22 February 2014

Ancient garbage.

The irony of progressivism is that its policies almost always entail a return to the bad ideas and corrupt practices of ancient times. It is old barbarism in a new guise. What exactly is new about euthanizing the elderly, killing babies, celebrating promiscuity, and so forth? Even its more sophisticated notions of a “living Constitution” and a collectivist federal government (ideas which are hallmarks of the American Progressive movement) are simply glorified versions of tyrannies well known to the ancients.[1]
Leftists reject all tradition except where it celebrates tyranny. They paw through what has preceded us and dine on the garbage. The socialist part of national socialism, fine. The red aristocracy of Soviet totalitarianism, fine. The arbitrary justice of the Khmer Rouge, fine. Catastrophic bastardy, freedom. The obscurantism, savagery, clericalism and theocracy of Islam, visas all round.

All just fine, just so long as sweet words can be found to cover up the stink. "Democratic centralism," "fairness," "equality," "community," "progress," "redistribution," "environment," "stewardship," "reform," "diversity," "choice," "liberation," "nation of immigrants," "living constitution," "constitutional law," "citizen of the world."

[1] "‘Progressivism’: the greatest source of death and terror in the twentieth century." By George Neumayr, LifeSiteNews.com, 2/16/14.

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