14 September 2011

Leftism – no rational basis.

The problem with the ideology of the left - and I include all its variations from socialism, Marxism and Fabianism to its most virulent modern forms eco-fascism and communitarianism - is that it has no rational basis. It is based on raw emotion, abstract theory not empiricism. Wherever it has been tried - Lenin's and Stalin's Soviet Union; Castro's Cuba; Mao's China; Pol Pot's Cambodia; Hitler's Germany; Obama's America - it has failed utterly, making people poorer, unhappier and very often more dead. So what's the only thing you can do when you have no evidence to support your argument, when indeed the facts of life and history are entirely against you?

You can't play fair, so you play dirty.
"Why the Liberal-Left Can't Help Playing Dirty." James Delingpole, Ricochet, 9/13/11 (emphasis added).

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