01 September 2015

Birds of a feather.

“Eric Cantor doesn’t represent you,” Brat bluntly warned. “He represents large corporations seeking a never-ending supply of cheap foreign labor. He doesn’t care about how this will affect your livelihood, your schools, your tax bills or your kids’ chances of finding a job.” [1]
Cantor had his ass handed to him in 2014 by Dave Brat.

Cantor supported:

  • the DREAM Act for illegal alien students,
  • "huge" H-1B visa increases, and
  • "massive" immigration expansions.

Cantor was supported by:

  • the Blackstone Group ($65,500),
  • Goldman Sachs ($26,000),
  • Oracle ($25,000), and
  • the American Chemistry Council.

Cantor has now endorsed Jeb Bush.

[1] "Jeb Bush Endorsed By Eric Cantor: Poster Boy of the Beltway GOP Crapweasels." By Michelle Malkin, Vdare.com, 9/1/15.

Timeless wisdom.

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Deport him, and you won't have to feed him or his anchor babies ever again.
~ Comment by Publicus on Zero Hedge .

29 August 2015

Disaster averted.

Scene: Lamar Municipal Airport, Lamar, Missouri.

Jake, the maintenance man: "Vic, I've got all the brushes and paint I need now. First thing tomorrow, I'm going to repaint the lines on the runway."

Victor, the mayor of Lamar: "Hold on, Jake. Let's not do that just yet. We've got to wait till we have Comprehensive National Transportation Reform first."

Jake: "Ouch! What was I thinking? Of course. There're the revival of the national passenger rail system and the replacement of our deteriorating interstate highways and bridges to consider as well. For a moment there, I was just going to go ahead and paint the runway."

Victor: "That was a close call, Jake. That's why I'm the mayor and you're the maintenance guy. Put the paint somewhere where it won't freeze in the winter."

Stop Trump hysteria.

Third in a series. There is desperation out there and the anti-Trump rhetoric is white hot:
  • Horrific venom spews from his mouth -- Janet Allon, AlterNet, 8/22/15.
  • Inspires horrors -- Janet Allon, AlterNet, 8/22/15.
  • Used provoking or reproachful words – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • Refused to apologize – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • Openly boasted in the Republican presidential debate in early August that “I have taken advantage of the laws of this country,” to further his business interests, which is a good description of fraud – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • Battled lawsuits from students at Trump University who have accused him of fraud – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15. The horror.
  • Openly spoke of purchasing influence with U.S. government officials with campaign contributions – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15. The horror.
  • Happily participated in a broken, corrupt system – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • "[T]urned cruelty and verbal abuse towards employees into a reality TV show, popularizing employer arrogance and coarsening the workplace" – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15 (link omitted).
  • "[R]epeatedly called all politicians 'stupid,' and president Obama 'incompetent'” – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15. Say that it is not so!
  • "[D]ismissed John McCain’s military service and mocked his five years’ of captivity in North Vietnam" – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • "[T]he walking embodiment of conduct unbecoming a gentleman. He violates this article every time he opens his mouth, especially when he speaks of women." – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15. Every darn time.
  • Military wouldn’t let him in – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • "If he were in ROTC, he wouldn’t graduate." – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • "No soldier would follow Trump into battle, and no officer would give him loyalty." – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15. Not one.
  • "[A] vulgar, crass, ungentlemanly frat boy who gleefully participates in, and perpetuates, the corruption and degeneracy of American politics." – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • "He coarsens public life, and he is unqualified to command the finest military in the world." – Paul David Miller, The Federalist, 8/24/15.
  • “This kind of [Trump] garbage only appeals to the hard core … while alienating the soft middle that we must win in order to take the presidency.” – U/I Iowa Republican quoted by Howard Kurtz, FoxNews, 8/24/15.
  • Trump’s bombastic style, and occasionally over-the-top pronouncements – Kurtz, FoxNews, 8/24/15.
  • Brags about buying and selling politicians – Rand Paul, Daily Caller, 8/23/15.
  • "A fake conservative, because he has been on every side of every issue in the last five years." – Rand Paul, Daily Caller, 8/23/15.
  • A fake, bully, empty suit – Rand Paul, Daily Caller, 8/23/15.
  • Off-color remarks about women and minorities – Justin Gest, Reuters, 8/24/15.
  • A "wrecking ball” – Lindsey Graham.
  • The Bouffant Bruiser – Philip Bump, Washington Post, 8/27/15.
  • Unelectable – Roger Ailes, Breitbart, 8/25/15.
  • Talks about China “the way Hitler used to talk about the Jews” – Bill Maher, Breitbart, 8/28/15 (Most Scurrilous Comment Award for August 2015).
Some insight into this anti-Trump hysteria:
Cuckservatives both here and in Western Europe have erected a cordon sanitaire around a more authentic Right. They continue to attack it as unacceptably populist or even “fascist” as they are doing now with Trump. They are joined by both major corporations and the entire force of the cultural Left who work together to vilify and marginalize those who don’t make the ideological cut.[1]
Donald Trump has single-handedly upset the applecart of official blather about immigration, the style of diction that Steve Sailer has called, quote, "comically mercenary fraud covered up by pious cant." The apples are rolling all over the street now, and the faithful minions of Chambers of Commerce racketeers, foreign governments, globalist bankers, and ethnic lobbyists are scurrying and squealing all over trying to get them back in the cart.[2]
[1]  "Jean Jaures And Donald Trump: A New Dissident Right Taking Shape In France And America?" By Paul Gottfried, Vdare.com, 8/22/15.
[2] "Ann Coulter vs. Bill Maher, Luis Gutierrez, Some Black Lady And A Bernie Sanders Rally Audience…Guess Who Won?..." By John Derbyshire, Vdare.com, 8/21/15.

