October 5, 2011

The U.S.A. – ten-second summary.

Governments do not govern, schools don’t educate, . . . nations are not sovereign, wars are peace actions, money is fiat, . . . laws protect the criminal, . . . the information age has duped, journalism doesn’t inform, banks don’t lend, men are effeminate, women lead, homosexual is marriage, ignorance is normal, the two party system is a sham and the once powerful United States of America is scarcely ‘united’ on any issue. The social contract is dead.
I edited out some stuff that I think lessens the force of the quoted material. Notwithstanding, if you were to try to come up with a thumbnail of the country, that's pretty good.

That government doesn't govern I assume encompasses that the U.S. is hostile to its fundamental organizing political charter, tolerant of de jure discrimination against its white citizens, utterly fiscally incontinent, obsessed with ignoring the pathology of the black underclass, beyond clueless on the nature of our most dangerous internal and external long-term threat, insanely encouraging of the legal and illegal immigration of millions of mostly third-world unassimilable workers to compete directly with jobless Americans, and perpetually on the knife edge of handing out U.S. citizenship like counterfeit quarters at a convention of two-bit whores.

Throw in that Obama is constitutionally unqualified to serve as president, is Marxist revolutionary, had a communist mentor, was close to a white-hating "pastor" for 20 years, kicked off his campaign for the Illinois senate in the living room of two communist terrorists, has at least one ghost-written "autobiography" that he claims as his own work, has been photographed refusing to salute when the national anthem is being played, has the Social Security number of a dead man, released a forged birth certificate, and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep his paper trail hidden from public view and you have what Zorba might call "the full catastrophe."

The America of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and Jackson. As safeguarded by its exceptional citizens.

"The Decline of the West." By J.W. Black, In Mala Fide, 10/4/11.


Anonymous said...

I think Yogi Berra would say its 1984 all over again with a splash of animal house. We have an educated administration with Nobels and probably Rhodes and not a lick of wisdom among them. Liz Warren has got to be their mascot. indyjones

Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

I would scratch Hamilton from that list.

But a good post nonetheless.

Also, see my post:

KG said...

Spot on--and I like the Zorba quote.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Jones, that the current crop of dukes and viscounts has got its hands on the levers of government is as reassuring as knowing that the neighbor's kids are playing with matches in the basement of my house. What's a good chemical image? I think if you drop sodium in water you get a pretty violent reaction. People who read up on those things know to be careful. You would think that educated people who have read a smattering of history and a bit of why the Constitution was written the way it was would look at government power and human beings in the same way -- a potentially dangerous combo.

But, no. It's something viewed with equanimity, even in light of the ghastly record of the 20th century.

I'm of two minds on Hamilton, Conan, but neither mind is informed by the least bit of schoarlship. Publius Hulda has a very positive view of him, as does a respected personal friend, so there you are.

Thanks, Keith. There are several classic lines from Zorba. I loved that movie when I first saw it but recently I made a point of seeking it out again and I was not as entranced as I was the first time. I really couldn't tell you. Zorba's attention to the aged woman stranded in that village was just wonderful.