24 November 2015

The U.S. love affair with ISIS.

The U.S. has been drinking the bathwater of ISIS. Even having them drown people in cages and burn a pilot in a cage didn't slow Obama down. Our boys!

But, mind you, Assad is "the Butcher." Does "this man strike you as a monster who must be removed from the world stage?

Anyway, let's move on to the point about excessive (i.e., absurd) levels of U.S. concern for the welfare of ISIS:

FrontPageMag’s Daniel Greenfield makes a similar point [that the ISIS oil truck drivers being given warnings by the U.S. are not innocent noncombatants], commenting, “So after all this time, they came up with a great plan; drop flyers on ISIS trucks so that the drivers, who may or may not be ISIS members, can run away in time. Meanwhile ISIS gets 45 minutes of warning.”

Compare the Obama White House’s approach to fighting ISIS to that of Russia.

While it took the U.S. fifteen months to even begin targeting ISIS’ oil refineries and tankers, air strikes by Moscow destroyed more than 1,000 tankers in a period of just five days.

In comparison, Col. Steve Warren said that the U.S. had taken out only 116 tanker trucks, the “first strike” to target ISIS’ lucrative black market oil business, which funds over 50 per cent of the terror group’s activities.[1]

Obama is an enemy to ISIS in the same way that I am an enemy to children, kitties, and puppies in my neighborhood.

Then there's this:
Numerous analysts claim that the Obama White House’s fifteen month wait before it began targeting the primary funding mechanism behind ISIS was part of a tacit policy to help the Islamic State overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

* * * *

“The bottom line – the almost irrefutable truth – is that the US and its regional allies were all-in on the “use Sunni extremists to bring about regime change in Syria” strategy from the word “go”, and the direct result of that strategy is ISIS,” reports Zero Hedge, adding, “The US didn’t want to cut off Islamic State’s funding, because without money, the group couldn’t fight Assad.” The New York Times is also reporting that US Central Command may have engaged in a year long effort to deliberately conceal the fact that the United States’ plan to demolish ISIS was not effective.[2]

New guy in town destroys tankers at a rate of 200 per day. Obama destroys one (1) tanker every four (4) days. Russian rate of destruction = 800 times that of Obama rate. Is the fix in, or what?

There is something rotten in the Obama war against Syria, not the least of which is the fact that his aggressive war against Syria is unconstitutional. Even though that's so, like, yesterday.

[1]  "White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers. Why did it take 15 months for the U.S. to target the Islamic State's oil infrastructure?" By Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, 11/23/15.
[2] Id.

H/t: CONSERVATIVEbyte.com.

Germany – and the West – down the tubes with a daesh of geopolitical adventurism.

An article from the Gatestone Institute lays out the essence of Muslim hijrah: get where you're going and breed like rats:
A video showing a Muslim threatening a German man openly on the street was posted on YouTube. The Muslim can be heard saying:
"I am telling you honestly, Islam will come to Germany, whether you like it or not. Your daughter will wear a headscarf (hijab). Your son will wear a beard. Okay. And your daughter will marry a bearded man.

"We are reproducing faster and faster. You Germans are not getting any children. In the best case you get two children. We make seven to eight children. Okay mate? And then we take four wives each, then we have 22 children. Maybe you Germans have one child and a dog. Huh? And that's it.

"Mate. This is not our fault, it is your fault. If you exploited our countries, colonized our countries, so that you can drive a Mercedes and use your digital camera, huh?

"So Allah (blessed be his name), the Almighty God, will make it so that we will conquer you. Not with war, here in Germany, but with birth rates, first and foremost. Secondly, we will marry your daughters. And your daughter will wear a Muslim headscarf. That is how it is. Now you can get really mad. I can see the hate in your eyes."[1]

The fisking arrogance of this Muslim bastard in Germany occasions incandescent fury in the Colonel.

