26 February 2017

Just @#$%& shoot me.

President Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser [Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster] on Thursday reportedly held his first “all hands” staff meeting where he said labels like “radical Islamic terrorism” are not helpful because he said terrorists are “un-Islamic.”[1]
It is to weep. The top security adviser to the president is a guy with this kind of judgment defect right from the git. Here we are sixteen years after 9/11 and we still can't get our official head out of a dark and remote location, to borrow from the great Chris Plante.

[1] "Trump's national security adviser reportedly says label 'radical Islamic terrorism' not helpful." By FoxNews.com, 2/25/17.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.

1919 Montana high school humor.

This is from the 1919 yearbook for Great Falls High School.[1]

The study of agriculture at our high school is having its effect on the boys and girls there judging by the following note written by one of the boys to a girl who will be recognized as a very charming from the description: I 'early rose' this morning and have 'bean' wondering if you 'carrot' all for me. My love is soft as 'squash' but strong as 'onion.' For you are a 'peach' with your 'radish' hair and your 'turnip' nose. You are the 'apple' of my eye, so if we 'cantaloupe' then 'lettuce' marry anyhow, for I know we will live in 'peas" and make a happy 'pear'. I never touch 'rye' and my feet, although large, have not a 'corn.' I am somewhat 'punkin', earning money but you shall have 'mangle' in the kitchen. Love always 'triumphs.' It is said that the girl replied and told him to 'beet' it.
Miss Ketchum, (reading a test paper): "Yes, we have a pretty little maid at our house."
Ed. Suhr: "I wouldn't mind having her at ours."
Yet more dry wit:
The following teachers have announced -- !!! ??? nothing but their intentions of spending the summer at the places mentioned:
Miss Shafer—A cottage on Lake Huron.
Miss Strauch—Elgin, Iowa.
Miss Baumgartner—Halsted, Kansas.
Miss Cavanaugh—Saginaw, Mich.
Miss Dush—National Parks.
Mr. Perry—Agricultural College, Oregon.
Miss Simpson—Fairmont, Minn.
Miss Stone—Long Beach, Cal.
Miss Leaming—Summer School, Berkeley, Cal.[2]
Miss Brown—San Diego, Cal.
Miss Frost—Seattle, Wash.
Miss Murchie—Grand Forks, N. D.
Miss Harrison—Austin, Minn.
Miss Kachen—North Platte, Neb.
Miss Kuck—Montrose, Cal.
Mrs. Cameron—Open for invitations.
Miss Borgman—Seattle, Wash.
Miss Freark—Wherever Miss Ketchum is.
Miss Buckmaster—California.
Miss Barneby—Seattle, Wash.
Mr. Steeper will attend the Univ. Of Chicago Summer School.
The others say they haven't enough money to leave town.
The dreams of youth:
Noteworthy Events of 1919:

I. Great World War ended! Splendid victory for the Allies.
II. Death and permanent burial of John Barleycorn.[3]
III. Formation of the League of Nations – the dream of a thousand years come true.[4]
IV. Death of Theodore Roosevelt – most loved American.[5]
V. Invention of the wireless telephone.
VI. The destructive "Flu" epidemic.

In the Seriously Out of Touch Department:
President Sisson, of Missoula, gave us a most interesting and inspiring lecture of an assembly. He spoke on higher education and Americanism.[6]
An oddity in the heartland even then:
Glenrose Honey has been in quarantine for several weeks because of small pox.[7]
Many are the pleasures of genealogy.

P.S. What has happened since then is known as "progress."

[1] Roundup Annual (Ancestry.com subscription required. A 2005-character hyperlink, in case you were wondering.), Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana, June 1919, p. 97. The extension seen in the foreground of the picture above became unstable and was blown up for the benefit of the makers of the Charlie Bronson movie "Telefon."
[2] Uh oh.
[3] Prohibition.
[4] Globalism's early appeal.
[5] And noted imperialist.
[6] Roundup Annual, supra, p. 96.
[7] Id. "By 1897, smallpox had largely been eliminated from the United States. In Northern Europe a number of countries had eliminated smallpox by 1900, and by 1914, the incidence in most industrialized countries had decreased to comparatively low levels." Wikipedia (footnote reference omitted).

25 February 2017

Globalized neoliberal capitalism.

I'm never quite sure what neoliberalism is. Possibly something to do with the times before anyone heard of Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe it means a return to sort of a wild west economy before well meaning bureaucrats and politicians fixed all the problems with free-market capitalism. Maybe it's code for "common sense." I just don't know. I am sure, however, that it involved back-alley abortions, a return to slavery, and a way of making corn flakes using mercury.

