23 April 2014

Pyongyang on the Thames.

If one reads some UK socio-history, one can empathize totally with the plight of the downtrodden through the centuries, and here I am thinking of the battles of such as The Tolpuddle martyrs, the reform act and the chartists, all of it makes for fascinating reading but......when I read of these notable events - I thought - interesting but nonetheless history, 'we live in much more enlightened times' went the comforting reverie.

Often, no, actually all the time now I lie awake - from storm ridden dreams, a nightmare coalesces and like some grotesque incubus it is now made flesh....

How far have we travelled, not far, not far at all. Because once very mistakenly I always believed in the unchallengeable, redoubtable sovereignty and freedom of our legislature and the supreme equity of British common law statute as the bulwark which would defend the rights of all free men who lived within the borders of this nation.

I have now reached the conclusion that all of last paragraph is delusional hogwash on my part, the ratchet, the laws that bind - holds us tight and that the vice is harder than steel.

I read the above piece [blog post] written by you Ms. Synon and I posit, it matters not who is installed in the 'hotseats' of power in the EU - there is not a snowballs' chance in hell of the British being allowed any freedom, rights or indeed challenge to the authority of our 'blessed leaders' and they may as well inhabit Pyongyang - so similar and distant are they.

The EU Parliament is frilly panties burlesque, even with Barosso gone, fret ye not because another inanely grinning muppet will sit in his place and the ship just glides imperiously on and on. Evidently, the course and the charts are already set and read - for, behind the scenes the script has been written and there is nothing democracy and any sort of democratic process - can do about it.

The leviathan that is known as, Empire of Brussels will not be halted and it will be forever, unless................

It will rain war on Europe.

Comment by Ravenscar on "Brussels' New Top Dogs and 'The United Nations Without The Sex.’” By M.E. Synon, Breitbart, 4/22/14.

A fundamentally stupid man.

Then came Obama, who brought it [the leftist garbage] all back to life again.

All of it -- the dream of a green economy, the dream of universal pacifism, of a degraded and defeated United States, of a middle class subservient to its intellectual betters, of a universal nanny state, of the conviction that the leftist delusion is intertwined with the basic nature of reality itself. It became once more possible to believe in the coming socialist dawn that had motivated leftists since 1917.

This is the secret of Obama’s appeal, and the explanation of the long-pondered mystery of what he’s really up to, what his actual goal is. The truth is, there is no goal. Or rather, the goal, the plan, involves simply lighting up all those bereft and chilly bubbles abiding in major urban areas, college towns, and fringes along each coast. That is the ultimate goal, and there is nothing coherent or comprehensible beyond it. A fundamentally stupid man, one who time and again has demonstrated complete lack of understanding of the world as it exists, Obama is as enrapt with illusion as his followers.

Obama is Bursting the Left's Bubbles." By J.R. Dunn, American Thinker, 4/23/14.

Way of life.

Leftism is a hyperbubble in and of itself, consisting of nearly as many sub-bubbles as there are leftists (it has long been understood that leftism is essentially the politicization of petty personal grievances). Living in leftist bubbles -- whether feminist, racial, academic, communist, or what have you -- amounts to a way of life for millions of Americans.
"Obama is Bursting the Left's Bubbles." By J.R. Dunn, American Thinker, 4/23/14.

05 April 2014

80,000,000 slaughtered by Jesuits and Presbyterians.

Rampaging patriarchal Christian zealots lay waste to Indian subcontinent in pursuit of profit, exploitation and privilege:

By India Hidden News. Date unknown.

02 April 2014

The "United States Problem."

The central committee [of the Chinese Communist Party] believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparations appear to aim at Taiwan, but in fact [are] aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.
~ August 2005 speech by former Chinese Defense Minister CHI Haotian.[1]

So China is itching for a fight that will solve the "United States problem." In one blow, no less.

And, in the U.S., over eight years later, the putative president obsesses over the abdominal snow job of ObamaCare, radical defense cuts, harassment of Tea Party political organizations, homosexuals in the military, queer marriage, sexual harassment in the military, debasing the currency, hampering of oil and gas production, bogus catastrophic AGW, and expedited importation of hostile foreigners by the boatload to solve our critical Vibrancy Problem.

Keeps me up at night, anyway. Lack of vibrancy.

The possibility of a sudden Chinese military invasion still seems fanciful even to this writer with his now finely-honed and medication-attenuated alarmism. However, that (invasion) is not the only option of the ambitious, unelected, pissed-off Communist kleptocrats who appear not to have domestic problems of any kind. Any time is a good time to ramp up the saber rattling, I suppose, and wars always work out just they way they are planned.

Known fact.

So, yes, let's exhort the commie faithful on how easy it will be to deliver a knockout blow to the Paper Tiger.

A la Pearl Harbor.

Fortunately, "mutual destruction" is still the operative term vis-a-vis Chinese nuclear war calculations, and, one hopes, calculations involving non- or small scale-nuclear exotica whose development has been facilitated by aggressive Chinese theft of technology (3,000 front companies in the U.S.).

In an earlier time in the U.S. citizens might have been assured of competent preparation and execution of strategic defense plans, but no longer.

Considering who's minding the store these days, that won't change, and your generic concerned citizen has cause for despair. Despair not just because of the absurd cast of characters who are our current political "leaders" but a yet deeper despair at the realization of fundamental flaws baked in to the cake of bourgeois Western society:

The liberal-bourgeois order was flawed at its inception by the relentless logic of democracy, by the anarchy of political parties, by the demagogy of politicians, by a belief in progress, and by the leveling power of equality. Society has become soft, feminine – incoherent to the point of disintegration. This is not merely the work of recent decades, but of recent centuries.[2]

[1] Quoted in "Further War Preparations?" By J.R. Nyquist, JRNyquist.com, 4/1/14 (my underlining, Mr. Nyquist's brackets).
[2] Id.

