04 September 2011

Wilders on subsidiarity and European Union autocracy.

The Eurocrats think that nation states in general--and especially Germany, Europe's largest nation-state--are the problem. They are wrong. The real cause of the Second World War had not been the German nation state--it had been Nazi totalitarianism.

There is nothing wrong with Germany. The cause of the war was the Nazi ideology. The remedy against totalitarianism is not building a superstate. The remedy is introducing more direct forms of democracy at the lowest possible levels. Instead of depriving Germany and other nation-states of their sovereignty, the post-war leaders should have introduced a Swiss-like system in our countries. Small units should have a large degree of local sovereignty. . . .

* * * *
The European leaders state that the only way to solve the current crisis is more European governance. They advocate more powers for Brussels. They are wrong. More Europe only makes matters worse. We have to oppose their attempt of further centralization.

We do not want more Europe! The EU lacks democracy, accountability and transparency. . . .

. . . The 27 EU commissioners convene behind closed doors with their colleagues. They negotiate in secret and then emerge to announce their agreement and present it. That is how the system works.
Wilders speaks of the "europhiles leftists parties" of Europe. By conscious design they seek to destroy European nations and replace them with a unitary state, the E.U. The destruction and suffering in Europe in the last century they see as being a byproduct of nationalism and so they seek to suffocate nationalism. If nationalism is outdated, then its easy to deny the race and ethnicity of particular states. Were not Nazis but chauvinists and nationalists who reveled in their Germanness and whiteness as well? So what better antidote to the vestiges of this pathology than to import millions of third-world Muslims and Africans?

All of which requires the suffocating and autocratic support of the E.U. Thus the leftist heirs of Marx reacted to the horrors of leftist 20th-century totalitarian statism by espousing incipient totalitarian European statism. Now, their ranks are liberally interspersed with totalitarians who are indifferent to the lessons of the last century and wish only to see total government return to plague Europe. Under their enlightened command.

Thus, it is important, as it has always been after WWII, to maintain the fiction that a desire for democracy and liberty – as is characteristic of people on the right side of the total power-zero power political spectrum – is "fascist" in nature. And to be opposed.

Geert Wilders in an superb speech in Berlin on 9/3/11 set out in at "Wilders speaks in Berlin." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 9/4/11.

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