The rest of the article discusses:

  • a possible quadrupling of Germany's Muslim population in five years;
  • a local German official saying anyone who doesn't like mass immigration is free to leave "without a mask [without being in disguise]" (thankfully jeered by his audience);
  • costs of invaders to taxpayers likely amounting to four times the official forecast;
  • 50% of invaders disappearing;
  • Muslims committing crimes with no consequences;
  • young Muslim men abusing German cops;
  • cops thinking they are losing control of the streets;
  • hundreds of Muslims in Hannover marching in streets with the black flag of jihad;
  • the chairman of the Military Reserve Association calling for reinstatement of conscription but oddly stating that "there is a chance" it will promote integration (surely meriting this fellow a Nobel Price for Wishful Thinking);
  • a gentleman talking common sense about underage female sexual "adventures" with young male Muslims "apply[ing] for asylum" coming under attack by the Gutmenschen and apologizing;
  • male invaders harassing German women in a Bavarian disco being banned by the owner (of the disco not the women) for that and because they were driving away regular customers;
  • local media and officials attacking this disco owner for being Nazi and racist;
  • Berlin's "center-left Social Democrats (SPD)" mayor secretly proposing legislation to allow seizure of private residences (constitution be damned);[2]
  • the German government's wanting to "bring in even more migrants" apparently by "airlift[ing] tens of thousands of migrants to German"; and
  • Chancellor (or Canceler) Merkel responding to critics: "The Chancellor has the situation under control. I have my vision. I will fight for it."
The photo in the Gatestone article of Merkel is chilling when you keep in mind this woman knows what she's doing and is going to do it come hell or high water. I used to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous with a girlfriend years ago[3] and one speaker once concluded his story of utter personal disaster caused by his drinking with the statement, "And my best thinking got me there."

And that is what we are seeing here in the West today. The very best thinking of the elites, the Treason Class, the globalists, and Chesterton's wooly-headed humanitarians has engineered a catastrophe for all Western people and it is by no means edging into hysteria to state that what is happening meets the legal definition of genocide. The burden is on the proponents of mass, uncontrolled immigration of Muslims and third-world people to Western lands to show how the policies of Western governments are, in fact, not genocidal, as absurd as it is even to raise this point.

But make no mistake. All throughout the West this attack on Western people is deliberate. People intend the natural consequences of their acts and Western leaders have, besides official intelligence reports, access to online videos that show the invading hordes in brilliant Technicolor high-def. Even people from Harvard and the Sorbonne can extrapolate from the hordes at the border cascading over fences and down interior rural roads to hordes in major cities of the West. Even now, London is no longer British, having long since been awash in a sea of black and brown faces with the alien cultures that come with them. This the autochthons are supposed to swallow with a smile and hat in hand.

John Derbyshire captured the reality of Western governments toward their own people thus:

We must face the fact: the national institutions of the West are now fiercely protective of Muslims and hostile to the native ancestral populations.[4]
While this is going on, the supposed president of the United States is madly pursuing an undeclared war against Bashar al-Assad in Syria and lecturing Vladimir Putin on what it is acceptable for him to do in Syria, namely, carry water for Barack Hussein Obama who believes it is for him to decide who may be brought down, who may be attacked, and who may be supported.

Now, today, Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter and Chinese marines have "established their presence"[5] in Syrian. Chinese marines?

Do treason and fiscal excess at home and dangerous, duplicitous, childish meddling abroad suffice as a shorthand statement of what Western governments are about? Just over 100 years ago the civilized world slid into barbarism. Are the feeble, clueless leaders of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Norway (and Turkey), in fact, acting to avoid a similar catastrophe today? Or do they enjoy playing with their expensive toys too much?

As Blacklisted News ominously noted, "the east Mediterranean is about to become a warship and aircraft carrier parking lot . . . ."[6]

What could go wrong?

[1] "Germans Opposed to Mass Migration are 'Free to Leave'." By Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, 11/24/15 (link omitted).
[2] This just might possibly justify the question "Who exactly are the Nazis in Germany today? In today's ultra-left world it's possible to recklessly throw around charges that someone is a Nazi or a racist while you devote your waking hours to betraying your countrymen to an invasion of a hostile and primitive creed.
[3] I highly recommend going to AA meetings if there is an open meeting where you live. It's a cheap way to learn some common sense principles about understanding addiction and human nature, as well as repairing relationships.
[4] "Obama’s Agenda And The Treason of the Establishment." By John Derbyshire, Vdare.com, 11/21/15.
[5] "US, French Aircraft Carriers Rush Toward Syrian Coast To Find Numerous Russian Warships Already There." By Blacklisted News, 11/22/15.
[6] "Id.

An insult to zoos.

U/I school employee at black high school Overbrook High School in Philadelphia:
"It's mayhem. Students are in the halls, they're smoking in the bathroom; cigarettes, marijuana," said a worker at the school, who asked not to be identified. "We can't contain them and it's really hazardous for us working and these kids are not being educated at all."

