23 April 2007

Disneyworld race relations.

Conservative Beach Girl has posted an inspired warning about the Liberal-Socialist agenda. She also penned a suggested speech for Barack Obama that would establish him as a candidate who will not stoop to cheap race politics.

It's only make believe, of course, but it's sad to realize that Mr. Obama won't give anything like that speech at any time in the rest of his life. Given a chance to do something extraordinary as a man of both races, it's a certainty he will choose the path of expediency.

We are talking about American presidential politics, are we not? The politics where Al Sharptoon is welcome on the dais with the leading Democrat presidential contenders?

"Barack Hussein Obama - passing for black?" By Conservative Beach Girl, 4/22/07.

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Beach Girl said...

Thank you! [Liked your comment at Eternity Road by the way] I asked Francis why he didn't start with something difficult. :)

Yes, I liked my "speech" so well I passed it on to Fred Thompson - adaptations needed of course.

Nice working / writing with you.