04 January 2012

Not the same sheet of music.

How widely known is it that black feelings towards socialism mirror white feelings towards capitalism, and that a majority of blacks both react positively to the idea of socialism and react negatively to the idea of capitalism?[1]
Thus, blacks do and will skew American politics toward statism and will do less to preserve liberty because the majority are indifferent to the issue of government coercion. Black will want to live off of others, whites of course, and have less desire to compete in the market place.

Is that a fair conclusion?

Yes, it is. Just so you don't think I'm hiding behind a weasel "question."

And where do you stand on this? We're all the same regardless of the color of our skin?

To which I say, skin color very much is a significant indicator that there is a very real difference between blacks and other races:
[Last year] in Manhattan, police arrested a group of black teenagers who specialized in beating up Asian women in their fifties to seventies. The boys acted as lookouts; it was the girls who attacked. [2]
Just an anecdote, it's true, but does any sane person doubt that it's well and truly representative? You don't have that kind of behavior to fear from whites, but you do from blacks. Right? Conclusion: many blacks in our country are horribly different from the rest of us.

Let's cut out the "rainbow pony" garbage and talk about what's real: black hostility to the essence of America – political and economic freedom – and to other races. Not all, but a whole lot of blacks. Those black teenagers sprang out of an authentic, real, no-holds-barred black culture. They are the face of the civilization-killing "black undertow." (H/t: Paul Kersey.)

[1] "Capitalist whites, socialist blacks, libertarian youths." The Audacious Epigone, 1/1/12.
[1] Jared Taylor, quoted in "As I proudly stand up next to you?" The Audacious Epigone, 12/28/11.

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