31 January 2010

It’s all so confusing.

A superb comment by Robert on a VFR post about the transformation of a personable, seemingly normal son of an immigrant Syrian father and Alabama Christian mother into a ruthless jihadi:
An excellent example Lawrence. As you have pointed out, behavior due to actual differences between peoples are [sic] outside of the universe of possible explanations, to the liberal mind. Therefore, not only the Fort Hood Jihadist, but this young Moslem's actions as well, must be due to some inexplicable factor other than his Moslem religion--even if the killer himself identifies Islam as compelling his behavior.

The liberal must exclude Islam as the cause, so the actions becomes inexplicable, i.e. not capable of being explained. The reason for such behavior, even mass slaughter, . . . passes into the realm of unknowable mystery, almost like great religious questions, unless one can blame oneself.

. . . [T]he universalist turns the blame for the behavior back onto himself. . . . [I]f only, the West had done more.
" Wherever Muslims live, however assimilated they may seem, the eternal jihad calls to them." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 1/30/10 (emphasis added).

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