24 August 2011

Obama's war on Americans.

Energy: A year ago, three oil rigs fled the Gulf of Mexico for better opportunities abroad. Now, it's 10.
At a time of severe economic problems in the land, Mr. Obama pulls out the stops to ensure that petroleum prices stay as high as possible, thereby keeping business operating expenses high and job growth anemic.

There is no green technology that can now replace fossil fuels. Wind and solar energy effectively will supply our energy needs in the same way that grass clippings will. Nothing is on the horizon that will change this. There are no breakthroughs that have been discovered.

Hindering fossil fuel exploration and development is conduct that is nothing less than malicious and intentionally destructive..

Barack Hussein Obama – America's first anti-American president.

"Rigged For Failure." Editorial, Investor's Business Daily, 8/24/11.

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