westerners and their ancestors cooked up for themselves over, oh, four or five thousand years.

There's no small number of pixels that has been spilled over what to do about all this. The political class appears to be untouchable, especially in view of the obvious massive vote fraud underway which, true to form, the political class has engineered and everyone is HELPLESS to do anything about it. After Barr and Durham drop the hammer on Comey, Hillary, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, and The Joker, maybe. The allegiance of the senior military leadership is unknown but recent indications have been that the allegiance of the upper layers of the civilian and military organs to legitimate constitutional authority is firmly situated in Iffyville.

Law that governs individual actions is not on the side of the citizen as merely holding a weapon that is visible to the gibbering apes is a chargeable offense. Contemplating "self defense" provisions of the criminal law is a pointless metaphysical exercise. Such laws are remnants of saner times when it was universally understood by juries who deserved killing and who deserved a good whoopin'. Individual action is fraught with peril.

Alas, riot, looting, arson, and murder will continue with the citizen effectively neutered, especially given the draconian censorship that rules the social and mass media and thus the inhibition of effective organization. Militia are obviously a good first step in pushing back against the tidal wave of offal but they, like talk of the efficacy of hydroxychlorophyl and the infection fatality rate, cannot be permitted. Citizen self defense and national salvation organizations are ipso facto racist and way waaaayyy deep into, you guessed it, neo-Nazi territory. Problem defined away to media and politician acclaim. Like sensible rightism and kick-ass capitalism. Defined away. Nazis being "right-wing," don't you know.

Talk of and engaging in individual prepping and working on creating local groups of trusted neighbors and FBI informants is all good too, but futile in the grand scheme.

Normalcy bias and the deleterious, reality-distorting effects of our astonishing prosperity are the real obstacles it seems to me. The Mandate of Heaven has not yet been withdrawn from our Western civilization. Rational argument and factual evidence do not operate in this subtle realm where legitimacy is maintained. A congenial and competent local friend remarked Friday that immigrants are crossing the southern U.S. border "seeking a better life." He's probably a vote for Biden I figger and illustrative of how the ballot box will remain a useless mechanism of salvation. It's a world-changing, revolutionary option but so long as the civilization as a whole is content to walk in the cloud of plutocracy, media distortion and concealment, and personal denial it will remain as pointless as tits on a tractor.

Europeans especially have had the option to favor patriot, nationalist, anti-diversity parties but time and time again they reinforce the status quo. Without fail.

This could change if the populace can understand the truth of what I argue here -- that we are ruled by a hostile, vicious, destructive political class that intends nothing less than the destruction of all that we cherish, that we've built, that gives us personal security, and that nourishes a culture that sustains us. Were such a new awareness to take root in the minds of all of us there would be no need for militia, prepping, and for this interminable blogal examination of the political tea leaves and the chicken guts every hour of every day.

Only a mental volte-face will save us from Solzhenitsyn's pitiless crowbar of events. The promise of populism, the Tea Party, and what Trump's election signified proceeded from a certain awakening on the part of some but it's not enough (unless the forthcoming election produces some earth-shaking results indicative of further awakening). In the near future, sad to say, our fiscal, monetary, debt, globalist, economic, and covid-19 stupidity WILL carry the rest of the populace into new territory.

What will replace the current flustercuck of corrupt politicians, enemy billionaires, media whores, pussyhat-wearing fools, beta twinks, scragglebeards, Supreme Court betrayers, and cuckservatives is anybody's guess. There will be the initial cries of "Please, sir. May I have some more?", tantrums, and a further swing to the left. But the health of the nation has been squandered. FDR could import his fascism and communist pals but he presided over a basically healthy and resilient economy and people that and who he was, not coincidentally, doing his best to obstruct because, well, because that's what "enlightened" assholes do. There was only so much damage he could do. The "winners" of the next election, however, will preside over a diseased body politic and fragile economy that no amount of "reform" and no customary "tools" will heal.

Precisely what arrows remain in any governmental quiver now, except for recklessness, arrogance, desperation, panic, censorship, repression, racial demagoguery, groveling, and street thuggery? Garden-variety handouts, pandering to minorities, more "stimulus" and bailouts simply will not work, and fairy tales will soon fly out the window when men who have families to feed grow weary of governments failing to fulfill core responsibilities -- protection from foreign invasion and maintenance of the king's peace.

We will soon see what the loss of the Mandate of Heaven is like and which way an angry, confused people will turn. The wisdom of the Founders will avail us naught in the face of the rise of the universal franchise and the now-complete, wholesale rejection of the salutary constitutional scheme. The chimpout, the personal attack, and the ambush are the new normal. The West could not, it seems, survive the advent of liberalism and its kissing cousin, socialism.

Gentlemens, start yo engine.

[1] "Who's Afraid Of A No-Deal Brexit?" By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 10/18/20.

October 17, 2020

The Paris Agreement scam.

The Paris Agreement ostensibly is about decreasing global warming. Here's an excellent video by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai showing what a scam it is and that Trump was wise to withdraw from it: