10 May 2007

Border "life" along the uncontrolled border.

Christi points out that the following was testimony from EIGHT years ago:
The occasional illegal alien has grown to literally thousands crossing every night. . . . We live in constant fear of being robbed, assaulted or worse. We must remain armed at all times because border bandits prey upon the helpless within close proximity of our homes, and armed drug smugglers transport drugs past in the night. We are like prisoners in our own homes.

My parents or someone must remain on the property at all times to guard against foreign invaders. An 81-year-old neighbor who is a widow has been burglarized approximately fifty times. Another one has had his homeowners insurance canceled.

The area along our Mexican border has become a no-man’s land, where lawlessness prevails. Criminals . . . rape, rob, and beat their own countrymen and others, with impunity. . . .

My property values have declined to the point where I owe more than what it can be sold. I can’t begin to convey to you the feelings of helplessness, frustration, and fear that has overcome border residents. . . . [T]he U.S. Government allows [illegal border crossings] to go on and the Mexican government encourages citizens to migrate illegally.

Some aliens rights groups shout racism when the issue of establishing control of our borders is brought forth. I ask you, what is it about race that entitles a person to sneak across our border, violate our laws, destroy my property and take advantage of the benefits we have set aside for our citizens and legal residents?
Statement of Larry Vance, Rancher, Douglas, Ariz., Chairman, Cochise County Concerned Citizens, before the Illegal Immigration Issues Hearing of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims (6/10/99). Quoted in "Senate Poising To Cut and Run From Our Border." By Christi King, CommonSenseAmerica, 5/10/07.

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Christi said...

Too bad our 'representatives' in Washington don't listen to the American people.

Thanks for the link, Colonel.