28 August 2015

Signs of the times.

  • Pro-communist, pro-Muslim, undocumented, constitutionally-unqualified freak still president of the United States of America.[1]
  • Lesbian author gets papal blessing...[2]
  • Black homosexual loser kills two, injures one because of bruised ego, desire for revenge.[3]
  • Homo Fergusoniens riots flare over death of black thief one year ago.[4]
  • U.S. southern border still wide open to third-world invaders after 30+ years.[5]
  • British whites in the Superdome targeted for violence by blacks in 2005.[6]
  • Sydney, Australia Schools Becoming Anglo Ghettos.[7]
  • France Prepares for Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities.[8]
  • "Black Lives Matter" blacks horrified by idea that white lives matter.[9]
  • Jorge Ramos: “Trump Offers Horror, A White Utopia Without Migrants.”[10]
  • Pope calls unbridled capitalism dung of the devil.[11]
  • Unbridled capitalism: Venezuela’s Food Shortages Trigger Long Lines, Hunger and Looting.[12]
  • Universal offering money for private security for theaters during the opening weekend for “Straight Outta Compton.”[13]
  • Farrakhan calls for 10,000 fearless black Koranic rataliators to "solve" problem of oppressor whites selling blacks killer hamburgers.[14]
  • PAPER: Urine in San Francisco streets corroding metal light poles...[15]

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27 August 2015

Mass deportation.

If a hundred people violate a just law, then the enforcement of the law against a hundred people is moral. Likewise, if a million people violate a just law, then the enforcement of the law against a million people is moral. And if eleven million people violate a just law, then the enforcement of the law against eleven million people is moral. Thus, if eleven million people (the most frequently cited number) are violating the United States' immigration laws, then the enforcement of the immigration laws, and the deportation of eleven million people, is moral.
"The Morality of Mass Deportation." By Paul Pauker, American Thinker, 8/24/15.


At the end of the day, ZIRP is really not even a monetary policy. In fact, it constitutes a giant, capricious transfer of income and wealth by an agency of the state
to borrowers and gamblers at the expense of savers and producers

Indeed, not a net dime of the massive $3.5 trillion of new liabilities created on the Fed’s balance sheet during that period ever escaped the canyons of Wall [Street].

* * * *

The truth is, the Fed’s endless blathering about its 2% inflation target is a colossal hoax. In the first place there is no evidence whatsoever that real output and wealth increase faster at 2.0% inflation than they do at 1.0%—-or at any inflation rate at all. In fact [notwithstanding?], the Fed’s claim that it is still well shy of achieving its inflation target is the overriding reason why it keeps shoving zero cost credit into the money market.

[Big snip discussing BLS fictitious construct called Owner’s Equivalent Rent (OER) to represent housing costs and showing that if "honest commercial data" are factored into the standard BLS "medicated" consumer price index a different inflation rate is evident.]

In short, it’s kind of hard to say that 45% inflation in 15 years is not enough. Yet the official CPI adjusted for an accurate housing inflation rate computes to 2.5% per annum.

* * * *

In truth, all of the Fed’s gumming about the so-called inflation shortfall is just ritual incantation. The real reason it doesn’t raise rates is that it fears that the first rate increase in nearly a decade will trigger a Wall Street hissy fit.
"Can Kickers United—–Why It’s Getting Downright Hazardous Out There." By David Stockman, 8/25/15.

Photo credits: The Smarter Wallet; Inbound Sales Network; Ghana Witch Doctor.

26 August 2015

Oh yes we are.

