03 October 2011

A good rule of analysis.

If you want to know the real story, pay attention to what is left out.
Another “rightwing extremism expert” added that “Breivik was radicalized by the same online process as many of the jihadists he so loathed.” That Breivik could have been radicalized by what he apprehended daily on the streets of Oslo — as described vividly in his manifesto — never crossed the minds of the multiculti leftodingbats.
What Breivik wrote about street life in Oslo is full of accounts of aggressive Muslim gangs and needing to be seen as under the protection of one. I have no doubt that the the absurdity of this – areas of the capital city of Norway controlled by Pakistani or Moroccan gangs – had more to do with tipping Anders Breivik over the edge than any web surfing that he did. Not to mention the fact that there are no counter-Jihad websites that advocate or incite to bombing and shootings.

The transformation and degradation of Norway by aggressive and contemptuous Muslims, as aided and abetted by Norway's ruling class, convinced Anders Breivik to act. He struck out because of his personal anger over this. Expect a lot of MSM analysis of Breivik's irrationality but not one word about the madness of Norway in pursuing its deliberate policies of surrendering to its inferiors.

The MSM know damn well how Norway has been degraded and it will talk about everything else under the sun except why. They will find a distraction if it kills them.

On Fanciful Attributions and Wishful Imputations." By Takuan Seiyo, Gates of Vienna 10/1/11.

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