September 23, 2018

Sheldon Adelson.

Then there’s billionaire and Trump money man Sheldon Adelson who attended a New York event that raised $35 million for veterans — Israeli veterans, [and] said “I am not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform.” His daughter served in the Israeli military. Adelson hopes one day his sons will grow up to be IDF snipers. This is the American president’s political financier. Adelson unfortunately wore the same uniform that Americans died in often for the sake of Israel (see here for example).[1]
Feel the patriotism. Just the wrong kind of patriotism. “All we care about is being good Zionists. Being good citizens of Israel." Thus, I think in the quote above he really meant to say, "I am not American."

And this putz sits at the president’s right hand.

[1] "The Heroes That Saved Democracy." By regensordo, The Ruling Class Observer, 9/9/18.


From a great experiment to elite rule and treason.

If/when America does break apart, it will not be a result of conventional war. The attack/upheaval will come from within.

Ironically, the trillions spent by Washington on our global MIC will not, in the end, protect the American people from what is now our greatest threat: internal treason against Historic America and its core people.

Ironically, instead of returning home to protect US borders when the cold war ended, American troops were dispersed around the world to fight phantom threats and protect non-essential foreign entities and extra-national interests.

This ongoing waste of US resources abroad continues to serve the interests of globalists, militarists, and Zionists. Meanwhile, our domestic security, our Main Street economy, and the continuity of white, European-derived culture and people inside America gets short shrift. This glaring disconnect may be our nation’s undoing.

The ‘proposition nation’ concept was a fraud from the start since it ignores the vital significance of race, culture, language, and IQ.

The engine for America’s coming implosion is demographic: uninterrupted, illegal, non-white immigration by Third World refugees [parasites]. Hostile elites who now dominate America are also key. They refuse to acknowledge the perils of ‘diversity’. Many want America changed, irreversibly so.

Meanwhile, white identity and white cohesion have been demonized in our schools as well as by our dominant mass media. This campaign has undermined white identity, white cohesion and white interests in general.

Numerous, politically-correct expressions of anti-white hatred are now in wide circulation. These hate-terms are, ironically, protected from criticism even though they are applied selectively to target whites. Those few who contest these double-standards (including Pres. Trump) are routinely defamed by comparisons to ‘Hitler’ or references to the KKK. The basic translation comes down to this: Shut up.

This unhealthy and insidious paradigm is here by design. It is used to not only justify anti-white animus, but to legitimize anti-white violence whenever and wherever whites try to assemble and express their grievances and/or aspirations. This very sinister double-standard has taken deep root. It is nurtured by biased reporting and coverage. It has spawned ‘antifa’.

Modern speech rules and penalties favor privileged ‘minorities’ just as they [clearly] disfavor and penalize white advocacy.

Among the popular terms that lend support to anti-white bigotry are: ‘racist’, ‘nativist’, ‘white supremacy’, ‘Islamophobia’, and ‘anti-Semitism’.

These shame-inducing memes have 1) contaminated the American mind and 2) empowered our race-conscious adversaries. They must be deconstructed and [delegitimized] if we are to protect our interests and preserve America’s demographic core.

Resistance, cohesion and self-defense are not fascistic sentiments. They are legitimate expressions of democratic self-determination.[1]

It is remarkable that, despite this loss of pride and confidence, American leaders of both political parties so frequently take the country to war; and sometimes they do so without even having a valid reason.

This contradiction demonstrates that Americans are the victims of a narrative. The national faults that are used to erode pride and confidence are seldom those of the present or recent past, because such self-examination would discredit the ruling classes and their abuse of American military power.

Instead, these faults are safely in the past – which has the added bonus that any guilt rests squarely on the people that they have the effrontery to call “legacy Americans”. The glorious achievements of the USA during the same period are overlooked.

