23 September 2016


The president of Daimler-Benz gave an interview about six months ago stating that for years now they have been waiting for such young and motivated potential workers. Bayer reminded everyone that in Europe many small emigrations are happening at the same time. Thousands of young people from Spain are migrating to South-America, Brits are migrating to Australia because they can’t find work here. From Hungary about 250,000 (by the leftists’ estimate, about half a million) left the country to work somewhere else in the EU, but the President of Daimler-Benz does not want these young European workers; he needs the Bedouin goat-herders and poppy-seed producers for a “motivated” workforce, the journalist commented cynically.
Zsolt Bayer in "Our Duty is to defend Europe," translation by CrossWare published at "What Kind of Europe do we Want Our Children to Inherit?" By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/22/16.

21 September 2016

Summary of U.S. Syria policy.

To recap: The US has indeed claimed its primary aim in Syria is to “degrade and destroy” ISIS - but instead of allying with the Syrian army, which has been battling ISIS on the ground, Washington has spent years backing opposition “moderate rebel” forces who are fighting Bashar Assad’s government forces. In other words: Washington is backing the groups that are attacking the army which is best positioned to defeat ISIS. Or even more simply, Washington supports one anti-Assad group but bombs the other.

The US supports the rebel forces in pursuit of their broader goal which is Syrian regime change. As the war has dragged on, it’s become clearer that the US-backed rebel forces are not “moderate” in the sense that you or I might use the term. They have fought alongside and “intermingled” with Al-Qaeda’s official Syria affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (which recently rebranded itself as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham). One of the major sticking points in ceasefire negotiations between the US and Russia has been the question of Washington’s ability to disentangle the so-called “moderate” rebels from the extremists. So far, no such disentanglement has taken place, demonstrating that the US has little to no control over its proxies.

"It's Time to Admit Washington's Syria Policy Has Gone Completely off the Rails." By Danielle Ryan, RT, 9/19/16.

H/t: Russia Insider.

20 September 2016

The deliberate U.S. air attack on the Syrian Army at Deir Ezzor.

Gates of Vienna has the video and transcript of the Russian reaction to the U.S.-led coalition air strikes on the Syrian Army defending the Deir Ezzor airfield against ISIS. Allegedly, the strike was carried out by aircraft of Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Australia, though the blog Moon of Alabama thinks the planes involved may not have belonged to these nations. I assumed that the planes were U.S. planes when I made my comment below on the Gates of Vienna article. It's not an important point as it's a certainty that the strike was ordered by or at the behest of the U.S. military, although Adam Hill at Russia Insider implies that U.S. planes were involved as well.

I republish my comment here (with minor bracketed additions). There is simply no way that I can dispose of the issue of American intention by assuming this degree of American incompetence:

** three tanks, three armored vehicles, four mine throwers and one rocket launcher **

This [equipment destroyed is] like a “clue” that the position struck was not an ISIS position. The US leaders didn’t coordinate with the Russians because they knew it was a Syrian position. Otherwise, how hard would it have been to make a call to Russian HQ and say, “Hey, Ivan. We have an armored ISIS unit as a high-priority target at Deir Ezzor? What have you guys got?” They did coordinate [to all appearances] with ISIS, however, who just happened to mount an attack right after the US strike.

Apparently, the real ISIS position next door could not be seen by the US. What do real ISIS positions look like anyway? Do they even use armor in this area and how does it get here and from what parent unit? Does ISIS have depot maintenance facilities somewhere that we haven’t bombed the bejeebers out of?

Let us see the gunsight camera video and listen to pilot-controller audio for the strike and the previous day’s of surveillance. Does the US claim this has been an “ISIS” position all along, or does US intelligence see all military positions in highly contested areas as tabula rasa, without any tactical history? How long had the Syrian unit been there? The ISIS units? If the unit targeted had not been there a long time, how can its presence be explained? Can it be understood to have fit in with an ISIS strategy or a Syrian strategy? Against what threat did the commander of the targeted position dispose his forces? Which way were the tanks’ guns pointing to put it in terms that even the Golfer in Chief can understand?

