26 May 2016

The three amigos.

[In Clyde Prestowitz’s 2010 The Betrayal of American Prosperity, he] notes how in 1989 and 1993, financial instruments that later played a central role in the meltdown of 2008–9 were exempted from government oversight. For instance, Greenspan was adamant about getting the government out of the way. “In fact, Greenspan largely halted the Fed’s active oversight of the banking industry.” Joined by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and his successor Lawrence Summers, “ the three mounted an aggressive campaign to halt any efforts to regulate trading of new derivative instruments.”

When measures to impose constraints on these risky trades were being considered, Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers pointedly blocked them. Also, when Brooksley Born, Chairwoman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission attempted to do her job, Summers aggressively attacked her actions. Right on cue, Greenspan, Rubin and Arthur Levitt of the Securities and Exchange Commission pressured Congress to straightjacket Born.[1]

Even now, are toxic derivatives just unregulated?

You have to have a strong stomach to delve into the world of high finance. And good luck researching any of this to try to develop something more than a skin-deep understanding of our financial and monetary recklessness.

[1] "The Big Short: Film and Book." By Edmund Connelly, Ph. D., The Occidental Observer, 5/26/16 (emphasis added).

Gavin McInnes – Trudeau apologist.

Deft humor.

"Transfer payments."

Furthermore, [Republican "strategists"] tell us non-whites will be won over to a message of “limited government,” even though polling data tells us non-whites explicitly support and want more “Big Government.” And given how the entire American government is essentially just a giant machine for transferring wealth from Whites to non-whites, they’d be crazy not to want it.
"The True Con(s)." By Gregory Hood, Radix, 5/18/16.

Searching for a new paradigm.

Once you abandon the idea that we still have a representative, constitutional republic, there's then the problem of how to acquire some clarity on the real state of affairs. Here's a pretty insightful take on reality:
What in God's name are you talking about? You know exactly [what] "globalist" and "anglo-saxon" empire mean.

"they" refers to the group of people pulling the strings behind the EU, behind TTIP, behind NAFTA, the same group of people that assert mass immigration from the 3rd world is a great idea & we should teach 6 year olds what anal sex is. "They" refers to the NWO/Bildberger/Skull & Bones, whatever name you want to give them I could care less -- "they" refers to the group of people who are attempting to consolidate power of the entire developed world into the hands of a few at the expense of the nation state.

Regrettably, "they" have convinced a bunch of low-information "do-gooders" (I think you would be more responsive to the term "Gutmenschen") that abandoning national sovereignty is a good idea, and the only way to prevent another war is for everyone to give up their identities, and clump together in some unwashed mass of indistinguishable humanity. (nvm the term Civil War, but I digress)

"They" refers to the group of people who blame nationalism for the faults in imperialism, and blame capitalism for the faults in socialism.

"They" refers to the group of people who assert that all people are the same, and the only reason that there is wealth inequality in the world is due to white people's greed & colonialism.

"They" refers to the group of people who control the media, the banks, most westerns national governments & drive and control national dialogue. These "they" people would rather burn Western Civilization to the ground and control the world, than lose control.

These "they" people are the first group of tyrants in history that are willing to slit the throats of their own population, en masse, intentionally destroying their own history, culture & value systems in order to destroy those that have the cultural and genetic intellect to prevent them from attaining control, or taking it away once they have it, in order to maintain their own control.

These "they" people are the exact opposite of the Monarchies in Europe that so many fought to overthrow ... they are worse. At least the Monarchies deployed their militaries to fend off foreign invasions from other parts of the world ... today the exact opposite happens ... militaries are deployed to help these people invade our ancestral homes. Don't forget Ghordo ... white Western Europeans have lived here for tens of thousands of years.

These "they" people are the ones that have destroyed Western European birth rates, while simultaneously building a welfare system which requires exponential population growth, and then attempts to supplement the difference with third worlders as the only way to preserve the defective welfare state they themselves constructed..

These "they" people call evil what is good, and good what is evil. They seek to destroy the beautiful in favor of the ugly. They seek to tell groups of people they are more than they are and others they are less than they are. The demonize those who are proud of who they are and where they are from, and hold out as examples those who are willing to sacrifice their own identities for a new one.

These "they" people seek to abolish the rules of supply & demand, and replace it with coerced egalitarianism.

These "theys" make it impossible for seemingly normal people to act in self-preserving manners. These "theys" have made "equality" their new God at the expense of common sense, reason & logic.

These "theys" seek to undo the Renaissance that gave birth to such things as the idea of private property rights, freedom of speech & freedom of religion.

These "theys" will destroy all of us. They will come after people like me first, and then turn in on the low-information "Gutmenschen" thereafter.

