July 5, 2007

The 98% solution.

Here's a report of a Danish poll of Muslims physically located in Denmark:
The poll also shows, that 11 per cent fully understand (Danish meaning connotes sympathy for - Henrik) the flag burnings, embassy-destructions and boycots. And that only two per cent in the current situation see themselves as Danes, while 53% see themselves more as moslems.[1]
So you have a population of Muslims who chose to come to a particular European country, which welcomed them into their midst. "X" number of years later this is the result: only 2% see themselves as Danes. That leaves 98% who could not bring themselves to make that kind of a statement.

Now if I moved to Moscow, learned the strange language they speak there, was allowed to take up legal residence there, and allowed to claim citizenship after some years, I doubt I'd ever think of myself of a Russian in the same way that a native-born Russian thinks of himself as Russian. My grandchildren probably would though, with some lingering affection for the country of my origin no doubt. But even as a first-generation immigrant, I would have crossed some kind of a mental Rubicon whereafter I resolved to pay taxes, learn Russian, make friends, fit in, and celebrate as best I could the best features of the land. Why would I go there with a different attitude?

If I could ever emigrate to Saudi Arabia according to an identical scenario . . . well, the thought is preposterous. Saudi Arabians would hold me in contempt and lucky would the infidel be who could achieve even second-class citizenship, let alone minimal respect for himself as a human being. Recall this is the country that only formally abolished slavery in 1962.

But Muslims got to emigrate to Denmark certain of a welcome from the Danes. Little could they dream that the Danes would kiss their ass, rather than just merely welcome them warmly.

So the question on the table is, "How long have the holdouts in Denmark been there and how likely is it that 20 years from now the children of the first-generation arrivals will be integrating?"

If the 2% is, in fact, destiny then the hard question is, "Why fool around with the 98% waiting for the moment to turn your culture and politics upside down?

A full court press on the urgent task of measuring integration and punishing unwillingness to integrate is probably what is task numero uno for any European country faced with the impending appearance of a critical mass of Muslims in its midst. Its companion activity must be to identify certain unacceptably incompatible Muslim beliefs such as death for apostasy, the literal truth of the Koran, the inferiority of infidels and women, jihad as a generic duty of Muslims, the acceptability of theocracy, sharia as having any applicability inside a Western country, etc. Those holding these beliefs are to be deported forthwith and their families with them. Acceptance of Saudi Arabian funds or welcoming/support of wahabi imams are similarly to be punished summarily and harshly.

Getting serious now about punishing holdouts and proponents of subversive political beliefs is what is essential for Western survival.

The policy alternative of choice, for now, unfortunately, is to wring our hands and say, in those immortal words of that craven Swedish Minister of Migration Jens Orback, "We must be nice to the Muslims now — hopefully they will remember it when they are in majority, and be nice in return."[2]

Are you willing to go that route? Who says that has to be the way it goes down?

[1] Danish public opinion poll cited in "Concentrated idiocy - and proof that "Danish moslems" are not that Danish." By Henrik, Viking Observer, 3/12/07 (emphasis added).
[2] "The Swedish People Have Ceased to Exist — by Decree of Their Own Government." By LN, reproduced in "Die Dummen Schweden." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/1/06.

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