29 July 2007

Islamic clerical fascism.

To the contrary, it is the Islamists, the theocrats, who make very large and substantial claims for themselves. Their delusional fantasy has them convinced they not only know the direct manifestation of the divinity, but they also claim to know the precise will and wish of this deity, down to the utmost minuscule detail. They know God does not want you eating ham, for example. God does not want you drinking a glass of wine with your dinner. He does not want you wearing a skirt or tank-top in Gaza. He does not want you buying a DVD in Kabul. He does not want you purchasing a Barbie doll in Tehran. He does not want you driving, or text messaging, or holding hands in Saudi Arabia. God does not want you watching a World Cup match in Somalia. He does not want you reading a particular author, or drawing a particular cartoon, or watching a certain documentary, or attending a specific opera in Europe.

This is not statesmanship. This is clerical fascism: old, disgusting, illiterate, celibate clergymen who insist they are here on this planet to implement the deed of the divine, to enforce God’s unalterable and absolute law, to overseeing the population’s unquestioning submission and subservience to an all-knowing, cruel celestial punisher.
Other than that, is clerical fascism all that terrible?

"On Imposition. Fantasist and Fanaticist Renegades." By Nicholas Guariglia, Family Security Matters, 7/25/07 (emphasis added).

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