19 July 2018

Why? Why? Why?

Why should Trump give any credence to the intelligence agencies who first tried to prevent, and later subvert, his presidency?
"U.S. President Donald Trump Initially Refused to Acknowledge Manufactured Reality." By Doug “Uncola” Lynn, The Burning Platform, 7/18/18.

17 July 2018

A little cold water on the hysteria.

But it wasn’t the Intelligence Community that said ‘Russia hacked the DNC’... a play that was about getting you to ignore the CONTENT of Hillary/DNC emails. (Thus the quip ‘Russia rigged our elections by exposing how our elections are rigged.’).

It was Brennan and Clapper and a dozen ‘handpicked’ analysts from just 3 agencies. Even then the NSA boys only said ‘moderate confidence’ which is analyst speak for ‘we have no real evidence.’ The CIA and FBI analysts, relying on the DNC-linked CrowdStrike analysis of a server they never examined, said ‘high confidence’ which means ‘we can’t prove this but we totally believe it was Russia’s government because wouldn’t it be just like those aggressive Russkis?’

Comment by I Am Jack’s Macroaggression on “Mish: "Mass Hysteria." By Mike 'Mish' Shedlock, ZeroHedge, 7/17/18.

15 July 2018

Blinding, death star-level of irony – II.

Hypocrisy is probably more accurate.
International order for 4 centuries has been based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect for sovereignty. Russia has violated this norm by seizing Crimea and by interfering in the 2016 US election. We must deal w Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.[1]
~ Richard N. Haass, President, Council of Foreign Relations.

B’s comment (at Moon of Alabama): “Shorter: ‘Westphalianism for us, intervention for everyone else.”

[1] "The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2018-35." By b, Moon of Alabama, 7/15/18.

13 July 2018

Pearls of expression.

In order to improve their chances of getting attention at these things CNN needs to hire some hot chicks to ask questions. Nice short skirts. Nice round melons. Not too big.

Where was I going with this?

Comment by Philo Beddoe on “'We've Got The Tapes' - Trump Slams CNN, Sun Interview As ‘Fake News.’" By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 7/13/18.

12 July 2018

Blinding, death star-level of irony.

Well, Iran needs to get out of Syria. They have no business there. There’s no reason for them to be there. There’s been Iranian influence there for a long time. Iranian forces, Iranian militias must leave the country.[1]
~ Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State.

[1] "Pompeo’s Breathtaking Arrogance." By Daniel Larison, The American Conservative, 7/11/18.

11 July 2018

It does.

The possibility that liberal democracy inevitably leads to cultural suicide is unpleasant, so even the red-pilled look the other way.[1]
The problems created by liberalism can only be solved by illiberal methods. Not an original thought of mine and I do harp on it. But no less true for all that.

[1] "No Easy Answers." By Z Man, The Z Man, 7/11/18.

10 July 2018

Empty patriotism.

The reason America is descending into a transactional land of strangers is that our ancestors decided to piss it all away. Why should anyone feel loyalty to the people who pushed through the 1986 immigration act? Why should we want to preserve what they passed onto us? If anything, we should take this day to dig up their bones and smash them to bits on the capital mall. That sounds harsh, but is there anything more monstrous than denying your decedents a chance to live the life you lived?[1]
Z Man is right when he compares the pushing of patriotic display to desperation business marketing. Everything about everybody is evidence of a wonderful patriotism. Even school teachers are to be celebrated as patriots, even as many teach subversion, corruption, and nonsense; tolerate leftist lunacy and violence-plagued classrooms; and isolate any brave soul who dares to say that black academic failure is not the result of inadequate funding, "poor schools," or white racism.

This is done for the reason that businesses with products that don’t sell ramp up their marketing of the product. The political elite either don’t understand what the essence of America is or, more likely, hate it and undermine it every chance they get.

Watch the circus that the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh has already become. America is in the grip of a monstrous federal government because the Supreme Court deliberately ignored and ignores the plain meaning of the Constitution. Yet, progressive leftist swine will now summon all the false outrage in their power to subordinate the absolute gutting of the Constitution to moronic women's precious "right" to kill the children in their wombs.

