25 April 2007

New neologism needed now.

The situation in Britain is ridiculous and contemptible. Some left-wing people--it's a bit insulting to the left to call them that . . . see someone with a grievance who hasn't got white skin and they think, Well, we must have done something really horrible to them. There's this masochistic view that we can't be right about anything. The woozy left has made itself an apologist for a creedal wave that is racist, misogynist, homophobic, totalitarian, imperialist and genocidal. But at least they're not white!

"The Guardian is a great paper, but they print Osama Bin Laden on the op-ed page with a byline. . . . And I've said Islamismophobia is not the right word, either, because a phobia is an irrational or exaggerated fear and it is neither irrational nor exaggerated to fear a movement that wants you dead and has said it wants you dead. This great gust of irrationality coming from the Middle East, we meet it with another gust of irrationality."
Even this clarification requires work. "Islamismophobia," as Mr. Amis calls it, need not signify fear, whether rational or irrational.

We need another word that doesn't have "phobia" in it but conveys the idea of "disdain for."

That's the word we need.

Kingsley Amis quoted in "Famous Amis." By Amy Finnerty, Wall Street Journal Online, 4/25/07 (emphasis added).

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