18 July 2011


The only true moral of war is that you shouldn't begin one that you aren't going to fight to win. And we didn't fight to win. We fought for hearts and minds. And now when the troops go, we will discover how little those hearts and minds were worth all along.
What's with us?

We have a superb military but it's nowhere in evidence on our own southern border to repel the ongoing, massive immigration invasion we supinely endure.

Where you can find it in action is half way around the world in wars that benefits us in remote and peripheral ways. When our military is actually sent into battle, the political leader prevents it from unleashing a searing hell on earth on vicious primitives and their supporters.

Who then live on to oppose us and render the sacrifice of men and other resources meaningless.

"The End of Afghanistan." By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 7/18/11.

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