They have the option to abandon the dishonest Roe v. Wade decision in deference to the constitutional scheme and allow the battle over abortion to be fought out on the state level. That would be a manifestation of our "democratic values" and commitment to the rule of law, but that won't happen. The country can continue to descend into the maw of an uncontrollable federal tyranny but that will be fine with the left. Leftists will sell devotion to Roe v. Wade as patriotism distilled and who cares about judicial tyranny?

It's all utter _________ and what you hear and see in the public square is theater and a distraction. What is vital to understand with every public "issue" is that reality is to be found in what is NOT said or done. Those Fourth of July fireworks? Fun to watch but basically just a waste of good gunpowder.

[1] "Fresh Out Of Patriotism." By Z Man, The Z Man, 7/4/18.

04 July 2018

03 July 2018

Liberty and the courts.

We have a Constitution that does a pretty good job of establishing liberty as the summum bonum of American life. It’s really not a hard call for any normal person, whether judge or not, to say that the state is overreaching.

Are asset forfeitures justified when based on the cops’ sole judgment that a bunch of money in your possession cannot possibly be for an innocent and lawful purpose? And therefore can be confiscated and withheld from you unless you want to spend an enormous amount of money to contest the seizure in court?

Does an “inventory search” strike you as a pretext to search your car without a warrant? That’s where you get arrested and the cops search your car down at the police impound lot to “help” you out by “inventorying” its contents. Is there an option for the arrestee to say, “Thanks just the same”? Of course, not. The cops want to search your car and the courts say, “What fairy tale?”

Same for searches “incident to arrest.” The sensible criterion is that the cops can search your person and areas within your reach where you might destroy evidence or obtain the means to effect your escape. That standard allows cops to have you spread-eagled on the hood of your car in handcuffs but still have a court-approved authority to search the glove compartment inside your car.

What’s at work here is officer convenience and avoidance of the warrant requirement and the courts eat it up with a spoon.

Go to court and only a moron will think that the guy or gal on the bench has any kind of sensitivity on the question of arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

Rarely do the concerns of the populace prevail.

When presented with an opportunity to loosen the government’s noose that keeps getting cinched tighter and tighter around the necks of the American people, what does our current Supreme Court usually do?

It ducks.


Remains silent.

Speaks to the narrowest possible concern.[1]

This is exactly right. I’ve been a public defender in an earlier life but have no visceral distrust of cops and prosecutors. The ones I’ve met have been ethical and reasonable people and only once did I see what I thought was an unwarranted effort to nail some guy. The foundation of the case was just a bit on the iffy side I thought but it was an exception to otherwise admirable conduct. I have no time for people who think cops are dumb or unethical. Anyone makes mistakes and better leadership would solve a lot of problems. Eighty-five percent of the time when I’m stopped on the highway, I am not cited though I know one time in 1969 the cops saw my uniforms in the back seat and waved me on on principle.

That said, if the courts, the neutral arbiters of official and citizen interests, are equivocal about liberty then the only sound you’ll hear is the clink of the ratchet as the legal apparatus tightens down yet one more notch.

There’s a great line from the movie “Zorba the Greek” where Zorba says to the cerebral Englishman, “Clever people are like grocers. They weigh everything.” But down in the weeds where real people live, we want to see that our courts have some juice, some fire in them where liberty is threatened.

Is that fire in the Supreme Court? Clearly not. When the Court ceased to enforce the Interstate Commerce Clause in the 1930s, as Judge Bork observed, that travesty of legal gutlessness has remained all but sacrosanct in every court and every bar association in the land. A massive, a gigantic, a stupefying upending of the constitutional scheme and nobody breaks sweat. “Hate speech” laws? Holocaust denial laws? NSA warrantless data collection? Ooh! Ooh! Let’s stroke our chins. Maybe we will and maybe we won’t come down on the side of liberty.

[1] "The Constitution Is Not Neutral: Courts of Justice Should Not Act Like Courts of Order." By John Whitehead, The Burning Platform, 7/3/18.

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02 July 2018

The successful destruction of America.

M. Stanton Evans’s Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies, Diana West’s American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, and Herbert Romerstein’s and Eric Breindel’s The Venona Secrets: The Definitive Exposé of Soviet Espionage in America establish clearly that communist penetration of the U.S. government was, shall we say, extensive. R.M. Whitney’s Reds in America, Eugene Lyons’s The Red Decade, and Rose L. Martin’s Fabian Freeway and The Selling of America describe the fascination of otherwise intelligent people with socialism and communism from the earliest days of the Fabian Society and in the 1920s and ‘30s.