"It's a zoo in here. Parents really need to come up here and see what's going on in this school because it's ridiculous," said the worker.[1]

When school is out, this is what it's like for whites in Philadelphia:
The upward trend of racial harmony was not clear to Steve Huber earlier this year when he wrote an article for Philadelphia Magazine titled "Being White in Philly." Huber talked about the unrelenting racial violence and the fear it creates among white people.

Mayor Nutter said the article was "disgusting" and called for an investigation by the City's Human Rights Commission.[2]

The new definition of "disgusting" is something that illustrates a stark, unavoidable truth.

I wonder if the mental disease that modern liberalism is is a reflection of the realization on the part of millions of progressives (liberals, socialists, and communists) that absolutely everything about progressivism is a lie or a complete failure of the intellect. The reason that attacks on truth tellers are so virulent is precisely because it is intolerable that what one has supported all one's life is a pathetic fraud and a lie of untold viciousness because of the damage it has inflicted.

The assault on reason, common sense, and free speech is the ultimate double-or-nothing bet -- adults emptying their bank accounts onto the betting table and then jamming their fingers in their ears.

[1] "Black Mob Violence: New Denials... and New Violence." By Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, 11/26/13.
[2] Id.

H/t: Nicholas Stix.

23 November 2015

Islam -- Cliff Notes version.

H/t: Moonbattery.

Moderate Muslims, snipes, and buckets of steam.

Notoriously difficult to find.
Islam is clearly important factor in understanding jihadis. Those – including David Cameron and Barack Obama – who insist that jihadis are not ‘real Muslims’ miss the point. The fact that supporters of IS [ISIS] practice their religion in a way that horrifies most liberals does not make it any less Islamic.

Yet, if the insistence that jihadism is disconnected from Islam makes little sense, so does the claim that Islam alone can explain why jihadis act so unconscionably. The vast majority of Muslims abhor the actions of IS, and would find their actions morally inexplicable.[1]

The first paragraph above states a simple truth. Wishin' ain't gittin'.

However, the otherwise thoughtful Mr. Malik's subsequent assertion that the "vast majority of Muslims abhor the actions of IS [ISIS]" is unsupported by the evidence.

There was rejoicing in the Muslim streets after the 9/11 attacks and after the recent attacks in Paris. Different day, same insanity.

Muslim communities in Western lands immediately set themselves apart from the Western neighbors and the usual Muslim pathologies and crimes flourish without being reported by Muslims. The most loathsome examples of Muslim arrogance and contempt for the West are the most visible. CAIR, the most visible Muslim advocacy organization in the U.S., was an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal Holy Land prosecution. Smooth talk and familiar accents masked support for al Qaida crimes. "Moderate Muslim" modus operandi noted.

Muslim idea of citizenship.
Everywhere Muslims congregate there are acts of terror and immediate efforts to encroach on local laws and customs. This exists side by side with unabashed, vigorous advocacy for a total revolution in the legal and cultural life of the entire Western nation blessed by their presence. All those moderates support jihadi savages, as well as the immediate implementation of shariah everywhere they have been welcomed by Westerners.

Muslims all belong back in Muslims lands where they can enjoy shariah and jihadi bullshit to their hearts content. Three things Westerner can do without, though Obama still hasn't gotten the memo.

[1] "Why Do Jihadis Seem So Evil?" By Kenan Malik, Pandaemonium, 11/22/15 ((emphasis added).

21 November 2015

Kabuki kombat (2015).

U.S. military pilots who have returned from the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordnance on terror targets because they could not get clearance to launch a strike, according to a leading member of Congress.

Strikes against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) targets are often blocked due to an Obama administration policy to prevent civilian deaths and collateral damage, according to Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

* * * *

Jack Keane, a retired four-star U.S. general, agreed with Royce’s assessment of the administration’s policy and blamed President Barack Obama for issuing orders that severely constrain the U.S. military from combatting terror forces.

“This has been an absurdity from the beginning,” Keane said in response to questions from Royce. “The president personally made a statement that has driven air power from the inception.”

“When we agreed we were going to do airpower and the military said, this is how it would work, he [Obama] said, ‘No, I do not want any civilian casualties,’” Keane explained. “And the response was, ‘But there’s always some civilian casualties. We have the best capability in the world to protect from civilians casualties.’”

However, Obama’s response was, “No, you don’t understand. I want no civilian casualties. Zero,’” Keane continued. “So that has driven our so-called rules of engagement to a degree we have never had in any previous air campaign from desert storm to the present.”[1]
Could there be an ulterior motive for this refusal to approve strikes? We ask the tough questions here at the Intergalactic Source of Truth.

