29 May 2014

Death by diversification.

Today, the consequences of Greek Orthodoxy's terrible plight in Constantinople will not be contained to the Greeks. The consequences extend over to the United States and Europe whose citizens have been deceived by propaganda emanating from the powerful Turkish lobby which has been successfully manipulating events and has deprived citizens from knowing who is influencing their governments. I believe all Christians in America and Europe would be outraged if they knew the extent to which Turkish interests influence American policies to the detriment of American interests and ideals. Turkey today is in the midst of an Islamic Revolution, and so the Turkish lobby is in effect a Jihadist lobby.[1]
New one on me. I mean, the lobby part.

It never ceases to amaze me. Saudi Arabia is financing 80% of the cost of constructing mosques (Wahhabi flavor) in the U.S., of which there are ton.[2] 

Yet, Christian churches and services are strictly forbidden in Swordly Arabia. Our goofball interpretation of the First Amendment apparently requires us to treat an aggressive, subversive political system as a "religion." Apparently, the political class considers Islam one of the faiths the Founders (and Ratifiers) had in mind when they drafted that amendment. Islam must be doctrine on the order of Catholicism, Quakerism, Anglicanism, and all that. Only requiring the death penalty for apostasy, let it be said. A minor detail which shouldn't concern us.

Death for saying the Arabic equivalent of "adios" is a corollary to the Koranic principle, well, article of faith, if you must know, that "there shall be no compulsion in [entering] Islam." Al-Azhar and the Grand Mufti in Mecca have sorted out the rough parts in that minute inconsistency, q. bleedin' v. Order the expanding garden hose and you get the DVD. Meanwhile, do bear in mind that murder, by unofficial agencies (usually pissed-off Rotarians with time on their hands), of apostates is also a bedrock principle of modern Christian practice. So there you are. Who are WE to judge? Live and let live, we say. Or not.

"Between 1993 and 2007 there were six [assassination] attempts on the life of the Ecumenical Patriarch," the author of the source article, Mr. Karakostas, tells us. Schweinhunden raus and a glimpse at the official (and perpetual) Muslim agenda! Thanks for everything. E.U. membership fast tracked for you, Muchachos.

Meanwhile, rearranging the furniture in private places of Christian worship in Egypt causes a riot. Christians are being murdered and driven out in Iraq. God only knows what's in store for Christians in Libya. (Or Marseilles, Southampton, and Dearbornistan.) The one head of state in the Middle East who doesn't interfere with Christians is Bashar al-Assad, whose overthrow the Obamanauts are, naturally, busily endeavoring to effect. The best hammer found another nail! Had they even taken down the telekinetic prompter at West Point before the reports came in of another pointless, open-ended exercise involving risk to life and limb of our troops?

Well goodbye to a "great" civilization that swallows this swill. We can't seem to get enough of it. "It" referring to opportunism, collaboration, self delusion. And a fate looking increasingly like that of the Eastern Empire. They say that at some point diversity went, like, through the roof.

It was awesome, man!

[1] "The Fall of Constantinople and the Final Tragedy of our Time." By Theodoros Karakostas, Hellenic Communication Service, 6/15/09.
[2]  "Wahhabi" means something like "odious," but you can look it up your own self if you want.

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