20 September 2011

Not happy at all.

Dinosaur_egbert has been paying attention:
We have had enough of emotional truths:

Emotional truths about
  • a peaceful, sanguine European solidarity;
  • the economic benefits of a shared currency;
  • the benefits of losing sovereignty;
  • the hospitality of welcoming all the corners of the earth;
  • the enriching diversity of multiculturalism;
  • the certainty of white man's perpetual guilt;
  • the fantastic human rights we attribute criminals;
  • the understandable tolerance of crime from certain 'communities';
  • the terrible prejudices suffered by rioters;
  • the dreadful ineffectiveness of proper sentencing;
  • the ability to spend your way out of debt; the fact that the Middle East will 'just change' if we help it;
  • the virtues of wind-powered electric generators;
  • the terrible peril the Earth is in from AGW;
  • the moral sanctity of carbon-tax; the logic in giving aid to countries with space-program's.
Can we have real truth's soon please?
[1] Dinosaur_egbert "comment on " Times Atlas To Print New World Map Without Tuvalu, Maldives, Manhattan etc." By By James Delingpole, The Telegraph, 9/20/11 (bullets added).

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