UPDATE (4/3/14):

I decided to read the whole speech of this man Chi. Parts of it seem right out of The Onion and the parts that aren't show Chi to be one stellar psychotic monster.

I note that the publisher of this alleged speech says its authorship can't be verified. Nonetheless, I'll leave this post up for the value there is in the opening quotation and the entire speech linked to immediately above.

That value is in getting Westerners to consider that the Chinese might be using their enormous new wealth to prepare for more than just using some muscle in their immediate vicinity to grab possible new energy sources.

And perhaps in getting Westerners to reflect on the actual ineffectual leadership we have, in particular with respect to how it might deal with the problem of China if even a small part of the thinking evident in this speech is representative of Chinese thinking. It's bad enough that we see that leadership fumbling and dissembling in areas that are relatively low-stakes areas, Ukraine excepted. If the "actual" in these areas is as bad as it is, we should consider that the "probable" with respect to a serious challenger like China is likely to be catastrophic.

Not that we shouldn't reduce our armed forces to pre-WWII levels. I'm certainly not saying THAT.

If the speech is questionable, so be it. However, that would not establish that China is to be trusted or that it is our pal, or anyone's pal. Even this kind of possible fiction should be reflected in our military contingency planning.

27 March 2014

Secular fantasy.

You poor, dumb, deluded [Keynesian] fools. You've destroyed our economy, our values and our ability to deal with reality. Your faith is as boundless and disconnected from the real world as your policies.
Who could have foreseen that seeds that sprouted in the ancient Greek mind would one day bear fruit not in a nation rigorously devoted to conforming national policies to the dictates of reason but in one in the thrall of economic fantasies dangerously detached from reality?

Fantasies that are every bit as chimerical as witches, space aliens, leprechauns, and GOP devotion to American citizens rather than foreigners?

"Dear Keynesians: Your Sad Devotion to Your Failed Religion Hasn't Conjured Up a Recovery--Here's Why." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 3/27/14.

Poisonous, secular, fact-free visionaries.

This “We believe” [fanciful thinking] being more persuasive than visible facts has pushed the world into one human disaster after another. It is even worse than one group being led by their scripture to hold everyone not subscribing to the same creed as enemy who ought to be eradicated. This group [of Christians] at least still has a sense for self-preservation, while the incorrigible addicts of the multiculti drug can’t see the hand before their eyes, let alone what’s coming their way and what is said about them in the mosques. We would abandon them if we didn’t know we’d be going down with the ship. What a feeling, to be dependent on people who happily sacrifice their next of kin to some distant idol.
Comment by K. from Germany on "Witch-Hunt Against Wilders." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 3/26/14.

26 March 2014

The pathology of power.

What behaviors does our Status Quo reward? Misrepresentation, obfuscation, legalized looting, embezzlement, fraud, a variety of cons, gaming the system, deviousness, lying and cleverly designed deceptions.[1]
After 30 minutes, off the top of my head mostly:
  • Misrepresentation – "Common Core," affirmative action, "underprivileged," "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period." Any legislative or administrative action with the word "reform" in it.
  • Obfuscation – "What difference does it make?", "comprehensive immigration reform."
  • Legalized looting – Civil forfeiture laws, most welfare but especially welfare for undocumented Democrats, attorney compensation in class action and personal injury lawsuits, the Sixteenth Amendment (federal income tax).
  • Embezzlement – Congressional Post Office scandal (1991–1995).
  • Fraud – Immigration Reform Act of 1965, funding and staffing levels of Border Patrol, Obama birth certificate on White House website, Obama constitutionally qualified for presidency, U.S. "job creation" efforts, federal crime statistics that lump Hispanics with whites as perpetrators of crime but separate the two when reporting victims of crime.
  • A variety of cons – "Structural racism," "legacy of slavery," "Responsibility to protect," "Arab Spring," "nation building," Cash for Clunkers, anthropogenic global warming, war on coal, XL Pipeline "study" delays, dishonest delays regarding authorization of permits for oil and gas exploration on public lands, gun control, Supreme Court decisions on the Commerce Clause, the federal "right" to an abortion.
  • Gaming the system – Pigford, Solyndra, outrageous public employee pensions, voter fraud.
  • Deviousness – "Hate" speech, Military intervention in Syria through Benghazi CIA Annex operations, major U.S. efforts to bring down Ukrainian government.
  • Lying and cleverly designed deceptions – "Diversity is our strength," "propositional nation," "Voter suppression," "white privilege," use of term "youths" to disguise black on white crime, "affordable" care, ObamaCare as precursor to socialized medicine, "single payer" health care system disguising socialized medicine objective.
[1] "Does Our System Select for Incompetent Sociopaths?" By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 3/26/14.

25 March 2014

Interesting precedent.

I wish Wilders would point out to the Dutch people, that the Algerian muslims in 1961 forced out the unwanted christians and jews from that country, saying to them: “choose the suitcase or the coffin”. History does not even bother to record this event, which happened within the lifetime of millions of living Dutch people.
Comment by Joe on "To the Last Gasp, I Will Always Let My Voice Be Heard." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna 3/25/14.

24 March 2014

Golden age.

For smart blacks and browns, neurotic whites, middle class females, homosexuals, people with disabilities and pimps and hedonists of numerous forms, this is truly a golden age.
Comment by com contrarian on "31 Flavors of Fascism." By Jim Goad, Taki’s Magazine, 3/17/14.