18 October 2017

Evidence of U.S. coordination with jihadis in Syria.

This is the bizarre and factually inaccurate pretext [the need to bomb alleged Syrian government chemical weapon facitilities and bases] [that] both the U.S. and Israel use as a justification for illegal aggression against Syria, whenever the Syrian Army scores a major victory against western backed terrorists, including the so-called ISIS. A martyr [from] my extended family who was in Deir ez-zor, a slain man called Karma, updated his followers on social media about how every time the Syrian Army advanced towards a terrorist position, they were targeted by US aircraft.
"The Syrian victory over terrorists in Deir ez-Zor is horrifying Israel." By Afra'a Dagher, TheDuran, 9/7/17.

17 October 2017

U.S. support for Syrian jihadis.

A local businessman estimates that the Saudi financing of East Ghouta [al Nusra and Jaysh al Islam] gangs brings about $250 million into the local economy, every year.[1]
The Saudis finance jihadi scum in Syria. We are in a coalition with the Saudis. We make no objection to this financing and continue to associate with the Saudis in this greasy affair. Therefore, the United States supports Muslim terrorists.

But the Iranians are the biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the world today.

[1] "SYRIA: The Long East Ghouta War – Tim Anderson in Damascus." By Tim Anderson, 21wire, 10/14/17.

16 October 2017

Interview with Syrian president Assad, February 16, 2017.

This is the man whom the U.S. has spent billions to remove. Her Nikkiness at the U.N. at this very hour, articulating her personal, independent foreign policy, maintains that Assad must go.

Why is anyone's guess but you can see for yourself in this video the agenda of the Western press in interviewing him. One interviewer twists his hanky over the French abhorrence of terrorism and laments what he thinks is the undemocratic nature of the Syrian government yet France visited death and destruction on Libya, plunged that country into an orgy of salafist terror, and crushes free speech at home. And the French government floods France with millions of Muslims and Africans without so much as a by your leave to the whites of France. Civilized and democratic France.

Listen to Pres. Assad talk about Syria and draw your own conclusions about who in the world is a reasonable, measured leader. For extra credit, compare and contrast him with the Manly Gripper Macron, the clueless May, and the scheming Merkel. This video illustrates what a steaming pile the Western media campaign against Assad is. Whatever it is that the U.S. is doing in its covert war first to remove Assad and now to dismember Syria, you can be sure that it is something dishonorable and unclean.

12 October 2017

America joins the third world.

The moment Americans passively sat back and allowed hostile, left-wing elites to pass a law that could effectively bankrupt harmless little cafes in backwoods Tennessee because they held and their patrons held personal racial preferences that the US power structure didn’t approve of, that made the effective persecution of “racists” a moral and legal mandate, it was all over for the America that had existed prior to the Civil Rights era, its Western heritage and its genetic profile. When whites ceded control of their own communities and the demographic profile of those communities to the Federal Government, all the Federal Government had to do at that point to effectively genocide them was to stop enforcing immigration law and defending the borders (which it promptly did, and in conjunction with changes in immigration policy itself, i.e. Hart-Celler, the demographic transformation of America would be both rapid and radical). Now Americans were being invaded on multiple levels and besieged daily from every direction. We couldn’t keep Third World peoples out of our communities or our country! So much for there being any choice in the matter. Between cultural proximity that leads to intimidation by more primitive populations, the cultural decline that naturally accompanies the emulation of less intellectually gifted peoples, the temptation that leads to miscegenation and a hundred like attendant forces, white America was finished and so too was America itself, at least the White/Euro-dominated versions of it.
" America Became 1984 In 1964, Civil Rights was the first step in the march towards Totalitarianism." By Guest Writer, AltRight.com, 10/11/17.

Why the Alt-Right.

Equality is a false god. Madly pursuing gender equality or racial equality or any equality for that matter is a road to nowhere except misery and serfdom.

Aspiring to enforce any moral system, including but not limited to the Cultural Marxist moral system currently being enforced in the Western World, down to trivial and minor and private activities, down to the level of personal preference, words, free association, customer choice, political values, etc. is itself the root of totalitarianism. The Alt-Right only exists because the actual right doesn’t seem capable of addressing this mother of all issues, and because of that, it cannot possibly save America or anything in America worth saving, including but not limited to the race that founded and forged it.

