18 March 2014

"Fundamental transformation" explained.

Commenter KO:
Fjordman addresses the great mystery of leftism: is the true motive of leftists to build the just society, or to destroy the society they know? The psychological child molestation undertaken by Swedish authorities and the license to rape given to immigrants--policies which not even the most deluded can believe will lead to the socialist utopia--strongly suggest that destruction is the true motive, not creation.
KO goes on to observe:
Westerners need to have the conversation about how far they are willing to let things slide. If a party or faction would exceed that boundary if it came to power, then society is imprudent to permit that party or faction to participate in political processes rather than suppressing it. If a minority is unwilling to live under socialism, it probably has no business tolerating the participation of socialists in the political system. In any case, those who are willing to import foreigners into the political community to outvote their compatriots, thus redefining the community in their own interest instead of preserving it for the common interest, would seem to have lost their right to participate in the political community.[1]
This directly attacks the sacred left-loony principle of "inclusion" and calls to mind the political devices of "treason" and the "outlaw." Our wiser ancestors knew a skunk in the parlor when they saw one and didn't waste time worrying about hurt feelings. Jurists of our day seem able to conjure the most amazing rights and privileges out of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Maybe they could get creative and come up with a workable definition of treason that incorporates more of the concept of subversion. And which allows us to revist the idea of "beyond the pale."

Won't happen, however. Not in a nation that celebrates Andres Serrano and Karen Finley and makes Bernardine Dohrn a professor at Northwestern University School of Law. And elects to the U.S. Senate the man who abandoned Mary Jo Kopechne to her death.

The moron majority cannot see any meaningful difference between a U.S. citizens and a cannibal. (Hannibal Lector was just downright lovable the way Hollywood played that one.) Why would the same people concern itself with the difference between loyal citizens and treacherous ones? Today, we don't banish scum to Sherwood Forest; we vote them into the Congress, give them to endowed chairs at our universities, and pay to see their corrosive movies – where Nazis are the perpetual scum par excellence, the ne plus ultra of all evildoers. Such is the tightly circumscribed universe of evil in the leftist imagination.

Don't miss the full article by Fjordman on the extent of the psychosis in Sweden. After your read it, you'll say to yourself that NO nation could be that stupid.

Trust me on that one.

[1] Comment "How exasperating!" by KO on "Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism." By Fjordman, The Brussels Journal, 10/9/08.

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