21 July 2011

Negro Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Lastly, some advice for [Charles Bowden]: if you want to avoid sounding like just another black racialist instead of the head of NASA - and I'm not sure that he does - avoid giving interviews that come across as "black, black, black; black, Africa, black, black".
"Black Ops." Mangan's. 7/12/11.


AnalogMan said...

I've wondered for a long time why nobody seems to have noticed how many of Obama's senior appointments have been black. Attorney General, Surgeon General, NASA... Van Jones ... Valerie Jarrett. I'm sure there are others that I don't know about, as a mere furriner, because the media would never mention it. Sure looks like "disparate impact" to me.

But a black director of NASA... that takes the cake. Seriously, because he's the most qualified?

I select my entertainment by one invariable criterion: absence of blacks. That usually means old movies. I recently watched Apollo 13, which did fairly well until the last scene. Then the White characters are shown being congratulated by the black boss. Spoiled the whole movie.

So, that's where America is; a stupid Hollywood fantasy. If you people don't snap out of it soon, you'll be living my life; here in South Africa we're doing Planet of the Apes.

Col. B. Bunny said...

LOL. Was your Minister of Health the fellow who refused to acknowledge the existence of the AIDS virus? Down in the townships it's not any better with the cure for AIDS lying in having sex with virgins. I've read about the dried penis as fertility amulet in SA. I think I posted a video of a witch burning elsewhere in Africa. Planet of the Apes is probably putting too positive a gloss on things.

Hollywood fantasy is indeed where we live. Many's the TV show with the OBPS, the Obligatory Black Police Supervisor. That's been expanded to judges invariably being black females though whether they are black lesbian feminist socialist judges is difficult to tell from just looking at them.

CIA chiefs are invariably avuncular, gravel-voiced blacks unless the role requires him to have despicable character traits, such as not favoring the extermination of the white population of S. Africa.

Most Americans avoid reality and embrace fantasy. How else does on explain the election of a Marxist revolutionary with no papers? Pakistanis hiding in shipping containers in the Port of Los Angeles have more paperwork on them than what we've seen of Obama's. Doesn't seem to bother people much here. Iran's well on its way to acquiring nukes but we find bombing Libya more pressing.