The Pentagram claims they thought it was an ISIS tank position. What tanks does ISIS have? Last I heard, they got their hands on a zillion of the Abrams tanks we left for the Iraqis. Do Abrams tanks look like the Soviet tanks in the Syrian inventory or does ISIS also have Soviet armor? If only Abrams, can US photo interpreters tell the difference? Are these questions left for pilots of US fighter-bombers to answer for themselves afresh over the target or is there some kind of a sophisticated intelligence analytical capability we have to make these target assessments beforehand? DIA and Air Force imagery with all sorts of labels and arrows is routinely generated in combat areas. What was generated in this case and when, and what did it show? What did the pre-mission pilot brief show? We’re the pilots told it was an ISIS site or were they told it was an SAA site? What can US pilots tell us about the logic of US target selection, its efficacy as part of an anti-ISIS/anti-al-Qaida strategy, and rules of engagement?

Did our JSTARS aircraft pick up any movement from Syrian controlled areas to the Deir Ezzor target area? Was this information ignored by US intel or was this movement observed to learn more? During the first Gulf War, it was clear that JSTARS planes could track bicycles and chickens (free-range). Are we to believe that the origin, route, and destination of the armor destroyed at this Syrian site was not tracked and available to US strike planners? Or does the American military shell out billions for high-tech JSTARS systems because it has an academic interest in tracking Gila monsters, rabbits, and goats as a possible global cooling global warming climate change climate disruption beggar-thy-neighbor strategy?

Where was the target in relation to other ISIS positions? Did the commander of the unit attacked choose his position so that it was more capable of being supplied logistically by ISIS or by the Syrian government? How were the targeted armor vehicles to be resupplied with fuel and ammo?

Did the US not understand the CRITICAL role the besieged air base plays in keeping eastern Syria from complete ISIS control? Was the US strike one of many against ISIS in eastern Syria and only this one happened not to be coordinated with the Russians and YouTube? Or is this strike sui generis and understandable only as supporting ISIS since it fits in with no anti-ISIS strategy? Is the US strike to be understood as a reckless or incompetent action? How likely is it that the US military is this incompetent? That this was an honest, “stuff happens” mistakarooney?

Who ordered the strike?[1] Who else was involved in it in any way?

These are the questions that occur to this observer after a mere [150] minutes of effort. Moreover, my estimation of the likely answers to these questions leads me yet again to wish for a speedy and orderly end to the present reign of liars, fools, metrosexuals, twits, dweebs, twinks, flakes, neocons, warmongers, Russophobes, regime changers, body men and women, opportunists, BLM enthusiasts, fundamental transformers, open borders fabulists, living Constitutionalists, natural born citizen poseurs, “refugee” resettlers, con persons, statists, Republican bed wetters, conservative capitulationists, globalists, MSM bag men, Saudi agents, communists, Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, dilletantes, and sociable justice warriors.[2]

[1] Addendum: "The U.S.-led coalition has a rigorous process for approving airstrikes, involving extensive surveillance to confirm what is being targeted and to ensure civilians are not in the area. Targets have to be approved by a one-star general or above." "Top U.S. military official: Syria cease-fire not derailed." By Jim Michaels, USA Today, 9/19/16. H/t: Pundita.
[2] "Russian Military Briefing on the US Air Strike Against Syrian Forces." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/18/16.

07 September 2016

America's undeniable decline.

I don't have a lot to add to this theme just now. The second passage quoted below speaks volumes by itself so that's that.

The article by Publius Decius Mus is excellent and is strongly recommended. He captures the uselessness of our "conservative" warriors over recent decades. Sounding good on any one day but, like Ryan, doing jack to do anything like carry the fight to the leftists destroyers.

