06 August 2011

Impartial, expert progressives.

Experts, let it be said, long seen as eager to embrace the most pathetic, laughable interpretations of the Constitution (e.g., a "living" Constitution), so long as the result furthers consolidation of state power or the undermining of traditional white culture:
Add to this the progressive belief that human beings can be perfected through the rule of experts, and you have a recipe—when the people make choices contrary to progressive dictates—for generating contempt among the experts for the people whose interests they claim to alone represent. And not just contempt, but even disgust at diversity of opinion, which from the progressive's perspective distracts the people from the policies demanded by impartial reason.
"The Debt Deal and the Progressive Crack-Up. Liberal contempt for the workings of democracy and for diversity of opinion reflects not just hypocrisy but panic." By Peter Berkowitz, Wall Street Journal, 8/6/11 (subscription).

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