Americans may exit from the stage of history but it will be seriously worth it if "history" will only say, "They were faithful to the very end to their rules of engagement."

Are we finally being presented with the bill for choosing as president a paperless freak of a man who started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists? In your view, are "communist terrorists" and "U.S. national security interests" two phrases that naturally go together? Did Obama take too seriously to heart the "Reverend" Wright's "God damn America!"?

[1] "U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin Blocks 75 Percent of Islamic State Strikes. ‘We can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us’." By Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, 11/20/15 (emphasis added). Ok. We added the link to the first paragraph.

Simple as that -- replacement.

One insight into this radical change in border policy, now being applied by EU institutions, might lie in a detailed proposal published in 2000 by the United Nations. It advocated the "replacement" of Europe's population by Muslim migrants from the Third World.
"The True Cost of Europe's Muslim "Enrichment." By George Igler, Gatestone Institute, 11/18/15.

20 November 2015

Our unlovely politics.

A pro-Kasich PAC is gearing up to peddle a greasy attack on Trump.[1] The article reporting this says GOP groups are not spending to attack Trump but, of course, the GOP is ecstatic about anything that undermines Trump.

One shouldn't think that politics isn't bean bag, as has been observed, but it's disquieting nonetheless. Is there any doubt in your mind that this campaign against Trump will be a low-rent distortion of who he is?

Thus are the affairs of a (formerly) great nation managed. Sleaze and distortion center stage. Millions of citizens and the political establishments of the Uniparty accept this as normal. As Dr. Carson will attest. We will have mediocrity; spare no expense.

Btw, Fox News is doing its part to give credence to challengers like Mr. Kasich (currently polling at 1%; no control of that PAC) by giving him big play last night. He's going to soar. Soon! He resonates with the people. What are his views?!

[1] "GOP group plans most aggressive anti-Trump campaign yet." By Alex Isenstadt, Politico, 11/19/15.

Matthew 6:24.

"There is nothing good that came as a result of my actions," he [Jonathan Pollard] said. "I tried to serve two countries at the same time. That does not work."[1]
I despise Pollard and the constant Israeli chivvying to get Pollard's release. Israel initially tried to sell the story that it was a "rogue" operation of Israeli intelligence but soon gave up that lie. No, Israel committed a hostile act. At least Pollard had the decency to say he is no hero.

The never-ending efforts by certain members of the American Jewish community to get Pollard released calls into question which country it is to which they owe their allegiance. Pollard turned over a great deal of his putative country's secrets for pay. His plight deserved no special attention from certain of the Jewish community. What part of "treason" do his supporters not understand?

Now let's prohibit dual citizenship, serving in foreign militaries, and voting in foreign elections. Or are we just forever stuck with the idea that U.S. citizenship is meaningless, something to be handed out like Tootsie Rolls at a Shriners Parade?

In the modern West, there are no real choices.

A thought that calls to mind Yogi Berra's classic, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Everything is without cost. Entropy is king. It's all good.

[1] "Convicted spy Pollard is released from prison after 30 years." By Eric Tucker, Associated Press, 11/20/15.

Immigration mendacity.

There is no end to it. This excerpt from a piece by George Igler at the excellent There is no end to it. This excerpt from a piece by George Igler at the excellent Gatestone Institute lays out the destructive purpose of the Western full-court press to drown the West in a tidal way of third-world invaders:
That these predictions [by the British multinational Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the world's fourth largest bank] fly in the face of all the available evidence is problematic.

Even in a country with an established Islamic population such as Britain, Muslim unemployment languishes at 50% for men, and 75% for women.

Furthermore, Muslims in Britain represent the demographic with the highest birth rates. Coupled with their levels of unemployment, these imagined saviors of a moribund European social welfare model are, as a group, the recipients of the state's revenue, rather than contributors to it.

Successive generations of Muslims Europe-wide, as Christopher Caldwell noted in 2009, are not normalizing toward the birth rates of their host populations, as previous immigrant groups have done. That trend might admittedly be useful in boosting Europe's population numbers, but it also highlights an alarming pattern.

As recently announced by Baroness Caroline Cox, the "blind eye" turned towards polygamy in Britain -- and in France, Belgium and Germany – has ensured that some Muslim men are having upwards of 20 children by multiple wives, almost always at the state's expense. This is grim news indeed for integration: families with fundamentalist views are outbreeding their more moderate coreligionists.

"The True Cost of Europe's Muslim "Enrichment"." By George Igler, Gatestone Institute, 11/18/15 (links removed).