Nonetheless, C.J. Hopkins has a clever explanation of what globalized neoliberal capitalism is. I don't want to quote such wit at length so I'll merely point you to his article at The Unz Review.[1] Tenth paragraph beginning with "And this is the essence of the present conflict."

For a yet more cynical rewrite of the Declaration of Independence, see Steve Sailer's commenter FX's version, also at The Unz Review.

[1] "Goose-stepping Our Way Toward Pink Revolution." By C.J. Hopkins, The Unz Review, 2/21/17.

The end of expediency.

One of a zillion efforts to explain it but nice and concise:
The debts, unfunded liabilities, demographics and diminishing pools of income to tap are beyond policy tweaks and minor cuts. Take a look at these charts to grasp the unwelcome realities: sorry, we can't "grow our way out of debt" because the debts and unfunded liabilities are simply too large and expanding at too fast a rate.

* * * *

. . . As the "growth fixes everything" model fails under the burden of skyrocketing debts, the harsh reality becomes unavoidable:

We haven't "grown" at all. What we've done is borrow from future generations to create the illusion of growth.[1]

The strife part is applicable because "Our political, social and economic systems have no history or memory of how to navigate this systemic Degrowth successfully."[2] Reduce my benefits and out-of-control spending? No way! Watch me vote for the nearest leftist enemy of sanity.

Our elites deliberately won't even notice the obvious degradation of the constitutional order. Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drug benefits, abortion rights, environmental protection, legal discrimination against white people, and homosexual marriage are nowhere to found in the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government in the Constitution.

Those are the easy issues and yet they were finessed by the Treason Class in favor of expediency. As the observant Steve Deace said some time back, "Expediency is always the wrong choice." Or words to that effect.

Now there is no more "expedient." The
  • soaring debt,
  • open borders,
  • racial fantasizing,
  • welfare bonanzas to encourage bastardy, crime, and urban destruction as never before seen,
  • sending factories to China, and
  • other lunatic initiatives
have foreclosed sensible options that could have been explored 40 years ago.

Welcome to the zero-sum world.

The Constitution was destroyed for expediency. Political and economic elites have betrayed their trust and it is for us all now to reap a bitter harvest of the dysfunction planted over the many decades of the last century and this one. The remains of an amazing country are what we can all pick through in the hope we can find a decent life.

Now someone please remind me why Mr. Trump is an illegitimate president.

[1] "This Is How the Status Quo Unravels: As the Pie Shrinks, Everybody Demands Their Piece Should Get Bigger." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 2/17/17.
[2] Id.

H/t: Zero Hedge.

Rx for snowflakes.

A choice cartoon at Russia Insider.

A line in the article is also memorable:

There was a time — not so long ago — when people were actually capable of encountering ideas they didn't like without melting into a blob of self-righteous sadness.
"Mark Zuckerberg Has Stroke After 'Russia Insider' Posts Harmless Cartoon." By Editorial Board, Russia Insider, 2/25/17.

21 February 2017

Odd now that you mention it.

By long-kniving Flynn, they [the Shadow Government] exposed their hand. Now, Trump has full executive powers to investigate the CIA and Mossad. Notice how there is sound and fury about "Russian influence" and utter silence on "Mossad" influence in our power structure?[1]
The real story is in what's not reported. It always is. Do people really think that the Mossad is a benign presence in the U.S., assisted by the ever helpful resident sayonim? And that the Russians represent some sort of unique malevolent threat to us? To civilization itself? Anti-Russian hysteria is just a distraction.

Just what does "our Greatest Ally in the Middle East" do to help us out in our unconstitutional war against Assad and decidedly iffy combat operations in Iraq? Inquiring minds want to know. Or is it rude to ask?

Moving along, the honey trap allegations of DHS Insider are not at all fanciful. Read up on the Japanese LDP relationship with Craig Spence. (The Mossad's involvement in such matters is an allegation made by a former CIA agent, Robert Steele. He says, among other things, that Mossad operated Lolita Island and this is reported by DHS Insider.)

The aforementioned Craig Spence is the man who ran a callboy ring for homosexuals in Washington, DC (this link republishing an early Washington Times article[2]) and had his mansion, where clients of the ring entertained themselves, wired for video and sound. The linked article does not connect the mansion to Spence but it was his as was later determined in the course of litigation involving him and the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party congressional representative.

It's a heck of a story that needs to be kept alive down through the centuries. Being a member of the Western elite political class seems to involve selection based on an interest in perversion.

