22 June 2018

The “new” threat.

“New,” that is, if you’ve been in a coma for 60 years. It got started a long time before the end of the Soviet Union.
Since the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has grown apparent that the existential threat to the West comes not from Czar Vladimir’s Russian divisions returning to the Elbe.

The existential threat came from the south.

Half a century ago, Houari Boumedienne, the leader of a poor but militant Algeria, allegedly proclaimed at the United Nations:

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”[1]
The same idea has been attributed to the late Moamar Gaddafi. Timeless and horribly accurate in either event. Amazing to think that Westerners just sit there sucking their thumbs while their replacement races and cultures breed profligately right here in River City, some with multiple wives and families financed by host nation taxpayers. Self abasement just doesn’t begin to cover the waterfront here.

If some human being has a brown or black skin then, when some kind of decision needs to be made about what to do about such a person, white people's brains just effing fly out the window.

Or does the preservation of Western nations and peoples require measures from which liberal societies today reflexively recoil?[2]
As someone else said but I repeat endlessly, the solution to problems caused by liberalism are illiberal solutions. And here we sit at this very hour, scared of our shadow and terrified to lay responsibility for anything pertaining to foreign children on their foreign parents (or bogus parents). Adults who dragged their children along on a 1,200-mile journey through Mexico to tell us lies and suck up our charity get a complete pass and we flagellate ourselves over children humanely separated from their “parents” and cared for in a responsible manner while the illegality of the parents’ behavior is sorted out.

Gigantic light bulb here: if the parents and children are upset over, surprise, separation, the parents can stay at home or seek “asylum” in Mexico. No separation at home or in Mexico. So can we say to ourselves that the "separation" is entirely on the parents?

Not in the mewling, pussified America of today.

[1] "Pat Buchanan Asks 'Has The West The Will To Survive?'" By Pat Buchanan, ZeroHedge, 6/22/18 (formatting removed).
[2] "Id.

21 June 2018

Selective outrage.

The massive deaths, destruction of towns, cities, infrastructure, the maiming, physical and mental, the dislocation that has sent millions of refugees fleeing Washington’s wars to overrun Europe, where governments consist of a collection of idiot stooges who supported Washington’s massive war crimes in the Middle East and North Africa, produced no outcry comparable to Trump’s immigration policy.

How can it be that Americans can see inhumanity in the separation of families in immigration enforcement but not in the massive war crimes committed against peoples in eight countries? Are we experiencing a mass psychosis form of cognitive dissonance?

"Paul Craig Roberts: 'The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance.'” By Paul Craig Roberts, ZeroHedge, 6/21/18.

Rosetta Stone.

The real Great Oz behind the curtain was John Brennan, the former CIA Director, Communist Party USA supporter and, allegedly, Muslim convert. An incompetent loser as a CIA desk jockey analyst, Brennan leveraged his ties to Democrats in the CIA to rise through the ranks. A bloviating gasbag and know-it-all, Brennan is despised by rank-and-file CIA officers. Still, as CIA chief he had enormous power and every last communication between him and anybody else in the world is classified, thus providing him layers of protection not available to many other senior officials.

There is now little question that he called in favors from foreign stooges, such as Estonia, and our closest ally and joined-at-the-hip intelligence partner, Great Britain´s MI-6 (SIS) to provide him plenty of cow dung on Trump. That it was all made up crap was immaterial. As these reports were official documents coming from an official foreign source he could use them in any manner he wanted without any possibility of being called on it. Brennan knew about and probably was behind the Pissgate Dossier.

He knew all about the work of Christopher Steele, and MI-6 knew all about his activities, too. This canard was crafted by Brennan and a few others with the express purpose of forcing Trump out of the race or out of office. It was an act of treason and subversion without precedent in American history.

"The Kettle is Boiling Over." By Southern Sage, The Burning Platform, 6/20/18.

20 June 2018

The eternal bottom line of all leftist discourse.

