27 September 2011

The vision thing.

Rick Perry reminds me of W. He seems like just one more Republican leader who was in office when good things were done in Texas, but he does not seem to know what made the good things good. He does not inspire confidence that he has the wisdom and ability to lead us through the uncharted territory that every president faces once elected.

One reason Republicans have been so unsuccessful of late in holding the electorate’s confidence is that the Republican leaders cannot explain where we have come from and why what we did got us here, or why their prescriptions are the right ones for what ails us. Americans lack confidence that we have a chance of getting where we need to go if we elect the traditional Republicans running for office.

We need candidates who know (and can explain) WHY the Constitution’s answers to the questions our society faces are right, not just attractive men and women who claim they are “constutionalists.”
I love comments wherever I find them. What a marvelous modern development!

Gary Howard comment on "Texas's Immigration Choices." Wall Street Journal, 9/27/11.

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