[1] DHS Insider quoted in "DHS Insider: Pedogate Exposes CIA-Mossad Deep State." By Henry Makow, henrymakow.com, 2/17/17.
[2] Vox News lists many of the newspaper article pertaining to the Spence scandal here but the links on the page don't go anywhere for some reason.


Further perusal of Mr. Makow's site shows that he publishes a lot of badly written hysteria about the Freemasons as well as pedophilia. I don't care for such law quality writing but Pizzagate is much in the news now and I think articles that even low-quality articles that shed light on it deserve to be published. The sculpture that adorns the house of John Podesta's brother house is just sick as is the stuff involving John's invitation to observe, one hopes, spirit cooking, about which the less you know the better. The point about blackmail operations in this post is still valid, so I'm leaving it up. Ditto for the point about the disparity between the treatment of Russia and Israel. If any nation can be said to play the U.S. like a mighty Wurlitzer it's Israel and the quoted text above makes a valid point that it is very odd that real influence or control on the part of Israel is ignored but fanciful, speculative, unproved interference by Russia is shouted to the sky.

An explanation of our Syria policy as good as any.

The CIA and Israel are responsible for the creation of Isis. Isis was created specifically to weaken Iran and destabilize Syria. It worked for awhile until Putin shored up Assad and bolstered Iranian Qud forces. The real reason you see such anti-Russian fever from both Schumer and McCain, Graham and Feinstein, is because the operation has blown up in our faces.[1]

Certainly, there is no satisfactory official explanation why we are spending billions to bring down Assad.

Let's go with this until a better one is offered.

[1] DHS Insider quoted in "DHS Insider: Pedogate Exposes CIA-Mossad Deep State." By Henry Makow, henrymakow.com, 2/17/17.

19 February 2017

Victor Orban on the open society.

Once upon a time, when the European democracies were at the apogee of their orbit. But since then the era of open societies dawned upon the Western part of Europe and over the great ocean, too, and gave birth to their thought police: political correctness.

Some years ago democracy was based on debate, precise measurements of pro and con arguments, open expression, free thoughts and associations, vibrant, encouraging innovative solutions, a lively intellectual life. That is why was so attractive to our gladly-visiting neighbors, pub-loving, café-gossiping Hungarian folk, too.

The new political system, the so-called “open society”, liquidated all of this. Instead of a debate-based democracy, a correctness-based democracy arrived. In the terrain of ideology, that meant the liberal intellectual trend turned against the ideal of democracy, that is, the majority-based ideal, against the will of the cohesive majority community.

In the political realm, the open society meant that the true power, decisions and influence, instead of residing with elected parliamentary representatives and governments, were put into the hands of unelected global network of people, to media gurus and the unelected international organizations, for whom nobody voted, and they outsourced it to their local offices.[1]

I always have wondered what Soros meant by his Open Society. It sounded nice but floated aimlessly like a balloon with no antecedents and nothing familiar to it. Western nations with traditions of free speech and intellectual inquiry seemed already to provide all that is deceptively hinted at in Soros's phrase but they, to him, are not only inadequate but must be uprooted completely. "Open Society" thus signifies total destruction of the familiar in favor of some vague new thing that nonetheless involves repression and national suicide. Progressivism.

It has been a comforting thought of most of my life that modern Western nations all involved at their core a rational, often incremental improvement in the lives of their citizens, notwithstanding periods of great folly and actors entering the stage offering instead insanity and great evil. Inevitably, the ship would find its correct course even though no human society can insulate itself from decadence, corruption, or evil.

Needless to say, not much can be said in defense of such a view. Western nations have, even in times of great prosperity and relative peace, been blind to the plain evidence of treason and subversion, and devoted to a leadership class and geist that are simply lunatic.

[1] Victor Orban quoted in "Viktor Orbán: Soros Organizations Bring 100,000s of Migrants to Europe." Gates of Vienna, 2/17/17 (paragraphing added).

Astute observation.

I hope that Europeans realize that your fight against islamization is really a fight against communism. if you continue to elect leftists you will continue to be colonized. it is not the governments of the islamic countries that are sending their citizens to your countries. it is you leftist politicians that are BRINGING the muslims to [your] counties. the leftist politicians in the united states have been doing the same with central and south American colonists since the 1980s.
Comment by tommy651 on "Vlaams Belang: Fighting Against the Islamization of Our Culture." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 2/17/17.

17 February 2017

Pearls of expression.

Progressives and liberals do not tolerate beliefs or actions they consider unjust, yet they demand conservatives do so.
"A Justified Intolerance of Islam." By Paul Pauker, American Thinker, 2/16/17.