09 May 2015

Kissing your sister.

In yesterday's general election the British have resolutely chosen to do nothing.

Before I try to make sense of what happened, let's look at some quirks of the U.K. electoral system as it operated to reward the Blancmange Party and ensure that the next five years for Britain will be a generous helping of "steady as she goes."

These are the results of the election ranked by number of seats won[1]:

Party                                                Seats   % of vote
Conservative Party   330   36.8
Labour Party   232   30.5
Scottish National Party (SNP)   56   4.7
Other (vegans, nudists, feminists,
university professors communists,
jihadis, queers, gypsies, Vikings,
pedophiles, global warmists, voodooists,
   23   7.5
Liberal Democrats   8   7.9
UKIP   1   12.6

Listed another way by percentage of votes earned:

Party                                                Seats   % of vote
Conservative Party   330   36.8
Labour Party   232   30.5
UKIP   1   12.6
Liberal Democrats   8   7.9
Other   23   7.5
Scottish National Party (SNP)   56   4.7

So the most recent exercise in democratic politics in the nation that is the Mother of Parliaments gave 56 seats to the SNP (last in terms of total percentage of votes earned) but UKIP (third in terms of total percentage of votes earned) got a heart-stopping one (1) seat. Thus, the SNP got 37.3% of the votes that UKIP earned but got 56 times the number of seats as UKIP. One SNP vote compares to one UKIP vote as 11.9 compares to 0.08, a disparate effect of SNP votes relative to UKIP votes on the order of 149 to 1.

Conservatives got 330 seats for their 36.8% of the votes or 8.97 seats for every 1% of the vote. Labour got 232 seats for 30.5% of the vote, or 7.61 for every 1% of the vote. Respectively, the Conservative and Labour voter's vote was 113 and 96 times more potent than the UKIPper's vote.

Had seats been allocated on the basis of percentage of the vote, the Conservatives would have won only 239 seats, 87 seats short of a majority. Instead of sitting in the catbird seat today, the Conservatives would be in full desperation mode.

The actual, not "what if" result is, of course, due to the "first past the post" rule of U.K. electoral politics and the ability of minor parties to draw strength away from other minor parties like the proverbial "crabs in a bucket." Similar rules hinder lesser, newer parties seeking access to the ballot in U.S. elections and something can be said for electoral schemes that rewards politicians who are willing to come together under a Big Tent. This dampens enthusiasm for nutcase excess.

However . . . . . . . this U.K. result strikes me as a strange one given my ardent belief that we are living in revolutionary times. Not that anyone seems to notice all that much. Or that time might be running short.

Even so, UKIP is hardly a radical party, unless one considers challenging the sacred belief of the ruling parties in the European Union radical. Nigel Farage was an appealing fellow with extraordinary intelligence, insight, courage, and oratorical gifts and he made a point of not associating with Marine Le Pen.

The Conservatives proposed nothing of particular merit that I know of. (I didn't follow the details of the campaigns, let it be known). The only thing "bold" out of them was a commitment to a referendum on the E.U. which was, it seems to me, forced on Cameron who would rather have spent three weeks in a rowboat with Al Sharpton than risk a British withdrawal from the E.U.

The question then is why the abandonment of the excellent Nigel Garage and the ardent rush to the "safe" but flaccid center? Quirks of the electoral system aside, had the U.K. electorate been of a different mind, a vastly different result would have been served up on the current lot.

As I continually complain, European voters simply just will not support nationalist parties, will not be energized on immigration, and will not step back from the madness of the welfare state even as it is in its death throes of fiscal and monetary excess.

Yesterday's election can perhaps be seen as yet another manifestation of Britons and Europeans clinging to normality at all costs. The alternative is an unbelievably painful recognition of what a ghastly mistake they have made to dabble in the mass importation of third-world parasites, benefits tourists, grifters, and holy warriors who spit in their faces because of their weakness and naivete. Alternatively, the Treason Parties continue to deliver on the theft of resources from the prudent and productive and voters cannot bring themselves to risk cutting off the flow of gravy.

