25 July 2007

Stuck on stupid.

In fact, [Victor Davis] Hanson himself clearly points out that “Saudi terrorists have killed more Americans than all those murdered by Iranians, Syrians, Libyans, and Iraqis put together.”

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What President Bush must understand is that the same Saudi delegate who is yearly invited to his Crawford ranch . . . is just as evil and inimical to American interests as any mystic Ayatollah on the streets of Qom.

For years, successive American administrations have courted Saudi allegiance . . . . Yet, they have turned a blind eye to the Saudi government’s rampant human rights abuses, support for terrorism, and mass indoctrination of Stalinist ideology upon their public.

It is now a sober reality that the American alliance with Saudi Arabia is of no further use. It is disingenuous of the Bush administration to proclaim that they “will go after the terrorists” all the while attempting to “win hearts and minds” when they are clearly married to ‘the makers of terrorists’ . . . .
We may have already written that it must be a sort of cosmic joke that Islamic countries -- backward and stagnant to the precise degree that their affairs are ordered according to the dictates of the Koran -- were blessed with a way of extracting huge amounts of money from their betters. Such an absurd result should mandate a judicious reapplication of Western imperialism figuratively to remove blasting caps, handgrenades, and loaded pistols from the hands of children.

Parceling out the oil resources of the Arabs and Persians to the rest of the world should be done under a trusteeship arrangement involving the U.S., Russia, and, maybe China. If there can be world cultural treasures to be enjoyed by all, there can be world economic resources to be shared as well. The participation of the Chinese might serve to reduce their white hot passion for allying themselves with the terrorists and half wits in the Middle East and otherwise trying their utmost to undermine Western interests in the area.

No doubt the sheer reasonableness of our proposal will appeal to all who come here.

Suffice it to say, that if we don't do something different our posterity (such of it as survives the suicidal policies of current Western governments) will say, with no small amount of justification, that in the early 21st century we were stuck on stupid.

"The Persian Abyss: America & The House of Saud: A Failed Alliance." By Reza Zarabi, The Jerusalem Post, 7/22/07 (emphasis added).

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