11 August 2011

The true extremists.

[The Norwegian Anders] Breivik is rightly referred to as an extremist by both sides of the political spectrum. He’s an extremist in the way he behaved, willing to kill innocent people in order to achieve his political goals. But the authorities in Norway are also extremists. It’s an extremist ideology to try and completely alter the demographic makeup of your own country and to render your compatriots a minority. And it’s extremely undemocratic to make such a decision without first consulting the national populace.

Breivik is an extremist, but his view that Islam is the biggest single threat to the West today is not in my opinion an extremist view. It’s a realistic and truthful view. It’s much more extreme to accommodate and facilitate the mass influx of immigrants that Norwegian authorities have done for the last three decades.[1]
As this writer says, Anders Breivik was an extremist for what he did in one day in the present day.

However, the unavoidable question about demographic alteration of Western countries is, "Will the demographic (and cultural) transformation of European countries in the near term into countries that are no longer recognizable as uniquely European countries result in violence on a vastly larger scale?"

The globalist, multiculturalist, and radical leftist's answer is, "That result is simply impossible."

But this is either a vicious lie or evidence of profound delusion. The evidence is accumulating with every passing minute that Muslims and Africans in Europe despise Europe and delight in every degradation of European culture and religion and support every subtraction of white European political power.

This is so obvious that no amount of self-delusion can explain the support for demographic change.

Quite the contrary, the vicious assault on free speech mounted by British and European governments is Exhibit A for their precise understanding of the weight of the evidence against what they celebrate for their countries. Because the truth of their treasonous policies is obvious and fatal to their foul objective, the traitors must do all in their power to conceal what will condemn them. The end result is something so horrific that it will dwarf what Anders Breivik did.

Now ask yourself who the real extremists are.

[1] "Some thoughts on the Oslo terrorist attacks." By The Observer, Gates of Vienna, 8/8/11.


Zenster said...

But this is either a vicious lie or evidence of profound delusion.

Or both.

What's in play could just as easily be "a vicious lie" specifically intended to promote said "profound delusion".

Those who "despise Europe and delight in every degradation of European culture and religion and support every subtraction of white European political power" are not exclusively limited to immigrant "Muslims and Africans".

Consider Korean-born Tobias Hübinette. Here is a quote of Hübinette's from the linked article:

“To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!” [emphasis added]

The above is genocide on a scale that totally eclipses Breivik's actions by several orders of magnitude.

Speaking of genocide, it should also be remembered that many of those "children" on Ütoya Island were participating in simulated "blockade busting" exercises that morally supported Hamas' genocidal Antisemitic doctrine.

Again, exactly who are the extremists here?

Col. B. Bunny said...

The "children" on Utoya were tarred with much more than proclaiming their support for blockade busting. See this illuminating report on who does and has attended or helped organize the "youth camp" on Utoya. A former youth leader of the Norwegian Labor Party himself set out to bomb Israelis -- IANMTU -- and today has a career as a lefty. He wanted to do exactly what ABB did but where is the hand wringing over the "connection" between the NLP and terrorism?

On the issue of intentionality, I don't doubt it's intentional. Hubinette's comment makes that perfectly clear. They won't be any kind of a career stumbling block.