These people, the "theys" are Wolfs. The average idiot is a "sheep" ... people like myself are the "sheep dogs."

You know exactly who I was referring to when I said "they" ... but I just wanted to make sure I was abundantly clear.

If you think those of us who disagree with "they" are going to go quietly into the night ... you are gravely mistaken.[1]

[1] Comment by Haus-Targaryen on "Mad About Rigged Elections? Mainstream Media Says 'You' Are The Problem." By Claire Bernish, Zero Hedge, May 23, 2016. Originally at TheAntiMedia.org.

25 May 2016

World-class gall.

H/t: Washington Free Beacon.

David Stockman interview on Cavuto today.

  • At least [Trump] recognizes that 19 trillion of debt is more than we can live with, that if we continue down this path it will be 30 billion within a decade.
  • It think he at least has some sense that debt can be dangerous.
  • So, my point is, one way or another, with outright default some day down the road if we keep going this way or inflationary default, we can't live with this debt.
  • Whoever is elected will inherit a recession.
  • We've got a deflationary recession emerging everywhere in the world.
  • Japan is an old age colony sinking into the sea.
  • China is a massive speculative mania that's going to collapse any day.
  • We have been living beyond our means for 30 years.
  • We have more junk bonds than ever before.
  • We're just drifting as we have in the past and sooner or later you hit the wall.

Jeff Kuhner on the mafia state.

I'd never heard of Bill Kuhner who's a talk show host on Boston's WRKO-AM680. A commenter at Zero Hedge indicated he'd weighed in on Trump's raising the issue of the suspicious death of Vince Foster. I checked out the podcast in question and was most interested in all that he had to say. Kuhner bills himself as "Liberalism's Worst Nightmare" and lives up to that.

I'll not go into detail as the Clinton scandals are a bottomless pit. Nonetheless, Kuhner has a lot of common sense and has some interesting details to add to the Foster case of which I was unaware. And I say that as someone who avidly followed the Foster death and all the Clinton scandals at the time.

There's a lot of stuff out there competing for your attention but I recommend his May 24, 2016 show to you. I think it's a distillation of a lot of what gushes over us indicating that all is not well with the Republic. Just catch the first part of the show where he goes into detail on the real reason for Hillary's odiferous "speaking fees" and Canada's strange contributions thereto.

The most important lesson to be drawn from this presidential campaign is the extent to which it has now become clear that the Treason Class has been running the country into the ground with complete and utter indifference to the wishes and interests of We the People. Not for nothing does Kuhner refer to the U.S. as the mafia state and his callers get that.

May 24, show here: "Hillary's Other Scandal: Corporate America Owns her. 5/24/16."

Pearls of expression.


[CNN's] Jake tapper lists 6 different investigations [of the death of Vince Foster] over 4 years and says they all concluded suicide, so Trump is wrong.

Why would anyone need 6 different investigations of a simple suicide?

CNN says found dead in a park, secret service report says "dead in car" - 200 yards away. Make up yur minds....

greenskeeper carl:

It definitely isn't because there is anything actually there. I heard the other day that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy to get the Clinton's that has nothing at all to do with any wrongdoings on their part.

"CNN Lashes Out At Trump Over Vince Foster "Conspiracy", Rushes To Hillary's Defense." By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 5/24/16.

23 May 2016

When taxes become illegitimate.

On the Panama Papers:
Why can’t tax evasion be a legitimate form of self defense? In some countries and circumstances, it is.

Despite what politicians want us to believe, tax havens exist because some countries have been turned into tax hellholes by officials bent on “social justice” and “income redistribution.” Sometimes, those same politicians top the list of “offshore” account holders trying to evade taxes.[1]

Durden list three principles of taxation identified by Adam Smith, namely that rates ought not to be so high as to stimulate evasion, taxes ought to be for purposes that taxpayers agree on, and politicians should handle tax receipts without corruption. Polities that ignore these principles will generate evasion and rebellion. (He refers to a fourth Smith principle but I missed it if he specified what it is in this article. Stay away from ancient methods of enforcement through murder and torture?)

Of course, the people exposed in the Panama Papers could just as easily have been seeking to conceal the fruits of their corruption. Some people may have been seeking to escape high rates but not all.

[1] "Guess What Occupation Is Most Frequently Cited In The Panama Papers?" By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 5/22/16 (emphasis in original removed).

Why Bernie resonates.

But in the current state of public opinion where people accept and demand – as Walter Lippmann would say– a large government that administers their affairs for them instead of a government that administers justice among men who conduct their own affairs, it is at best an anachronism to invoke the wise old [Adam] Smith [on the question of taxation].
"Guess What Occupation Is Most Frequently Cited In The Panama Papers?" By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 5/22/16.