“Today's Left has no Soviet Union as a beacon," Radosh notes, "but its reflexive hatred of the American system is intact.”[1]
Nothing will ever satisfy the left. The finely woven tapestry of our civilization is contemptible in their eyes. The idea that it's been a gradual accretion of minor advances, small reforms, affection, charity, and refinements sometimes in the category of genius is rejected out of hand and all that stretches to the horizon is but the product of avarice, hatred, and appetite.

What shining orb of love and excellence it is that will replace this vast criminal construct is long on rhetoric and short on specifics. "Brotherhood," a "classless society," and no discrimination against freaks and cannibals seem to be central features of the formless leftist paradise.

Not to mention police with arbitrary power. That's always there though never acknowledged except in unguarded moments.

[1] Ron Radosh quoted in " Seeing Red." By Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley, Claremont Review of Books, 5/20/02.

18 June 2018

Pearls of expression.

”America in the midst of the greatest crisis in its 242 years of existence. I say this based upon the US federal debt to GDP (gross domestic product) ratio.”

I disagree. I can handle being in debt or borderline insolvent.

What I can’t handle are the vast left wing commies, America hating, freedom hating, gun hating, God hating, migrant rape gang loving, hypocritical, intolerant, deranged minded liberals/socialist assholes. They are a far greater threat to my way of life.

Comment by BlackChicken on "America's Greatest Crisis Upon Us...Debt-to-GDP Makes It Clear." By Chris Hamilton, ZeroHedge, 6/18/18.

15 June 2018

Passionate indifference.

The press is mad, crazy to report on the evil Bashar al-Assad but when it comes to reporting on a ghastly war in Yemen – and U.S. support for the Saudi and U.A.E. dirtbags waging it – the lap dog press all can’t find a pencil sharpener.
Maybe the media barons have decided to take sides and are no longer interested in balanced reports or just articles reporting development on the ground. If we take Yemen, the same journalists expressing strong justified conscious indignation about civilian deaths in the war imposed on Syria are totally numb, unavailable to cover the Saudi Arabian war on Yemen supported by the US and the UK establishments.

The same journalists who are so excited about any bomb dropped by the Syrians or the Russian air force in their war to liberate cities have been relatively quiet about the thousands of civilians killed in the northern city of Raqqah by the US Air Force which destroyed over 80% of the city and left ISIS mines to kill more inhabitants returning to the ruins of that Syrian city.[1]

Everyone knows why helping to kill Houthis is vital to the security of the United States, right? Right?!

[1] " Syrian Dirty War Backfires on International Media." By Elijah J Magnier, 4/25/18.

10 June 2018


Posting around here has been light the last few days. The Colonel went to the E.R. four days ago and was diagnosed with an enlarged ego.

We're dealing with this as best we can but a strict alcohol diet is working wonders just now. More scanograms and hypodermic needles that look like ski poles are in store for us this week. Frankly, our mission here on earth is NOT complete so many more years of caustic commentary, lame jokes, and mundane insights from us can be expected.

During this time, the world's greatest German shepherd thought it was fun to dig up and otherwise destroy the lawn sprinkler system out back. The urge to kill is strong.

Go Donald.

Trade: In his boldest “America First!” move to date, Trump has slapped higher steel and aluminum tariffs on – well, pretty much everybody. While the move itself may be a bit ham-fisted, it has signaled that the days of the US attachment to one-way free trade while our trade partners practice mercantilism are over.
"When, Where, and How Will the Empire Strike Back?" By James George Jatras, South Front, 6/10/18.

Ah, yes.

To the rest of the G7, the US is engaging in isolation if they aren't handing out trade deficits left and right. Trump knows how to handle these pussies.
Comment by infotechsailor on “Trump Top Advisors Lash Out At "Double-Crossing" Trudeau: "Special Place In Hell" For Him.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, June 10, 2018.

07 June 2018

And a miserable pack of useless slugs it was.

Former Republican House majority leader, John Boehner recently observed that, “The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere.” And what a disgusting phenomenon that party was and is. With a few notable exceptions it was and is clueless about this rare thing known as “the interests of the American people.” When Boehner took over in 2010 I thought that a unique opportunity had been handed to the Republicans and that now we would see some serious pushback, some coordinated counter offensive.

