21 October 2012

The destruction of European democracy.

In his book, Europe: The Shattering of Illusions, to be published by Bloomsbury on Thursday, Mr [Václav Klaus, President, Czech Republic] makes the case that the EU has evolved into its current form because political leaders have found it convenient to turn away from their nation states, where voters have historically been able to hold them to account.

"Political elites have always known that the shift in decision-making from the national to the supranational level weakens the traditional democratic mechanisms (that are inseparable from the existence of the nation state), and this increases their power in a radical way. That is why they wanted this shift so badly in the past, and that is why they want it today," he writes.

"The authors of the concept of European integration managed to short circuit the minds of the people, making a link between Hitler's aggressive nationalism (nationalism of a totally negative type) and the traditional nation state, calling into question the existence of nation states in general. Of the many fatal mistakes and lies that have always underpinned the evolution of the EU, this is one of the worst."[1]

The West drew precisely the wrong lessons from WWII, as President Klaus makes clear. The grisly carnage of leftism in the 20th century was subsumed under "far-right" Naziism. Thus, you will find in Washington, DC, a museum dedicated to the Holocaust that killed six million Jews during the course of an aberrant political regime that spanned 11 years of the history of the German people. The unbelievable slaughter of other leftist regimes to the tune of over 100 million people goes virtually unmentioned. Not for nothing does the comedian Gallagher refer to The History Channel on cable TV as "The Hitler Channel."

It is beyond sad that Europeans went down this path described by President Klaus which path involves casting aside the lessons of the danger of concentrated political power in favor of a highly authoritarian and misguided experiment that edges ever closer to European political integration and the submersion of a salutary nationhood and ethnic identity and of democratic governance itself. If you doubt the latter point, consider the devious ways in which the E.U. (successfully) sought to cancel the votes of actual national electorates against joining the E.U.

President Klaus elsewhere makes clear the monetary unreality of the E.U. The ethnic and racial insanities so ardently pushed by European leaders have yet to reach the same tipping point as the monetary ones. Alas, nothing but the faintest, most feeble stirrings of nationalist parties in Europe indicates that calamity can be avoided. Only the hideous playing out of the insane logic of multiculturalism awaits Europe, which has turned its back on the healthy nationalism so artfully derided and derailed by dreamers, fools, and leftists since WWII.


[1] "CZECH PRESIDENT: The Destruction of Europe's Democracy Is In Its Final Phase." By Bruno Waterfield, Business Insider, 9/23/12 (emphasis added).

H/t: Honest Thinking. 9/25/12.

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