18 February 2010

Grocery Czar.

Commentary on blogs is often insightful and clever. Seablogger at Fresh Bilge had written on the Dems’ still wanting to force through Obamacare.

“Phil from San Fran”:
It deliberately misleading to refer to health care in the United States as “a system.” External to Medicare and Medicaid, it is not a system, and for a nation this populated and diverse, it should never be one.
Permit me to amplify upon my previous declaration.

I’m just back from one of my local grocery stores, my favorite. I needed orange juice, broccoli, salad greens, carrots, and a sandwich. I was confident all those things would be there, and they were. Think about how many people behind the scenes were instrumental in getting that stuff out of the ground and into that store (which also, to my amazement, happened to have heirloom tomatoes from Mexico). This miracle plays out in a million ways and places in this countr, without the auspices of a grocery czar overseeing a “grocery system.” And please don’t try to tell me FOOD is somehow less essential to human existence than health care.
Phil, please, don’t give the left new ideas.
On comments generally, in the Dark Ages pre-internet, newspapers subjected readers to a highly “moderated” feedback process. Now every article is open to comments by anybody. E.g., on the issues of British elections and immigration, see the great comments on Lord Tebbit’s articles on the Telegraph.co.uk: "It's time to close the door. Britain must move towards a policy of zero net immigration."

Seablogger is a decent fellow, btw, with an observant mind and soothing writing style. Highly recommended.

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