But no, it was the usual GOP deer-in-the-headlights instant stall into ineffectual irrelevance. It was, sad to say, much the same stillborn hope I had that Trump would pull out all the stops on sealing the border with troops then in Sand Land. They would be brought back to patrol our OWN freaking borders instead of Abdul’s was my absurd thought but it wasn’t Trump’s.

Pat Buchanan aptly captures the gist of the Republicans as useless, sellout artists pursuing vaporous but ruinously expensive missions to straighten everybody out. America as God’s gift to the world and the GOP as His vicegerent:

Consider. That GOP was dedicated to free trade, open borders, amnesty and using U.S. power to punish aggressors and “end tyranny in our world.” That GOP set out to create a new world order where dictatorships were threatened with “regime change,” and democratic capitalism was the new order of the ages.

Yet, Donald Trump captured the Republican nomination and won the presidency — by saying goodbye to all that.

How probable is it that a future GOP presidential candidate will revive the Bush-Boehner agenda the party rejected in 2016, run on it, win, and impose it on the party and nation?

Bush-Boehner Republicanism appears to be as dead today as was Harding-Coolidge Republicanism after 1933. And if Trumpism is not the future of the GOP, it is hard to see what a promising GOP agenda might look like.[1]

Mr. Trump is an improvement on what passed for a political something on the “right” but we’re not out of the woods. More war on Syria, confrontation with North Korea, ratcheting up the level of needless tension with the Russians, and drinking Israel’s bathwater where it’s fake paranoia about Iran is concerned were not what I envisioned for the first months of his administration. But, there it is.

So where will America go now? It’s effectively leaderless in the ideological realm with Trump exhibiting little interest in or understanding of the Constitution. He has discovered the phrase “health care” in Article I, Sect. 8 to my amazement and seems indifferent to the presence of the bit about Congress having the authority to declare war. A 15-year-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq isn’t what is required constitutionally as it no more authorizes U.S. military force to be used in Madagascar than it does in Syria. But there we are.

And as I’ve said before, Trump is clueless about the importance of free speech and all the ways in which the left seeks to take it away. He recognizes no fundamental threat to public order in the AntiFa slime that appear regularly to attack decent citizens. Public order and defense of our freedoms is a core responsibility of government at any level but Trump shows more interest in petty tweet storms than in understanding and articulating just one or two of those aspects of public life that are imperiled by the rise of the ultra left and the descent of the Democrat Party into the pit of identity politics. Expect leadership from Trump on economic and regulatory issues but don’t expect him to use the Justice Department to deal with California’s de facto secession or any other of the centripetal forces that plague us. Is a 230% increase in border crossings consistent with Trump’s vaunted concern for sealing the border?

Look not to Trump but, too, look not to the GOP where Ryan and McConnell were its public face. The Republic is indeed adrift with the very concept of “citizen” abandoned in favor of open borders and theft of jobs from the 95,000,000 million Americans currently out of work. Look for nothing but surrender from the old crowd on all that.

Note to GOP: Clean up your act and fight for something other than for surrender to every foreigner on the planet, or be replaced.

As Buchanan correctly observes, the old GOP is history and the choice for the next flavor of the GOP is Trumpism or something else, something unpredictable. The Alt Right is like a hint.

Personally, I don’t see any kind of a renaissance in American thinking. The growth of the federal leviathan and the judicial tyranny that makes that possible have gone unnoticed by all but a few. The presence of millions of illegal third-world immigrants and the job theft this has entailed has engendered no fury. Trump’s election was a close thing not a landslide. Foreign wars and the ruinous expense of pointless foreign wars coupled with gigantic trade imbalances together with the above mark America as a nation of chumps. There’s an excellent chance we’ll follow in the steps of our British cousins and let freedom slip from our grasp. I just don’t see that that many Americans give a damn. Cable TV will mock their standards and celebrate multiculturalism and diversity and they’ll eat it up and enrich those who mock them.

[1] "Buchanan: 'Boehner's Right! ...It's Trump's Party Now.'" By Patrick Buchanan, ZeroHedge, 6/5/18 (formatting removed).