18 May 2007

"No" to Mexican colonization of the U.S.

Dateline: Somewhere in Alien-Occupied America.

As of 2352 hrs. GMT, May 18, 2007, the results of the LouDobbs.com poll asking this question: Do you believe that the U.S. border with Mexico should be certified as secure before even considering changing any part of U.S. immigration law?

94% -- yes.
6% -- no.
Responses -- 6361.

Good for Mr. Dobbs asking why the Senate couldn't just come up with something that takes care of the border problem without posturing or complicating the issue. His exact words I can't recall. He also wondered why Sen. Reid (D-NV) was so all fire hot to have the Senate vote on this by next Friday.

I've been frustrated by the failure to take care of the border first, last and always. That's Step One and devil take the hindmost once we turn our attention inward to deal with the disaster caused by prior weakness and sloth.

That's Step Two of the problem -- dealing with the massive, illegal immigrant invasion that's already taken place.

The president and all the other politicians fail to protect America's national interests by falsely proclaiming the need for a "comprehensive" solution to the problem of illegal immigration. Huh?

They mean, of course, a "simultaneous" solution that ties border control to amnesty.

There has been dismal failure to control the border in the past as witness the absence of the 700 miles of fence promised in 2006 and the net drain on Border Patrol resources caused by the sometime presence of National Guard there.

That was all pure grandstanding and there's simply no reason to trust what any of these people say about any controls that "will" be put in place. Proof of control is the first order of business and it just hasn't materialized.

Since the politicians have been indifferent to control there's no reason to assume the recent zillion-page legislation is a departure from past deliberate policies. Fool me twice, why don't you!

Ergo, the jewel in the crown of this instance of legislative upchuck is the amnesty provision, which was the point all along.

Any Senator who votes for this bill, regardless of party or past assistance to anti-immigration forces, should not receive the vote of any patriotic American in 2008.

This is major legislation that makes the Democrat party positively swoon with delight at all the new Dem voters they can enlist. It's bad enough that the Democrats are now captive to the looney left. Shall we add recent illegal immigrants to their constituency?

Does the legislation provide a green card and the right to vote to all those who broke the law to get here? Sin duda, dude! It's ridiculous even to contemplate any other result.

The concept of "simultaneous" border control irrevocably joined at the hip with amnesty is, simply, an insult to every patriotic American.

What Americans are entitled to is nothing less than emergency and effective border defense.

If ever any illegals get the right to stay because we're too limp wristed to throw out people who are nothing less than invaders, then the very most they should get is bare permission to remain and work and all public benefits and power to influence public policy must be denied them.


The Gunslinger said...

Hurrah! I've linked to this at Gunslinger's Journal because everyone should read this.

Lovely work.

Col. B. Bunny said...


High praise considering the source.