For purposes of the present article, here's his thought on the possibility of the dying of the republic. Groveling before foreigners and minorities is but one of many symptoms of this:
One of the Journal of American Greatness’s deeper arguments was that only in a corrupt republic, in corrupt times, could a Trump rise. It is therefore puzzling that those most horrified by Trump are the least willing to consider the possibility that the republic is dying. That possibility, apparently, seems to them so preposterous that no refutation is necessary.[1]
The economic collapse has been engineered by the best and brightest and reflects the combined wisdom and political maneuvering of Republicans and Democrats alike. As I like to say, people intend the natural consequences of their acts. Destruction is what's been on the menu:
Since the year 2000, the United States has lost five million manufacturing jobs even though our population has grown substantially since that time. Manufacturing in America is in a state of stunning decline, our economic infrastructure is being absolutely gutted, and our formerly great manufacturing cities are in an advanced state of decay. We consume far more wealth than we produce, and the only way that we are able to do this is by taking on massive amounts of debt. But is our debt-based paper economy sustainable in the long run?[2]
[1] "The Flight 93 Election." By Publius Decius Mus, Claremont Review of Books, 9/5/16.
[2] "From An Industrial Economy To A Paper Economy – The Stunning Decline Of Manufacturing In America." By Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse, 9/5/16. H/t: Gates of Vienna.

06 September 2016

Nationalism redux.

The communists made the mistake of believing they could make everyone equal by declaring them to be so. Liberals thought society was more tolerant because they banned vile words from the public sphere. Only now are liberals learning that this is not how human beings work. The revival of nationalism might indicate that people do still define themselves by ethnicity.[1]
The correct inference from the last line is that liberals believe humans define themselves by the presence of a pulse and regular respiration. How surprised they must be by the evidence that it's more complicated than that. That the Founding Fathers and Ratifiers didn't defined the nation as broadly as Vox Day humorously suggests that morons do:
Even the dumbest, most maleducated and historically ignorant American, who blithely accepts the idea that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin believed their posterity to consist of Bantu tribesmen, cannibals from Papua New Guinea, and Chinamen in founding "a nation of immigrants", will tend to raise his eyebrows in befuddlement at new and outlandish claims about "Britain is a nation of immigrants", "the Judeo-Christian identity of the Swedish nation" and "all nations are nations of immigrants".[2]

That's a brilliant sentence though I have to disagree with his idea that ignorant Americans will be befuddled by the outlandish claims he lists. NO leftists absurdity can cloud the addled faculties of such people on the subject of third-world immigration. Foreigners of any make, model, or state of cultural degradation have an absolute right to travel to, and claim welfare benefits in, the U.S. and every other Western nation on earth as it is in Heaven.

[1] "Peecee Finishing?" By Chris Brand, IQ & PC, 9/5/16.
[2] "Action (((Reaction)))." By Vox Day, 9/4/16. H/t: Yer Ol' Woodpile Report .

Wrestling with the automotive gremlins.

I've been hunting gremlins in the electrical system of the Magnificent Honda. A loose hot wire to the backup light switch was grounding on the transmission housing which I discovered after meticulously examining and cleaning the instrument cluster whose gauges had ceased to function. A clever diversionary tactic on the part of Satan.

An errant air control valve has been replaced and victory is mine over a side marker light problem. Whether I have fixed a speed sensor problem remains to be seen and the mysteries of cruise control await further investigation.

We celebrate the 27th year of keeping this car running with an engine rebuilt at around 425,000 miles. It killed me to buy Japanese at the time but the quality was there and I've saved millions by having no car payments for decades. O'Reilly's Auto loves me but then I love them. They've been more than generous in providing new batteries when it's been operator error that caused all difficulties. They're heartless, greedy capitalist pricks grinding their employees into the ground at every turn, it's true, but they've provide great service to their customers.

25 August 2016

Back from secret mission.

The Colonel's back from a secret mission disguised as a visit to a certain government installation cleverly disguised as a Veterans Administration health facility in an unnamed Montana city.

A delightful nurse there pointed out to the vending machine tech that one of the machines dispensing ice cream would not dispense the very last item in the stack.