[1] Results Centre, Sky NEWS, 5/8/15.

07 May 2015

Dumb ideas in America.

John Hawkins on one particular bad idea, namely, that "Diversity is all about skin color":
The only real value of diversity is that it interjects new ways of thinking about and approaching a problem. If you take that away, diversity is meaningless and may even do more harm than good. If you don’t have diversity of thought, then you don’t have diversity.
Hawkins lists four others. All right on the money, especially the point about public debt.

"The 5 Dumbest Ideas That Have Taken Root In America." By John Hawkins, Townhall, 5/7/15.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln.

Indeed, two premises underwrite Irish, American and EU policy towards terror and Islam. The first holds that Islam is one of the world’s “great religions,” implying moral equivalence with other cultures. The second premise holds that Islam is a “religion of peace,” an assumption that ignores jihad as war, denies that Islam is at war with America and the democratic West.

If Islamic culture, in its Sunni and Shia incarnations, is “great,” how then does the West rationalize polygamy, misogyny, slavery, child trafficking, kidnapping, stoning, beheadings, crucifixions, capital homophobia, cultural vandalism, summary execution of infidels and apostates, terror in all its incarnations, bloody jihad, and a near universal intolerance that rejects Western values and culture, especially those associated Jews or Christians? How is it that the Muslim Turkish sponsors of the Armenian Genocide are not called to account after a 100 years? How [are] any Islamic state and associated clergy, scholars, mimbers [?], mosques [?], or fellaheen [peasants] “great” by any of these standards?

I'm not sure why mosques and fellahin are included. Basic point is sound, however.

"Hibernian Anti-Semitism." By G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker, 5/6/15.

06 May 2015

The winners in Baltimore . . . and Ferguson.

The winners of this shameful display are obvious, as they always are after these riots. Local thieves, gangsters, and thugs; bourgeois white “anarchists” out on a lark; junior-high posers indulging adult-sanctioned destruction; well-heeled black politicians fanning the flames and leveraging the violence for career advancement; race-baiting vultures like Al Sharpton, and the sensationalist national media all benefitted. Most important, the false narrative of a national conspiracy of racist cops itching to murder innocent black men was yet again perpetuated by race hustlers and their progressive enablers.
"Baltimore and the Betrayal of Black Dignity. The real losers in the Freddie Gray riots." Bruce S. Thornton, FrontPage Magazine, 5/6/15.

H/t: Victor Davis Hanson.

05 May 2015

Racism – the real deal.

The real repository of racism in America—manifest in violent interracial assault, rape and murder—is to be found not in the white community, but the African-American community. In almost all interracial attacks,, whites are the victims, not the victimizers.
"The Washington Post And The Color of Crime." By Patrick J. Buchanan, VDARE.com, 8/20/07.

Not your Age of Acquarium.

What Sam Francis once predicted, the age of Ethnopolitics, is upon us. Naked racial self-interest substitutes for even the pretense of objective policy analysis. The “New Democrats” of the Bill Clinton era are banished forever, as the Democratic Establishment is now openly aligned with the anti-police and anti-white left wing radicals they once rejected.
"Democrats Are Now Officially Party Of The Criminal Class–Even Establishment Democrats Like Hillary Are On Board." By James Kirkpatrick, VDARE.com, 5/4/15.

04 May 2015

That would be us.

A nation which permits, tolerates, or welcomes tribal conflict within itself is not a nation.
Comment by Leviticus Vile.

Poster girl.

The true genius of Hillary is that she manages to epitomize every failure of our current political life: the obsessive micro-manipulation of image, the obscene moneygrubbing, the tired cronyism, the entitlement masquerading as sexual equality. Mostly, though, she has no idea where history is taking us, in case you’re wondering at the stupefying platitudes offered up as representative of her thinking.
~ Jim Kunstler.

Pearls of expression.

. . . I’ve read everything collected in [the book containing some of my essays] at least once and, in my completely objective, disinterested opinion, I can confidently say that it’s all great stuff.
~ Nicholas Stix.