That’s why the rest of the candidates should be scared. To get these crowds for Bush or Walker or Kasich, you would have to round up the people at gun point. Even then, you would
probably have to lock the gates to keep the people from fleeing the arena once the dreary dullard started talking. Those people at the Trump rally are not buying what the GOP is selling, even if they may not be sold on Trump as a candidate.[1]
The Z Man wrote a very good article about Trump and made a very good point about the "collapse of the middle," but even so he exhibits that "he's not a really serious candidate" condescension.

Is there any other candidate we DO agree with completely, for gosh sakes? And Trump is not a serious candidate but those other presidential wannabes ARE?!

How is it clear to every pundit but me that these other contenders

  1. are not mouthing platitudes and talking points,
  2. are not praying like hell that no one asks them a substantive question, and
  3. have a white paper in their back pockets on all major issues?

What's the Rubio (ineligible) position on Chinese currency manipulation? The Bush position on Agenda 21? The Kasich position on the Supreme Court's dishonest decision on Obamacare and sodomite "marriage"? The Graham position on voter ID? The Huckabee position on the undeclared war on Syria and demonization of Vladimir Putin? The Paul position on the Court's dishonest expansion of the Commerce Clause and Congress's complicity therein? The Cruz (ineligible) position on the incompatibility of Islam's death penalty for apostasy with the Constitution and with the oath of naturalization?

I like Kathleen's comment on this same article:

I’ve always said that Shrillary wasn’t going to be the nominee. Glad everyone’s catching up with me. So both parties are in chaos now. Good. Shoving Leftist big-government policies and open-border cultural suicide immigration down our collective throats has not had the desired reaction for the ruling class. Excuse us Great Unwashed peons as we vomit up this forced feeding. And that’s why Trump is popular. He’s a giant FU to the establishment wing of both parties.
Yes, indeed. That is what he is and may he live long and prosper.

Fisk all the other mealy-mouthed candidates who would turn white as a ghost at the mention of the words "deport them all!"

[1] "Something’s Happening Here." By The Z Man, 8/22/15.

Lightweight. Compliant. Beloved of the elite.

. . . Obama, completely a creation of collective racial neuroses and perceptions disconnected from the reality of the man’s mediocre achievements.
"Donald Trump and the Other Class Warfare. When democratic masses tire of being condescended to." By Bruce S. Thornton, FrontPage Magazine, 8/26/15.

H/t: Victor Davis Hanson. .

Modern socialism.

The deliberate policies of Western leaders to destroy their own countries by means of lunatic mass immigration in aid of "multiculturalism" are astonishing. Nothing like it has ever been seen.

Tiberge has an interesting take on this as a comment to a 2011 article on Dominique Strauss-Kahn's adventure in New York. She makes the point that Diana West makes in her book American Betrayal, namely, that socialism and communism are deeply entrenched in the West and they rule.

We are a long way from Burkean conservatism in the U.S. and the ruling class is 100% in favor of the constitutional destruction and statist transformation that have been the hallmark characteristics of the last 70 years:



Since at least the 60's/70's that politicians have been promising to halt immigration! POLITICIANS ARE COHORTS OF CAPITALISTS! CAPISTALISTS WANT MASS IMMIGRATION TO SCREW PEOPLE'S SALARIES, ETC.


@ anonymous

Everything you say is doubly true of Socialists. Today, there is no national capitalism, geared to the enrichment of a nation. It is global capitalism, dependent on vast waves of immigrants moving around, taking jobs and welfare subsidies, and, through the weapons of anti-racist policies and political correctness, driving fear into the hearts of anyone who criticizes them. If you don't like immigrants, you are a racist.

The authentic nationalists/patriots/traditionalists are now relegated to a lepers' colony. Socialist capitalism is prevailing and DSK is a good example.

Capitalism, in and of itself, is not connected to a political ideology, but in earlier times, Socialists took an anti-capitalist stand in the name of equality of distribution of wealth. But now that has changed. It is the Socialists who hold the power to distribute wealth. In order to survive they have to silence and disable the older order, based on individual effort and private enterprise.

Socialist policies are not necessarily evil when they are geared to the needs of a specific nation, provided there is enough free enterprise, freedom of speech and personal motivation to self-improvement. But when they are geared to the destruction of that nation and to population replacement, then they become evil.

There are of course many on the "Right" who also participating in this dismantling of the older order because they want cheap labor. In view of the general civilizational crisis, I cannot regard these people as authentic conservatives or even as capitalists in the older sense. They are "libertarians" in the sense of "greed is good."

Comments on "A Statue for Steven Lane?" By Tiberge, Gallia Watch, 5/20/11.