The tech promised to tweak the machine to solve this problem, whereupon this lady volunteered helpfully that, "It doesn't take your money. I just makes you sad."

Perhaps that should be filed under the "You had to be there" heading but it struck me then as now as hysterically funny.

I was fortunate to catch Michael Savage's show afterwards. He had a lot to say about the evil that is George Soros. Worth a listen if you're not depressed enough now: 8/16/16 podcast.

The rest of my trip home was less pleasant as the automobile electrical wiring system gremlin took up residence in the beloved Honda (450,000 miles) resulting in a short causing all instrumentation to cease to function. The car was still drivable and I made the command decision to believe that my cooling system and oil pathways would not also cease to carry vital fluids around inside the engine for the duration of my trip. And who needs turn signals anyway? Also, my air control valve persisted in its problematic behavior which I could cure with the occasional reset of the computer. A rough-running engine in the middle of @#$% nowhere is one of life's downers.

These problems occupy my time back at home now and are not without entertainment value, though chasing the short involved is not proving to be an easy thing to do. Just take off the instrument panel and figure out which of 50 wires is rubbing somewhere on the chassis. Intermittently.

I've been indifferent to blogging of late but appreciate the kind words of Mr. Guizepppe Veritas who contacted me privately. I did run across some choice comments on Zero Hedge yesterday that warrant republication here.

Until I get around to that and my usual routine, allow me to recommend Ervin Nagy's The False Mythos of Migration at Gates of Vienna. As always anywhere on the internet, the comments are choice, especially the one of Snowy. As you read the comment you can only say that what he or she's written is absurd but we all know it is the stone cold truth.

A la Sherlock Holmes, after you eliminate the impossible idea that Western leaders are acting out of a spirit of good will toward their people and intend to preserve the nation states over which they preside, you are left with the conclusion that they are malevolent destroyers bent on the destruction of the highest and best civilization ever known.

02 August 2016

Squandering the gift.

America: A gift in the process of being squandered and sacrificed by the ingratitude of her soft, effeminate, decadent, virtue signaling inheritors. What would Lovecraft have thought of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act and the resulting third world bazaar America has since inevitably become?
"The Great Men On Americanism." By Chateau Hartiste, 8/1/16.

01 August 2016

Shifting gears.

As it's clear that the Treason Class has no intention of enforcing America's borders and that the evisceration of the Constitution is no big deal to Republicans, it's useful to pay attention to what thoughtful people have to say by way of describing the reality of our political life, as opposed to the illusion that we're living in a functioning constitutional republic. I highlight some such views here, though they grow like weeds everywhere.

Having been as slow on the uptake as anyone, I can't claim too many independent penetrating insights early on. The Cold War years seemed straightforward enough with the main irritant being the left's (1) failure to recognize the hideous nature of communist regimes, (2) failure to recognize the superiority of economic freedom, (3) failure to recognize the innate decency of American law and traditional society, (4) pathetic belief in their ability to craft solutions to life's problems superior to those developed over the centuries, and (5) their dishonesty about their revolutionary objective.

The borders remained open and the Democrats made hay with the power that came from pandering to the black underclass and its parasitic, libertine, anti-white, criminal ways. A halfhearted gesture was made during Clinton to turn off the spigot of subsidies for producing black babies on an industrial scale and Newt seemed to be able to hold Clinton's feet to the fire on spending. Return to sanity seemed a real enough possibility.

With the mere election of GW it seemed like the pendulum swung slight back in the direction of Republican "sense" but with Bush's mad dash to the Islamic Center of Washington on the day after 9/11 to slobber over the resident Muslims, his "religion of peace" foolishness, and his hand holding and kissy face with Saudi royalty, whose hackles did not rise? What?!

