30 April 2014

The Truth About Guns.

The Truth About Guns is simply this: without a black population, there would be almost no gun violence in Indianapolis and no need for the city government to dedicate resources in the “Your Life Matters” program.

There’d be no weekly vigils or marches for peace.

No Ten Point Coalition needed.

Though white advocates of gun rights and the NRA frets over the lack of black faces within their ranks, the real reason to fear the loss of the 2nd Amendment is the growing non-white population and liberals using extreme black gun violence as a reason to disarm the law-abiding.[1]

I remember reading several years ago in a newspaper column that if you factor out black crime involving guns then white American rates of “gun crime” are below that of then mostly-white Europeans.

I look forward to reading any attempt at refutation of that or Mr. Kersey’s assertion, hopefully without reference to anyone’s racism or bigotry.

A lot to axe, I know, but that’s the gold standard for refutation.

[1] "What We Learned from the NRA National Conference in Indianapolis (a city where gun violence is almost entirely black-in-origin)." By Paul Kersey, Stuff Black People Don't Like, 4/30/14.

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