West in particular emphasizes that Soviet penetration of American government was much more than plain-vanilla espionage, namely, recruitment of agents, theft of documents, photographing coastlines (one of Frank Marshall Davis’s pastimes), disguises, and too-willing beauties. No. It involved placing agents in a position where they could influence policy. Think Alger Hiss, committed communist and principal adviser to Roosevelt at Yalta, to grasp the potential for grave damage to American and European post-war interests.

Ron Unz highlights a close call that we had in the foreign influence department. It was only sheer dumb luck that FDR did not die just a little bit earlier than he did:

In the wake of the Venona Papers, publicly released a quarter century ago and today accepted by almost everyone, it seems undeniable that during the early 1940s America’s national government came within a hairsbreadth—or rather a heartbeat—of falling under the control of a tight network of Soviet agents. Yet I have only very rarely seen this simple fact emphasized in any book or article, even though this surely helps explain the ideological roots of the “anti-Communist paranoia” that became such a powerful political force by the early 1950s.[1]
He's talking about Henry Wallace.

Unz undertook in his essay to examine modern American history with fresh eyes and came up with a fascinating essay that I commend to you. The untimely and suspicious deaths that he lists and his thoughts on how it was that Wendell Wilkie became the Republican nominee in 1940 are startling and should start your mental wheels spinning for a good long while. That's not the half of it. Read that amazing Unz essay.

Claude Polin in his May 10 article in Chronicles, "Impossible Dreams: The West’s Undying Love Affair With Marx," does a good job of explaining why it is that even now Marxism resonates so with Westerners despite the communist horrors of the last century. In short, in the 16th century Westerners came to believe that they could be set free of the restraints and limits of life by means of science and commerce and could, when you get right down to it, be “like gods.” Marx’s promise that under communism man can do as he wishes from one moment to another free of control of any other man was just a variation on this belief and it resonated strongly, regardless of how stupid it was. Western people lost touch with reality, with life as something that man really cannot control. The idea of limits became an affront, a manifestation of an opposing, malevolent political force -- capitalism, white people.

Since the New Deal, and even before, America’s been a gigantic exercise in trying to avoid the realities of biology, human nature, and arithmetic as the fanatic attack on marriage, the fanatic nurturing of a black underclass and fatherless homes, social fantasies of female ninja warriors and “strong” women commanding armored divisions, soaring inflation, trade imbalances, unemployment, student debt, evaporating pension schemes, crushing debt service, meaningless borders and sovereignty, and perverted culture attest.

There is now crippling rot at the top due to the infestation of foreign operatives (though Russian influence is the least of our worries) and, to put it mildly, foreign ideas antithetical to our once-constitutional order that are blithely embraced by the treason class. Poisonous phenomena are not destroyed but encouraged.

There is also rot at the bottom as that treason class has successfully elected a new people and flooded white America with every race on the planet except more white people. These new, unassimilable, hostile races and cultural groups are not infested with communist and socialist ideas per se – though not a few are – but they are a destructive presence nonetheless since they come from societies that are complete strangers to our institutions developed over centuries of trial and error, and a lot of the latter.

So what happened to America was that we dealt ineffectively with active subversion and treason at the top – the truth teller McCarthy was viciously attacked like some hideous infection -- and we have casually imported at the bottom millions of foreigners who do not understand or care about our legal and social institutions. Supposedly waving a wand labeled “multiculturalism” generally in the direction of the southern border every morning will work some kind of magic on the invaders who stroll across it. Indifference, hostility, and parasitic intent will thereby be transformed into ardent allegiance to the true America and new arrivals will not add to the cold stew that America has become pursuant to a recipe controlled by fools and traitors. Long gone are the days that immigrants were only legal immigrants and arrived with a passionate desire to understand American values and traditions and conform to them.

America, in short, for all its wonderful aspects, in the end proved unable to defend itself against foreign influence and destruction. Foreigners flood the country and the country has been destroyed. There’s no lipstick on that pig that will change that reality. Dissolution of the U.S. is the best we can hope for; bloody internal strife, the worst.

[1] "American Pravda: Our Deadly World of Post-War Politics." By Ron Unz, The Unz Review, 7/2/18.

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