13 February 2016

Law that isn't law.

Today the European Union is seriously intent on taking over the world via bureaucratic imperialism, using a network of international “laws” that nobody has ever voted for.

The elites think that the well of pseudo-democratic legitimacy will never run dry. Well, it has. Now we have neither democracy (as my previous post demonstrates) nor legitimacy.

The idea that the Constitution or the electorate are just irrelevant whenever some jumped up progressive fool feels like experimenting with people's lives is about to be tested.

Generations of trust are evaporating. And reality intrudes.

"European Pathology Hasn’t Changed." By James Lewis, American Thinker, 2/2/16.

Really quite amazing.

Will Bernie complain?
Also accordingly, although Clinton has won only one of two primaries (Iowa, and even then by a razor thin margin), because she has these [superdelegate] commitments, she already has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders in the delegate department. Sanders, who has won almost all of his delegates the traditional way, has 42 delegates so far. Clinton has a whopping 394.[1]
This is such a blatant screwing of Sanders and it looks to be how it's going to go through the entire primary process. Even now, has Mr. Sanders protested in any way? What would make a consummate "outsider" like Sanders remain mute? This wasn't known at the outset?

This is how Debbie Waspherman-Shoots explains to CNN's Jake Tapper why new voters shouldn't think that the process isn't rigged:

Let me just make sure I can clarify what was available during the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. The unpledged delegates are a separate category. The only thing available on the ballot in a primary and a caucus is the pledged delegates, those that are tied to the candidate that they are pledged to support and they receive a proportional number of delegates going into our convention.

Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists. We are, as a Democratic Party, really highlight and emphasize inclusiveness and diversity at our convention and we want to give every opportunity to grassroots activists and diverse committed Democrats to be able to participate, attend and be a delegate at the convention and so we separate out those unpledged delegates to make sure that there isn’t competition between them.[2]

Now that that's been cleared up, I wonder if perhaps it's time to put aside talk about American "exceptionalism" until this kind of a charade can be dealt with out in the open.

Commenter Dan on that Spectator article notes:

HAHAHA This is exactly how socialism works people! Take something away from someone who has worked hard for it and give it to someone that you feel needs it more. How hypocritical that Dems are now complaining about it. Isn't this what you want? Greedy ol' Mr. Sanders hoarding all the votes for himself. We need to redistribute them. Love it!![3]
That would be, in popular parlance, like nailing it, Dan. Income redistribution and vote redistribution. Bernie the Socialist must be ecstatic. A man of principle.

[1] "Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton Gets All the Delegates." By Emily Zanotti, The American Spectator, 2/10/16.
[2] "Jake Tapper’s interview with the DNC Chair on superdelegates and the train wreck that followed." By Jazz Shaw, Hot Air, 2/12/16.
[3] The American Spectator, supra.

12 February 2016

Interesting comments on blacks post 1965.

Some interesting comments on a John Derbyshire article:[1]

Diversity Heretic:

This article is also posted on Vdare, accompanied by a photograph of black protesters supporting desegregated schools. I could not help but notice the way the black people were dressed–the men had coats and ties and the women appeared to be in something resembling skirted suits. Their weight appeared normal. They actually had dignity. It was oh so easy back then to imagine that such people would fit effortlessly into white schools if only the bad southern racists would let them. Now, 50-60 years later we have shrieking Negresses and sullen resentful black men with astronomical levels of crime. The sad truth is that the dignity we saw in Negroes of the 1940s-1960s was a product of the repression–they had to conform to white social [norms] or retribution would be swift and brutal. Freedom from white oppression was freedom to re-Africanize, and we are living with the dreadful results.


How do you know it was the freedom of civil rights that led to black lawlessness, and not the new indignity of the infantilizing Great Society program? Case in point: black socioeconomic indicators in both North and South were improving up until the 1960s.

I will grant that, as long as blacks have the vote, it seems unlikely they’ll vote for less welfare (just as whites on welfare like Trump a lot better than the more doctrinaire conservatives and libertarians). Democracy and freedom don’t mix, at least not without some strict constitutional limits on the powers of government.

Diversity Heretic:

Your point is well taken. In fact, I don’t know, and I don’t even know how to disentangle the effects of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts from the effect of Great Society entitlements. And, as another poster has noted, in 1965 immigration laws changed, forcing blacks to compete with mestizos and Amer-Indians for low-skilled and unskilled jobs. But the hopes of the 1960s for a “color-blind” society have been dashed.

boogerbently adds:
White guilt has already run out, with older generations. We need to tell our kids that we are NOT racist. We accepted and encouraged equality. But after decades of disappointment, we now realize

they don’t want to be equal, it’s too much work. They want to be thought of as equal, and have an equal amount of “stuff”. Without working for it. They lower the standards everywhere they go. They ruin every city they take over. They have chosen to invest their time in their victim status instead of their families or education. So, my sons and daughters, don’t waste your time. The time WE wasted was both emotionally and financially draining.

[1] "America Edging Back to Segregation Lite—Led By Blacks." By John Derbyshire, The Unz Review, 2/11/16.

American electoral transformation; European lunacy.

An increasingly profound sense of malaise now permeates the West. The American political process has been hijacked by economic interests, reducing its electoral process to a sad parody of Democracy; meanwhile, the European institutions and elites seem paralyzed, imprisoned in a dangerously outmoded political correctness rooted in 19th Century liberalism, with a manifest loss of even the most rudimentary survival instincts.
"The Widening Gyre – And The Sarajevo Blues." By Erick Kraus, republished 2/11/16 at Russia Insider from Gloom Boom Doom Report investment letter.

Pearls of expression.

European elites, forever on the lookout for any sign of the next Hitler. Meantime, the next Stalin has overtaken them a little at a time, one government at a time.
I back.

