27 April 2007


The hysterical, obsessive hatred of Israel by Muslims endures decade after decade.

Why this sick focus?

The legitimacy of any other government's sovereign authority over real estate taken or held by sheer military force is never questioned. How many voices condemns China's takeover of Tibet, let alone keep up an incessant criticism of its continued occupation? Who calls for Turkey to relinquish its control of portions of Cyprus? Who calls for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to have its control over Arabia restored? Who demands the return of Karelia to Finland?

But Israel is a different proposition and it's military control and consequent sovereign authority over Israel is and forever will be debatable and illegitimate. The entire world concedes this point to the Muslims.
FP: You have introduced a new concept: "Palestinianism." What does it mean exactly?

Bat Ye'or: I think that it is, precisely, "Palestinianism" which is at the root of Europe's decadence. It is an ideology based on a replacement theology whereby Palestine replaces Israel. As it has been conceived and instigated together by European and Arab intellecttuals and politicians, it combines the worst of both cultures. For the Arab and Muslim world, Palestinianism embodies the ideology and aims of jihad against a rebellious dhimmi people. It is therefore based on a Muslim culture and theology that deny territorial independence and sovereignty to any non-Muslim people.
Thus, Muslim hatred of Jews and the Jews' control over "Palestine" tells us a great deal about the Muslim mindset. It is, friends, an "indicator."

The reason Muslims take this position is rooted deeply in basic Muslim ideology. As virtually the entire Muslim world affirms "Palestinism," that world must be seen as adhering to the underlying concept: no political sovereignty of non-Muslims is conceivable. Israeli control over Israel is transitory and illegitimate. And . . . ominously, European control over Europe is transitory and illegitimate. Non-Muslim control over any territory is but a mistake awaiting eventual correction by the forces of Allah.

"The Palestinianization of Europe." By Jamie Glazov, FrontPageMagazine.com, 4/26/07 (emphasis added). Interview of Bat Ye'or, "the world's foremost authority on dhimmitude. Her latest study is Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. . . . ."

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