" America Became 1984 In 1964, Civil Rights was the first step in the march towards Totalitarianism." By Guest Writer, AltRight.com, 10/11/17.

On the recent NRA sellout on bump stocks.

Wayne LaPierre was wringing his hanky of late over "bump stocks." The usual common sense from Remus on that:
The NRA is supposed to stand against mindless stampedes, not join them.
Remus, "Yer Ol' Woodpile Report," #499, 10/10/17.

09 October 2017

The uselessness of substantive political discussion.

Political discourse is pretty much a lost cause now. Probably, it was in all times past.

"Fascism" is what you don't happen to like at the moment, in particular any attempt to maintain order, protect free speech, or enforce immigration laws. Totalitarian "National Socialism" is right-wing. "Capitalism" is the chained, fleeced, shorn, plucked, gelded, banker-dominated, branded, roped, and shell-shocked shell of its former dynamic, free-market self. "Socialism" is the lodestar of sidelined youth whose economic dynamism and fairness will restore the republic to health.

"White privilege" is the cause of all black woes instead of their own sloth, hedonism, criminality, and rejectionism. "Racism" is logical, statistically-verifiable criticism of aspect of black behavior.

Possible rejectionism.

"The Holocaust" refers only to the killing of millions of Jews, gypsies, Christians, homosexuals, Slavs, Poles, and communists by Germans. It does not refer to the murder of over 100 million people by totalitarian leftist regimes. Discussing Jewish media ownership, the role of AIPAC in our politics, the dominant role of organized Jewry in pushing relentlessly for open borders and unlimited third-world immigration (but not for Israel), why it is exactly that Israel is our great ally in the Middle East and is entitled to billions in aid from us, and Israel's deliberate, knowing attack on a U.S. warship is "anti-Semitism."

Pointing out that the federal government is riddled with communists is "McCarthyism." "Free speech" is political pablum. Really free speech is "fascism" and "white supremacy."

"Living Constitution" and "propositional nation" are concepts that, respectively, describe the wholesale rejection of constitutional government and an attack on white America whose majority position may simply be upended by massive third-world immigration. Not one of such immigrants has any clue what proposition or propositions is or are encompassed in that term, unless it's "free stuff for everyone." "Amnesty" signifies betrayal of the citizens of the country. Immigrants who come to "make a contribution" come to assume a parasitic relationship with the host nation and to steal jobs from citizens who would themselves make "a contribution" by working at the jobs stolen from them by illegal immigrants who do work but also drive down wages.

Islamic aggression, subversion, hatred, and murder are rare, insignificant aspects of Islam, of interest only to a tiny, sick, deranged segment of the world of Islam. Islam is a "religion of peace" and Muslims by the millions belong in the West where they can and will make a "contribution."

Political parties that have the temerity to speak the truth about ANY aspect of modern, Western political life are excoriated and shunned by voters. Liars, thieves, murderers, and betrayers are enthusiastically embraced by voters and handed state power.

Here's Theodore Dalrymple's take on timid attempts to control public spending, AKA "austerity":

Finally, austerity. This word in Europe is now used to denote attempts by governments to align more closely (not absolutely) their expenses with their incomes. It would be as accurate to call a rich miser profligate with his money if he buys a loaf of bread. Again, using the right terminology would not settle the question of whether attempts to balance the government budget are economically wise or foolish, but a proper discussion can hardly begin while spending only 3 or 4 percent more than one’s income rather than, say, 8 or 10 percent, is regarded as some kind of sadomasochistic or penitential asceticism. All terminology is flawed, no doubt, but some terms are more flawed than others—and some amount to full-blown and highly motivated lies.[1]
It's the same with pension reform, a looming problem of epic proportions. No class of wiser investments or higher taxes will solve the pension problem. Only benefit cuts will restore pension systems to health. The same with Medicare and Social Security. Chance of this happening? Zero. Anyone who suggests this course? Oblivion or anathema.

