12 October 2011

The black culture of defiance.

Irv. P.'s observations over at View from the Right on a recent black brawl in a subway station, and other readers' comments, are worth your attention.

One observation of my own. Sophia A's mistakenly believes that "[Black defiance up and down the line] is something that will burn itself out eventually, but not by human agency."

It will not.

Unless whites wake up to the reality of the demographic disaster set in motion by
  • the Immigration Act of 1965,
  • the amnesty for illegal immigrants in 1986 (thank you, Pres. Reagan),
  • deliberate federal government refusal to control our borders, and
  • employment opportunities and lavish welfare benefits that suck poor people out of the third world,
they will soon be a minority in their own land. In the process, they will be relentlessly admonished at every opportunity that the unworthiness of their culture and claim to sovereignty is such that it is their duty to ensure that the U.S.A. turns into a third-world pit. Whites, already weak and cowardly where black outrage and dysfunction are involved will be all the more unwilling and, worse, unable to establish any kind of standards.

The future does not include a black awakening to the idea that that defiance must be abandoned. No. The future is visible today in any black majority area in the country today – or any black-ruled country in the world, for that matter. Think S. Africa. Think "decades-long falsification of test results" in the Atlanta Public Schools system scandal.

That is how it will be when blacks are even less subject to white control.

Alas, there's little evidence that whites are capable of seeing their own interests and, thus, of supporting leaders willing and able to assert them. Witness the current Republican candidates for president and their studied disinterest in the question of illegal immigration. A good result for whites would be a Republican president who doesn't actively work to ensure illegal immigration increases, or who ensures that the increase is only a modest one given the 20% unemployment rate among American citizens.

Blacks see the absence of white fury and act accordingly.

Whether they will find recent Hispanic arrivals as accommodating to their bullshit is another matter entirely. Blacks will undoubtedly be amazed to discover that there is another substantial minority group in the country and who is to say the future will be like the past?

More truth telling about black dysfunction here.


Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

Hispanics do not accommodate that BS, at least as seen here in Texas

Col. B. Bunny said...

Viva los Hispanicos.

Elizabeth Wright wrote how blacks were finding that Hispanics were more than willing to push them out of areas out of which they had previously pushed whites. She cited a black blogger -- not usually given to extolling the virtues of Norman-Anglo-Saxon law -- who seemed to be waking up to the concept of U.S. laws as something positive. This was in reference to events in California.

KG said...

"Blacks see the absence of white fury and act accordingly."
Absolutely. What we're seeing isn't the strength of blacks, rather the exploitation of a lack of courage on the part of a particular group.
Cultural Marxism has done its job.