24 November 2012

Clueless Republican surrender monkeys.

More than clueless, when you get down to it.
And so, Republican Party elites push as hard as they can to displace their political base and legalise millions of people from an ethnic group which overwhelmingly rejects their party every election cycle.[1]
The deliberate, duplicitous effort to displace whites in our own country is set out clearly in this article by "Michael." Bottom line: A demographic and consequent cultural revolution has been jammed down the throats of whites preceded by a phalanx of lies.
In the summer of 2012 we were told by the US media that the majority of children in the US are now non-Whites, meaning that soon Whites will be a minority in land which was overwhelmingly White only a few decades ago. This has indeed been a revolutionary change.[2]
Meditate on that for a moment. White will be a minority in our own land and this in a matter of only a few decades.

As the Cuban lady says, she never knew a people more willing to give away their country.

And was any of this discussed in the last major exercise in American popular sovereignty? Of course, it wasn't. White Americans were once again denied the opportunity to know and reflect on the raw facts of their deliberate displacement. Instead, whites must remain in a posture of worshipful submission to minorities. Until they are overwhelmed.

The insanity of this ought to spread like wildfire at lunch counters, truck stops, ball games, picnics, family gatherings, veterans' organizations, and National Guard weekend drills but, apparently, it does not. Since utter insanity has taken hold and entrenched itself, there's no reason to think that telling the truth about this will change matters much. For relief, we can look to the silver lining in the coming black cloud of hard, hard economic times.

Such times have a penchant for awakening people to fundamental human realities.

[1] "Norquist & Rubio promote amnesty, demographic revolution." By Micheal, Southern Nationalist Network, 11/16/12.
[2] Id. Emphasis added, link removed.

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