16 August 2011

Islam – religion of discourse.

Until it isn't.
PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan said that all previous appeals for anti-apostasy laws were rejected in Parliament: while Islam was a "religion of discourse," a law was needed "to curb and control those who will no longer listen to arguments".
If you come our way in the "discourse," well then, smiles all around. If you tune out our bullshit, however, it's the full force of the law for you. And vigilante attacks.

A decent, rational person who's also a Muslim is surely embarrassed each day by Islam's pathetic doctrines. But there's always death for apostasy to sharpen one's sense of priorities. Better another day in a dumbass religion than a dead apostate.

Death for apostasy is the keystone of the Islamic arch. It's the one provision of all Islamic thought that enslaves Muslims everywhere. No Muslim should be resident in the West and certainly no Muslim ought to live in the West who hasn't signed an affidavit rejecting all provisions of the Koran and other Islamic "jurisprudence" that mandate or permit death for apostasy. Imams who issue fatwas for anyone's apostasy or "blasphemy" should be liable for arrest anywhere in the world and anyone who kills such an imam should get a U.S. passport as I've discussed earlier.

Islam is a loathsome, weak, inhuman, irrational "religion" reflecting the sensual and material impulses of Mohammed masquerading as revelations from the Moon God, Allah. It cannot withstand scrutiny of any kind and its putative "jurisprudence" belabors the Muslim's duties if his stomach rumbles after washing for prayer. It is endlessly fascinated with what is and isn't "unclean."

The magisterial monotheistic, flat-earth, women-are-dirt, kill-the-infidels, build-nothing-destroy-everything embarrassment known as Islam.

"Malaysian Muslims decry Proselytizers." By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News, 8/16/11.

H/t: Religion of Peace.

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Zenster said...

Death for apostasy is the keystone of the Islamic arch.

An unknown contributor over at Gates of Vienna put it best. To paraphrase:

Islam, by its very nature is in a perpetual state of war. The division of Islam into the respective houses of dar al Islam (the house of Islam) and dar al harb (the house of war), is thorough proof of this.

Ergo, apostasy is the direct equivalent of battlefield desertion in a time of war.

By logical extension, so long as Islam retains capital punishment for apostasy, it ― and all who support, or do not openly protest, such a policy ― must be regarded as being at war with the entire non-Muslim world.

This includes all Muslims who do not have the decency or courage to protest this abortion of human rights. For too long, Muslims worldwide have remained deafeningly silent over fundamental deal-breakers like jihadist terrorism, so-called "honor killings", FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and Islam's death penalty for apostasy.

Like or not, Muslims ― by their tacit acceptance of these practices ― lend collective approval and assume collective liability for the perpetuation of such evil. As I have noted before, Islamic terrorism and dhimmitude are pluperfect examples of collective punishment. Both are in exact accordance with Qur'anic doctrine and in no way contradict the overall body of Islamic law.

This is why Muslims are collectively responsible for the evil done in Islam's name. Were there even a minor fraction of Muslims that vocally and conspicuously protested the predatory nature of Islam, the degree of culpability might not be distributed so clearly across the entire breadth of Islam.

Such is not the case and it is long past tea for Muslims to feel the lash of global retaliation for Islam's constant and unrelenting predation against human civilization.