18 January 2017

Canadian police chase.

Thanks to Wanda Sheratt, commenter at Liberty's Torch on another video of great Canadian humor.

Establishment Republican Manifesto.

Reformed Trombonist replies to no mo uro:
> Doesn't mean he shouldn't try, just because the task at hand is difficult.

I can see you never mastered the Establishment Republican Manifesto...

Never fight; you might lose.

"DisruptJ20 Dramatically Scales Back Plans to Sabotage Inauguration After Project Veritas Sting." By Debra Heine, PJ Media, 1/17/17.

17 January 2017

Mistakes was made.

The [U.S. government report on its bombing on September 17, 2016] then is saying the bloody Deir ez-Zor bombing was not the result of one error, but the result of a very long string of unexplained errors piled on top of each other. At so many steps along the way the planned strike could be recognized as being destined to hit Syrian soldiers but every time a freak mistake interceded.[1]
Mr. Hill makes no mention of what signals intelligence revealed about this Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position, occupied for some six months before the "Coalition" attack on it.

Let's focus on that.

It beggars the imagination that there was no SIGINT collection activity in Syria or that its requirements would not have included targeting all the areas in and around Deir ez-Zor.

On the contrary, SIGINT operations had to have been underway and, as the night follows day, they revealed that radio transmissions out of and into the site targeted were SAA comms. There would have been no reason for the SAA to have been under radio silence and whether or not their transmissions were encrypted they would have been on frequencies and using equipment known to be used by the SAA. It would have been child's play to identify whose radios those were at that site, particularly as the unit's traffic would have been answered by headquarters units located in Syrian government-controlled territory AND adjacent Syrian units in the immediate area.

By way of comparison, the Russians and Syrians maintained a SIGINT facility near al-Hara which "was responsible for recording and decrypting radio communications from every rebel group operating inside Syria."[2] Note the use of the language "decrypting," "every," "rebel," and "inside Syria."

Are we to believe that the U.S. has no such capability in Syria and had no interest in radio traffic out of and into the site it struck? This willful ignorance, this supposed ignorance, of the U.S. forces is not believable. That targeted unit sat there for some six months and the U.S. gleaned no information as to its identity from radio traffic, let alone from (a) other photographic evidence and (b) the logical role that unit played in Syrian defenses rather than ISIS defenses? Really? It really struck analysts and commanders as being part of the ISIS dispositions?

In point of fact, the U.S. has a SIGINT capability that is astonishing. We used it in Iraq to devastating effect and anyone who says the exact communication network of ISIS around Deir ez-Zor wasn't also later known in detail to U.S. forces operating in Syria[3] is a liar.

And this has implications respecting what we most assuredly know about ISIS and al-Qaida communications everywhere in Syria and, hence, about the dispositions and movements of those swine, and about the clearly pretend war that the U.S. has "waged" against its ISIS and al-Qaida allies in this dirty war. Read the Shane Harris article cited in the notes below and then tell me that ISIS and al-Qaida units cannot and could not be hounded to death by highly targeted "Coalition" military operations. Yet, inexplicably, mysteriously, ISIS lives on and on and on. It's just so hard to find them.

Alternative explanation: The U.S. is lying about not knowing the unit it struck on September 17, 2016 was a unit of the SAA. There was no mistake involved. The U.S. commander intended to attack a Syrian government position.

[1] "Its Own Report Data Indicates Pentagon's Slaughter of 100 Syrian Troops in Deir ez-Zor Was Deliberate." By Adam Hill, Russia Insider, 12/8/16.
[2] "Captured Russian spy facility reveals the extent of Russian aid to the Assad regime." By Oryxspioenkop, Oryx Blog, 10/6/14.
[3] "How the NSA Became a Killing Machine." By Shane Harris, The Daily Beast, 11/9/14. Money quote: "This was the most sophisticated global tracking system ever devised, and it worked with lethal efficiency."

Bill Clinton on illegal immigration.

Clearly, a hater.

14 January 2017

Delicious wit.

Hilarious commentary by Jennifer Jones.

Pearls of expression.

When the Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot was arrested and sentenced to prison in 2011 for protesting inside a cathedral, they became known as free speech heroes. Protests were held outside the Moscow embassy in Washington, the usual suspect celebrity airheads like Madonna weighed in, and members of the band even starred on House of Cards where they stood up to a character clearly based on Putin. The Russian government convicted the band on the grounds that their actions were offensive to religious believers, a justification that is similar to that used by Western governments when they go after “racists” or “homophobes.” In this case, however, because the tribe that the state was protecting was white Christians, Western elites suddenly became free speech absolutists.[1]
Mr. Cooper's article is most insightful. Highly recommended.

[1] "Which Are the Real “Illiberal Democracies”?" By Jeremy Cooper, The Unz Review, 12/24/16.

13 January 2017

From Russia's perspective.

