17 May 2010

Orwell’s dystopia.

Since 1997, Britain has been turned from a reasonably free country into a police state.
Read Mr. Gabb's article and see if you think that’s hyperbole.

It is also very instructive on the constitutional changes that have occurred in Britain, leading to the dominance of the House of Commons and the exercise of unrestrained power. If you know nothing about British politics, this is an excellent place to start reading. His characterization of the Queen as "'Elizabeth the Useless' (1952-)” is interesting in view of an earlier post of mine, q.v.

"Everyone Loses In Britain’s Election. Could be A Good Thing." By Sean Gabb, Vdare, 5/9/10.

H/t: Sarah Maid of Albion. Also to Anonymous who posted a comment on that earlier post of mine with a link to a different article by Mr. Gabb but discussing the police state issue.

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