15 September 2010

Life in the crosshairs.

This is what I call a gold-plated warning delivered to your front door at midnight by the chairman of the board of FedEx holding a lit Roman candle:
Consequently, we need to come to grips with Shariah. Whether pursued through violent jihad or the stealthier techniques the Brotherhood calls "civilization jihad" or dawa (the call to Islam), Shariah rejects fundamental premises of constitutional governance and American society: the bedrock proposition that the governed have a right to make law for themselves irrespective of any theocratic code; the republican democracy guaranteed by the Constitution; freedom of conscience; individual liberty (including in matters of personal privacy and sexual preference); freedom of expression (including the liberty to analyze and criticize theocratic codes and practices); economic liberty (including private property); equality (including equality of men and women and of Muslims and non-Muslims); freedom from cruel and unusual punishments; an unequivocal condemnation of terrorism (one that does not rationalize barbarity as legitimate "resistance"); and an abiding commitment to deflate and resolve political controversies by the ordinary mechanisms of federalism and democracy, not wanton violence.

Trial evidence has shown, most recently in the terrorism-financing prosecution against an ostensible Islamic "charity" known as the Holy Land Foundation, that Shariah adherents - including a network of Muslim Brotherhood-connected organizations operating in the United States - are seriously pursuing civilization jihad in this country.[1]
So help me, there are still millions of fools in the U.S. and elsewhere who won’t get this. If you’re one of those, you’re probably not reading this blog unless a helpful friend has tied you to a chair and forced your eyes open with toothpicks. By gosh, I know you fools are out there though.

If you’re not in the fool category, kindly give some thought to the fact that you and your posterity are indeed in the crosshairs of men who champion loathsome doctrines that have nothing to do with the life of the spirit and everything to do with turning you into a slave or a corpse in your own land. You’ve been put there by your craven, deluded, venal leadership class for whom short-term advantage is an article of faith.

As Mr. Woolsey, Mr. McCarthy and Gen. Soyster, advise, forget “the benign fable of a thriving moderate Islam beset by a mere handful of aberrant ‘extremists.’" Rather keep in mind their conclusion, “the Shariah system is utterly anti-American” and that “Our security depends on confronting them, not sitting silent as they gradually efface our liberties.”

Note the word “utterly” in there.

Let’s make our mortal enemies live in our crosshairs and make our country shariah NON-compliant forever.

[1] "Second opinion needed on Shariah. Our political establishment wears blinders and ignores the threat." By R. James Woolsey, Andrew C. McCarthy and Harry E. Soyster, Washington Times, 9/14/10 (links omitted).
  • R. James Woolsey – former director of central intelligence under President Clinton.
  • Andrew C. McCarthy – former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted the perpetrators of the first attack on the World Trade Center.
  • Lt. Gen. Harry E. "Ed" Soyster – former director, Defense Intelligence Agency.
Full report: ShariahtheThreat.com.

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