Denizens of America’s imperial city have trouble recognizing that the rest of the world does not view their motives as pure as those of the Vestal Virgins of antiquity. Alas, from a Russian standpoint, ignoring Moscow’s Balkan interests, dismantling Slavic friend Serbia, expanding NATO to Russia’s borders, absorbing old Warsaw Pact members and Soviet republics, inviting Georgia and Ukraine to seek NATO membership, backing “color” revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine against Moscow’s interests, encouraging a street revolution against an elected, Russia-friendly president in Ukraine, and seeking to overthrow the Assad regime, a long-time Soviet ally, are not friendly acts.
"Newsflash: Russia Is Not the Soviet Union." By Doug Bandow, The National Interest, 12/29/16.

Obama, Clinton and Panetta and the disgrace that was Benghazi.

The example referenced by commenter Retired_ABN_1SG is Obama's vindictive and petty hounding of the Little Sisters of the Poor on the issue of providing birth control:
The example you provide, Mr. Heck, is both notable of his petty smallness and most worthy of revulsion to all morally directed persons. Only the most shallow and truly lost souls could argue against your point. But, I contend that there are numerous examples of just how pathetic this small, petulant, self-absorbed wannabe man will be remembered, with each representative of the background of the persons he sought to marginalize or reduce.

Mine personally is the Benghazi tragedy.

Those brave Americans fought like true American Warriors, covering each other numerous times while also unhesitantly exposing themselves to immediate danger if needed to help one another survive just a little longer, because they knew deep down inside that help would come.

They did not question whether or not it was even possible help wasn't just over the horizon. They were Americans by God; they knew that other Americans, at that very moment, we're packed tight inside Blackhawks and the pilots had the engines firewalled heading into Benghazi....at any second, they would hear a voice on the radio who was the pilot of an AC-130 ready to rain hell down on those intent upon killing them....they knew, that they would make it, if they could just hold on, because Americans never, never, PHOUCKING NEVER leave Americans behind.


For that, more than anything else, to me, I will never forgive either him, or the beast wife of Bubba, or panetta, or any of the others involved. . . .

Comment by Retired_ABN_1SG on "The one act that defined President Barack Obama." By Peter Heck, American Thinker, 1/12/17 (minor formatting, spelling changed).

12 January 2017

Whore at a Sunday school picnic.

Whore not pictured.
I hate to be a similarly out-of-place citizen in the polity now known as the nation that is indispensable, exceptional, and qualified as no other to lead and inspire lesser breeds around the world. I really do. But, I have just been wondering about this Obamacare thing.

But first, a detour through the spidery labyrinths of our much discussed Constitution whose original structure has for the last 80 years or so begun to resemble today's photos of modern Aleppo.

A mere majority of our Supreme Court justices has for a good long time taken to interpreting the Constitution as though it were a "living Constitution," something just there to provide a launching pad for fanciful ideas that have entered Their Enlightened Consciousnesses. That expansive and imaginative approach to what the Constitution says is, shall I say it, complete crap.

A better understanding can be acquired by internalizing this excellent passage in Chilton Williamson's review of Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century:

As Kent Masterson Brown (“Secession: A Constitutional Remedy That Protects Fundamental Liberties”) suggests, the meaning of the Constitution in respect of the relationship between the central government and the states is so extravagantly clear that neither intellectual density nor even incompetence can explain how the compact theory [Madison, Jefferson] was gradually overwhelmed and defeated by the nationalist one [Hamilton, Webster, Lincoln]. It was raw mental and political will that did the trick, abetted by intellectual dishonesty, demagoguery, and sheer mendacity.[1]
This brilliantly frames the fundamental issue of our Republic, namely, Does the Constitution mean (a) what it says or (b) what five excellent, caring, leftist[2] members of the Supreme Court say it means?

If the meaning of the Constitution is determined in accordance with the approach in (b) then we get what we see today – a made up, floundering country that is controlled by a massive federal government populated by officials and politicians egged on by a massive, sycophantic media monopoly who are simply unreachable by the ostensibly sovereign people, or, possibly reachable only with the investment of enormous sums of money, time, effort, and expertise. The lottery has better odds of a satisfactory outcome and what we're left with is a giant middle finger salute to representative government, courtesy of treasonous progressives, the most beautiful and deserving of our people.

The fact of Obamacare is but one of thousands of crushing, asinine initiatives undertaken by the federal government. Obamacare's complexity and expense are stunning as can be seen and inferred from this chart prepared to illustrate the whole tedious structure:

So, my question is, Where does it say in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution that the U.S. government has any power to legislate anything relating to health care (outside of health care for the armed forces)?

Answer: there is no such power in that Section and it is a tragedy to see Ryan and every violator of his or her oath to support and defend the Constitution pretend that there is any need for them to come up with a replacement for Obamacare. Mr. Trump is similarly set on an unconstitutional course.

So why are these fools acting like it's their sacred duty to "do something" about health care at the federal level? I and a few other citizens raise this issue but the ones with contempt for the Constitution swan about like princes living princely lives off of the public dime.

Who's out of place?

[1] "The Long March Through the Constitution." By Chilton Williamson Jr., Chronicles Magazine, 5/1/14 (subscription required)(emphasis added).
[2] "Like many other progressives of his day, [Louis] Brandeis was tired of outmoded 18th century conceptions of liberty." – Richard A. Epstein quote in Conservapedia. "Outmoded" as defined by Brandeis. Simple as pie. You agree, of course.