The purpose of this narrative is to keep American citizens down, and leave financial and military power in the hands of a small elite.[2]

[1] Comment by Mark Green on “Michael Hart’s the RISE and FALL of the UNITED STATES. An Indispensable History For The Historic American Nation.” By James Kirkpatrick, The Unz Review, 9/7/18 (emphasis added).
[2] Comment by James N. Kennett on the same article (emphasis added).

"Yablochko". Igor Moiseyev Ballet.

Pass the eye bleach, please.

Git down, momma!

H/t: Postcards from Paris.

September 22, 2018

Even a caveman could see this.

By virtue of the fact that the French and Israeli forces were teaming up to attack the territory of a sovereign nation, thus forcing Syria to respond in self-defense, it is rather obvious where ultimate blame for the downed Russian plane lies.[1]
The Israelis knew the Russian plane was there but proceeded anyway.

[1] "Putin Keeps Cool And Averts WWIII As Israeli-French Gamble In Syria Backfires Spectacularly." By Robert Bridge, ZeroHedge, 9/22/18.

Romper Room out of control.

I'm not an expert but I bet the Russian assessment on the US and their allies is that they're dealing with erratic, dishonest and dangerous basket cases.[1]
Exhibit A: Mike (we dictate, you obey) Pompeo, Hillary (“We came. We saw. He died.”) Clinton, Mike (kill more Russians) Morell, Nikki (U.S. go it alone) Haley, and Victoria (“Fuck the E.U.’) Nuland.

[1] Comment by Chunga on “Putin Keeps Cool And Averts WWIII As Israeli-French Gamble In Syria Backfires Spectacularly" By Robert Bridge, ZeroHedge, 9/22/18.

September 21, 2018

Why I didn’t choose a career as an investment adviser.

Euphoria Grips Markets As Traders Brace For Quad Witching, Huge Index Rebalance
By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 9/21/18.

September 15, 2018

Populism as a threat to minority power.

[In The Politics of Unreason,] “Right-wing extremism” is also condemned because of its populist tendencies—its distrust of institutions that intervene between the people and their direct exercise of power. Indeed, in the post-World War II era, The Authoritarian Personality was an important ideological weapon against historical American populist movements, especially McCarthyism.[5]
[T]he people as a whole had little understanding of liberal democracy and . . . important questions of public policy would be decided by educated elites, not submitted to popular vote.[6]
The conclusion of this analysis is that democracy is identified not with the power of the people to pursue their perceived interests. Rather, government is to be the province of morally and intellectually superior elites who have no commitment to the ethnic interests of the European majority; in an Orwellian turn, “democracy” is defined as guaranteeing that majorities will not resist the expansion of power of minorities even if that means a decline in their own power.[1]
Prof. MacDonald’s essay is in the “must read” category as it goes to the heart of the strange suicidal madness now gripping white, Christian nations.

[1] "Americanism and the Jewish Experience." By Kevin MacDonald, Radix, 12/14/17 (emphasis added).

Our central icons.

A major theme of [Kevin MacDonald’s] The Culture of Critique is that the most influential intellectual and political movements of the 20th century presented European civilization as morally bankrupt and the proper target of moralistic punishment. Western culture had become the culture of guilt whose central icon had become the Holocaust and African slavery.[1]
Perhaps exceeded only by the irrefutable "fact" that we stole everything from the locals and murdered them in the process. A white trait exclusively it seems.

[1] "Americanism and the Jewish Experience." By Kevin MacDonald, Radix, 12/14/17.

September 14, 2018

Every last one.

Every violent death in Syria is the fault of the US and its allies. The narrative that there is a bad guy who that same alliance needs to protect civilians from is the exact opposite of the truth. The Syrian government is trying to restore stability to a region the US-centralized empire is solely responsible for destabilizing. A sovereign nation has every right to undo the damage that was done to it by western imperialism, and western imperialists have no right to stop it.
"Four Reasons Why Interventionism In Syria Is Crazy And Stupid." By Caitlin Johnstone, 9/13/18.