02 September 2011

The excellent Francis Porretto.

On race-war rhetoric and black flash mobs:
Where it will end will depend on whether American Negroes generally are conscious enough of the possible consequences to rise in a body and denounce the race-hustlers, and their boosters in the Democratic Party, for daring to put them in mortal danger. Should a race war erupt -- and one is looking ever more likely with the passage of the days -- those self-nominated "leaders" will bear a huge share of the odium.

Stipulate that the "leaders" themselves are aware of the risks. Why are they doing what they're doing? Do they believe themselves insulated from what might follow, or are they so convinced that American Caucasians have been cowed into submission to their racialist agenda that their racial brinksmanship is guaranteed to eventuate in a desirable outcome?[1]
Answer: Whites aren't cowed. They are just beginning to wake up to the bitter reality that their sincere efforts to right previous wrongs – which have included anti-white affirmative action laws and trillions in transfer payments – have resulted, not in a productive, energetic class of fully enfranchised blacks willing to meet whites half way and take their place as productive, self-disciplined citizens of a great, blessed, and unique country, but in a resentful, suspicious, grasping, anti-intellectual, ill-disciplined subpopulation eager to embrace a pathetic "black liberation" theology and the ever-ghastly Islam, whether in its 180-proof version or native soda pop version.

I salute, revere, and esteem blacks I know and have known personally who are excellent people in every respect – not to mention the superb conservative or traditionalist black intellectuals of our public life – but I view them as wonderful aberrations viewed against the backdrop of larger black culture.

The size of these two subpopulations is up for debate and I estimate only that the rejectionist black subpopulation vastly outnumbers American blacks, with a passing wave in the direction of the 90%+ proportion of blacks who voted for a constitutionally-unqualified Marxist revolutionary for president in 2008. Hurrah for voting for race loyalty and all that but, personally, I'd vote for Alan Keyes, Allen West, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, or Armstrong Williams before I'd vote for someone like Hillary. I mean, handing four years of enormous political power to a Marxist revolutionary because his skin color matches yours? I mean, come on!

No, friends. The next Great Awakening isn't going to be a religious one. And it's just getting started.

[1] "The New Segregationists: Judgment Eve." By Francis W. Porretto, Eternity Road, 9/2/11.

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