06 September 2011

The inexplicable Holmesian non-bark.

The empires [comprising America, Britain, Europe, Russia] suffer from low birth rates, and are experiencing an invasion that they have no defense against.[1]
As I often state, the demographic upset in white civilizations effected by the large-scale importation of Islamic and other third-world primitives has never before occurred in all of human history but that there was a catastrophic failure of arms at the borders. The arrival of aliens hostile to local laws, traditions, religions, and social arrangements was viewed with terror and the immediate aftermath of the arrival was marked by an orgy of rape, looting, and slaughter. Read about the fall of Constantinople.

What followed after the invaders' thirst for blood had been slaked was subjugation, humiliation and inferior status. Wise victors traded up if the conquered territories contained an advanced people; primitives sucked them dry and moved on. Either way, it went badly for those who no longer had any defenses.

Takuan Seiyo says "we've become just a group of individuals looking out for ourselves rather than large, extended families." Other explanations abound.

The end result is, however, what Mr. Greenfield observes. We have no defenses.

This is unprecedented, to have advanced societies in thrall to primitives -- not to mention those societies' then fielding police forces and winding up the machinery of administrative and judicial oppression to silence those who dare to object.

In the United States, an electorate that can blithely elect a Marxist revolutionary to the presidency is an electorate for whom the grisly record of 20th-century slaughter and degradation is meaningless. Marxists with sugar plum dreams of socialism worked to enslave millions. Every country they controlled became a demonstration project of how economies could be run into the ground and made to serve only the nomenklatura.

The body count of Marxism is still unacknowledged. Cliff Notes version: "We, a tiny majority exempt from morality of any kind except reverence for cunning, had to murder and enslave men to liberate them."

So with the importation of Islamic primitives whose historical feats of conquest, rape, slaughter, and slavery are equally clear. It's a record 14+ times longer than the record of Marxists on our planet but whites simply don't see it. Even the simple defense of stopping further importation of Muslims is something that whites cannot bring themselves to emplace.

I really don't care what Gramsci and his disciples have engineered, how the educational system was jimmied by Dewey (the Dewey decimation system), how liberals use Hollywood and the legacy media to subvert Western values, or whether or not white Americans personally feel any guilt over what white people 50 to 400 years ago did to black people. What is remarkable about all of this is that whites and other civilized people in America can look primitivism in the face and not experience an iota, a smidgin, a soupcon, a fillip, or a blip of outrage, revulsion, aversion, fury, suspicion, wariness, or disdain for the foreign.

The left will despair of the least manifestation of the recognition of "otherness" as the sure, inevitable harbinger of an immediate housecleaning involving the bayoneting of all foreigners who do not flee to Mexico or the nearest airport. To the left, the only acceptable reaction when something foreign or "other" is served up is a meek slobbering acceptance of it, however, odd, incompatible, scrofulous, or hostile. Those qualities are off the table for leftists and the only topic for discussion is why importation of more of the same isn't occurring at flank speed.

An acceptance of the left's spin on this hostile takeover just doesn't explain this meekness, the cowardice, this manifest spinectomy.

Lawrence Auster observes that
the legal non-Western immigration which has poured into this country since 1965 and continues to pour in, which has turned us from an 89 percent white country in 1960 to a 65 percent white country today, and, if nothing is done, will soon turn us into a nonwhite majority country with a white minority that will keep getting relatively smaller until it equals the one-fifth white minority in South Africa. These facts are never remotely broached among “conservatives.” Discussing “immigration” means discussing illegal immigration. Legal immigration is not a topic, and has not been one for the last 46 years. The greatest transformation of a society in history, the relegation of whites to minority status in their own country, and no one talks about it, let alone opposes it.[2]
Apparently, an American of the future that will little resemble the America of the past and which will be controlled and ruled by non-European majorities for whom Western, European, and English traditions of civility, reason, rule of law, and limited government are matters of indifference is beyond the political and historical imagination of American whites who cannot raise themselves above a frenetic, hysterical que sera sera level of concern.

I just don't get it. The lack of reaction. The absence of white hot fury at the sell out.

[1] "The Fall of Two Empires." By Daniel Greenfield, Canada Free Press, 9/6/11.
[2] "The most livable city in the U.S. is also … the whitest." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 9/5/11 (emphasis added).

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