Comment by Robert on Will No-One Rid Me Of This Troublesome Priest?" By H. Numan, Gates of Vienna, 2/12/16.

11 February 2016

U.S. flight of fancy #4,591.

Needless to say, anyone remotely familiar with world history and the rise of new global powers would realize how wildly improbable this happy scenario[1] was, however the academic study of history was never the strong suit inside the Washington beltway, and in any event, given their absolute faith in American Exceptionalism, historical precedent was dismissed as irrelevant. Indeed, this misjudgment is not without parallel with events in the Middle East where desperately incompetent policy was erected based upon the childlike faith that the US model was so universally attractive that by simply eliminating secular but obstructive leaders – Saddam Hussein, Kaddafi, Assad – the populace would naturally choose a compliant, pro-Western regime, an absolute flight of fancy in a region currently undergoing a fundamentalist religious revival of epic proportions.[2]
[1] That a strong China would place "American geopolitical interests above its own."
[2] "The Widening Gyre – And The Sarajevo Blues." By Erick Kraus, republished 2/11/16 at Russia Insider from Gloom Boom Doom Report investment letter.

Globalism considered.

There's nothing wrong with globalization but globalization isn't the issue when global trade is carried to insane lengths. The issue is abuse of the efficiency principle to the detriment of entire societies and civilization itself.

Modern globalized trade was made possible by the integration of a wide range of technologies, from containerized shipping to electronic funds transfer. But only in the smallest frame is it efficient for a few retail giants to destroy hundreds of millions of livelihoods and local industries and the diverse communities, craft skills, and ways of thinking the industries represent.

* * * *

Global trade was never meant to be a substitute for the responsibilities of living, which demand at least some basic skills at maintaining oneself and one's personal environment.[1]

And basic skills at defending oneself.

[1] "Is this the end of globalization? The Chopsticks Manifesto." By Pundia, 2/10/16.

10 February 2016

Obama Syria policy: duplicate Libyan success.

Tulsi Gabbard is one brave Congresswoman. She has challenged her party and the president saying that it’s time for Washington to halt its “illegal, counter-productive war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad. I don’t think Assad should be removed. If Assad is removed and overthrown, ISIS, al Qaeda, Al Nustra [sic], these Islamic extremist groups will walk straight in and take over all of Syria … they will be even stronger.”

Indeed, Washington’s senseless policy in Syria has been hanging out there like overripe fruit for quite some time with the mainstream media instead marching at lockstep to the tune being whistled by a large disengaged and unaccountable White House. Gabbard might go one step further to ask why Syria is the way it is in the first place since that would question Administration priorities under Democrats as well as Republicans, both of which have emphasized eliminating al-Assad for no conceivable reason that has anything to do with actual American interests.[1]

"Actual American interests" is a concept unknown to elected American officials in the federal government.

"Assad must go" is the ritual incantation and it's enough to justify the expenditure of billions of dollars to finance chasing squirrels with a tennis racquet in Syria, to borrow from the great Chris Plante on WMAL.

Far from being a government that occupies any kind of moral high ground so we can point fingers at Pres. Assad, the United States has been
  • sucking the toes of the Saudis,
  • facilitating their loathsome Wahhabi plans for the world (and Syria),
  • arming al Qaida killers in Syria, and
  • doing nothing to prevent ISIS from peddling stolen oil or conducting military operations in Iraq and Syria.
The suffering and destruction has been enormous and the cost incalculable. But our virtue is a given.

Well, so is our stupidity as we enable ISIS and al Qaida, wage war on the sovereign state of Syria without a constitutionally-mandate declaration of war, and create a flood of refugees that is partially threatening the foundations of Western Europe.

There isn't a Western government under the sun that has the slightest understanding of the concept of national security. A focus group of nursing home residents, cheerleaders, and Burger King fry cooks would do better than the so-called experts.

[1] "An Improbable Solution. Delusions on Syria prevail in official Washington." Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review, 2/2/16.

09 February 2016

Our poisonous "ally" – Saudi Arabia.

If such rebel groups [in Syria] win their battle they have vowed to destroy one of the oldest centres of Christianity in the world and drive out every last Christian or behead those who stay. They have destroyed the ancient centre of the northern town of Aleppo and are uprooting and destroying the historic city of Palmyra, one of the greatest architectural treasures on Earth.

The aim of the jihadists who make up the bulk of the rebels is to expunge the rich and ancient civilisation of Syria.

This is a global tragedy. We are not talking merely of a humanitarian disaster on a magnitude no one can fully comprehend, we are also talking of the destruction of one of the greatest civilisations in the world and its replacement by a narrow, intolerant, dogmatic mutation of Islam.

* * * *

But there is a powerful lesson for the West as well. Our reckless attempts to shape the Middle East by intervening with guns and bombs have caused nothing but chaos and murder.

* * * *

Above all, we must tackle the insidious influence of Saudi Arabia, which enjoys a cosy relationship with the West even as it sponsors the spread of Islamic fanaticism across the globe.

"The only way to stem this tide is to stop our Middle East meddling: In a haunting dispatch from Syria, PETER OBORNE reveals the real reason the refugees keep coming." By Peter Oborne, Daily Mail, 9/4/15.

H/t: Pundita.

08 February 2016


If faced between having to cut Erdogan loose to face his destiny or engaging in an all-out war with Russia, the USA and NATO might choose the former and sacrifice Erdogan personally. In fact, this would be a perfect scenario for a colour revolution, and what stops America from orchestrating one in Turkey? After all, they are the experts of turning against their allies.
"Coming to a head in Syria." by Ghassan Kadi, The Vineyard of the Saker, 2/5/16.