27 August 2011

Libyan heritage. BS artist.

A Canadian man died on the frontlines of the Libyan conflict this week while fighting with the rebels trying to oust Moammar Gadhafi from power. A friend has revealed that Nader Benrewin was shot dead by a sniper as he took part in a raid on Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli, which Libyan rebels stormed on Tuesday.

Benrewin, 24, was born in Edmonton . . . .

The Ottawa man made the decision to go back to Libya where his family was living and he pledged to fight with the rebels.

* * * *

[A friend] said Benrewin was a peace activist . . . .
If Canada had not encouraged third-world immigration and multiculturalism, it would not have second-generation immigrants who are nominally Canadian but whose true allegiance is to Libya, the apparent homeland of his parents.

Canada is, unbeknownst to the Canadian government, a country with a British heritage and it is appropriate that its citizens owe their allegiance to Canada and fight its wars and only its wars (unless a devotee of military adventurism).

So strong was this man's allegiance to Libya that he was willing to mark himself as a rank hypocrite by acting in its interests in a way completely at odds with his adult philosophy, as to whose tenents he was an activist.

"Canadian shot dead while storming Gadhafi compound." CTV.ca, 8/26/11, republished in EuropeNews..

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