The result of this semantic confusion and obfuscation is a Western political life that will not and cannot address major problems.

[1] "The Devil’s in the Diction." By Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal, 10/5/17.

08 October 2017

Holmes leads the way.

Let us apply the wisdom of Sherlock Holmes yet again: When you eliminate the impossible – that U.S. (and Western) elites care about the well being of their fellow citizens – then what you are left with is the truth, no matter how improbable. Ergo, Western elites have an abiding hatred of their own kind. Everything they do is an attack on normalcy, decency, peace, security, economic sanity, and the nation itself.
Our immigration bureaucracy is so dedicated to destroying America that it’s made citizens of thousands of convicted felons .

If you don’t understand how that could happen, you have no idea how much our cultural elites hate this country. Their governing philosophy is: Anyone we bring in is at least better than an American![1]

Ever wonder why tens of thousands of U.S. factories are now operating in China? Hatred. Ever wonder why we waste trillions in fighting undeclared wars abroad for secret or ambiguous purposes? Contempt. Ever wonder why AntiFa thugs are allowed to attack Americans exercising their right to freedom of speech? Hatred. Ever wonder why trillions are wasted on supporting a vast parasitic, criminal underclass? Hatred.

Living the dream.

[1] "We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT — What Else Can We Do?" By Ann Coulter, Human Events, 9/7/17.

05 October 2017

The return of scarcity and the presence of the barbarians.

There is a reason why fortifications are to be found everywhere in Europe. From the Roman Empire, through the dark ages and into era of modern states, the need to protect one’s borders was essential to national survival. The reason for these fortifications was that there was simply not enough to go around. People who do not have enough tend to take what they need. The ancients knew this and the fairly recent moderns knew this. Then the new world order mime was sold to the general populace. Scarcity and inequality was hidden from the public view. When it did rear its head, the elites sold the argument that they could manage any problem by with creative financing.

The new world order was a great fantasy of guaranteed minimum living standards, opulence for the general populace and a world without borders. It was a fantasy where the entire world was populated by beautiful twenty somethings whose lives would be filled with camaraderie, great foods and panoramic vistas. In this fantasy, one would never grow old. No one would ever actually have to work because scarcity was simply a distribution problem. Concerns over productive capacity and resources were so 19th century. A few mouse clicks and the immediate allocation of conjured currency would solve whatever problems arose.

The North Sea is running out of oil. Coal mines are getting deeper and farther away. Natural gas has to be imported. Nuclear power is inherently dangerous. Solar and wind are intermittent power sources. Agriculture is dependent on inclement weather. Sustainability of the status quo is in question. Scarcity once again is rearing its head.

The countryside is being overrun by a host of young men of a different race and a different culture. Those young men hold a world view that is in direct conflict with the imagined world of the globalists. Even more dangerous is the fact that that world view embraces a religion that is incompatible with western culture.

This current itineration [iteration?] of [a] thousand year old struggle will play out as it always has with ethnic cleansing and genocide. Europeans need to look to their past for clues on how to secure their personal security.[1]

Many interesting comments on the article in the note below. This one is particularly good. Sad to say I doubt President Trump has 1/100th of the insight that this person has. I'm glad Trump's there but I see no evidence of this kind of intellectual ability in him. A transitional leader, I suppose, who will be remembered fondly for having staved off something that emerged from under a rock some decades ago.

[1] Comment by Cloud9.5 on "Anna Bono: "There's No Future For Africans In Europe"." By Daniel Moscardi, Zero Hedge, 10/5/17.

Manchurian Candidate.

I added the following comment on an ABC news article related to Russian meddling and it was DELETED twice.

"How many people, contributing or reading these comments, actually read and were influenced by ANY Facebook ads related to the 2016 election - much less any ads purchased by Russia? The whole Russian thing is overblown and pretty much a farce in my opinion. If you can't read an ad and not be immediately swayed by its contents you've got bigger problems than Russian meddling."[1]

[1]  Comment by Insidious on "Paul Craig Roberts Asks 'Whose Bright Idea Was RussiaGate?'" By Paul Craig Roberts, Zero Hedge, 10/4/17.