Since then it's been perpetual war, Republican fiscal idiocy, Keynesian/monetary lunacy, and servile Republicans stretching to the horizon. It's a period that might in future histories be known as The Long American Demolition Derby, Mud Wrestling, and Foreigner-Worshiping Extravaganza. Immigration spiraled up into the clouds; Islam became as hard to understand as quantum mechanics; Muslims and ultra-leftists were inserted into federal agencies with abandon; rule by decree became the new normal; inexplicable, unconstitutional, and fatuous foreign military adventures multiplied; and Republicans cowered under their desks, immobilized by a Harry Reid raised eyebrow.

Anyone who still thought we might still be living in something remotely like a Jimmy Steward/Bob Hope kind of normality finally had to hang it up. It just wasn't Kansas any longer and a grotesque transformation of the United States was visibly in progress, aided and abetted by the sellout media and dumb ass academics.

This is Chuck Baldwin's take on what we face:

Over most of the last century, conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, and Christians and secularists have collectively jettisoned constitutional government in favor of a Welfare State, a Warfare State, a Nanny State, and a Police State.[1]
The acquiescence of the worthless Paul Ryan in the last spending bill granting everything that Obama wanted in his relentless drive to destroy even the remnants of the old America is Exhibit B for Republican complicity in the Obama revolutionary agenda. Exhibit A is the Republican failure to impeach Obama for his extra-constitutional end run around our immigration laws and his undeclared, unconstitutional war against Syria and Libya. Republicans love both.

Here's Clyde Wilson's take on Republican duplicity:

Another fact: With the exception of Reagan’s contribution to winning the Cold War, the entire history of the Republican Party in the 20th century has been grotesque betrayal—a lack of effective opposition to any leftist and Democratic initiative. The Republican Party has won office claiming opposition and immediately abetted and institutionalized whatever revolution has been imposed. Whenever the party leadership has been challenged, money, electoral expertise, and cunning deceit have been employed to defeat the usurper.[2]
On the issue of dynastic government, so help me God, Baldwin has this to say:
For twenty out of the last twenty-eight years, America has had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. And to the chagrin of Democrats who thought they were getting “change” with Barack Obama, for the past eight years, he has simply treaded water for the Bush/Clinton regime. And with Hillary winning the Democrat nomination, they are back.[3]
Yet another Bush stepped in to offer himself this year as a presidential candidate, an example of unmitigated gall if ever there was one. I thought I had an ego but that guy takes the cake.

Is that what the Constitution was all about? Dynastic government? Rule by two families of nonentities, lightweights, and a horn dog, followed by an interim joke, to be followed, God forbid, by a lying, foul-mouthed, power-hungry Alinsky groupie who gives political corruption a bad name?

[1] "'A Threat To All Humanity' ." By Chuck Baldwin, Chuck Baldwin LIVE, 7/28/16. H/t: Russia Insider.
[2] "The Missing Opposition." By Clyde Wilson, Chronicles, 10/1/14.
[3] Baldwin, supra.

31 July 2016

The essence of Merkel's rule.

Since the bland, circumspect, inscrutable, placid, blancmange (but devious and vicious Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize-winning) Merkel intends to ignore the consequences of her recent and earlier intentional Muslim madness, she and her CDU lawn jockeys, factotums, sycophants, lickspittles, and legally-dead Frankenführerin intend to augment the hellish life they have inflicted on the German people (Leuteschlag, people smash) with the Hasssuchekampf (Hate Search Struggle) or Traumverstärkungkrieg (Dream Reinforcement War).

If reality is vexing in any aspect then promote fantasy ("European values"), conceal actual crime, and crucify malcontents, patriots, and those simply aghast at the jungleization of Germany with the aid of a former Stasi informer, the BND, and our own Mark ("The Lion of Free Speech") Zuckerberg.

Merkel, the former communist youth organization functionary, has created the dystopia so beloved of leftists, but you can thank her for two things: (1) Germany is not being torn apart by vile nationalism and (2) its leaders know the difference between the form of National Socialist government excess and its substance.

Comment by Col. Bunny on "The Good Fairy." By Hans Heckel, Die Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung , 7/23/16, republished in "It’s Nobody’s Business but the Turks.’" By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 7/28/16.