24 September 2006

Mass grave near Kiev, Ukraine.

Friends, at any time in history there are regiments of people who care nothing for liberty, kindness, or beauty. These kinds of people can commit enormous crimes with indifference at best, implacable hatred at worst.

The following is only a snapshot of what can happen if decent people do not unite against such people and commit to defeating them, even at the cost of their lives. These official murders really did happen:

A Ukrainian government commission has concluded that thousands of people buried in a mass grave outside Kiev were killed during Stalin's purges, not by Nazi soldiers.

The commission's conclusion supports the testimony of elderly witnesses in the nearby village of Bykovnia, who said they saw trucks dripping blood en route to the site in the 1930's, before the Nazis occupied the area.

Unofficial estimates put the number of bodies in the grave at 200,000 to 300,000.
"Mass graves uncovered in Bukovyna, Ukraine -- it wasn't the Nazis, after all." By Aussiegirl, Ultima Thule, 9/18/06.

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