20 June 2014

Spot the fake headline.

  1. Raped by Black Man, Moonbat Blames White Patriarchy – As the night the day.
  2. UK: Rural School Deemed ‘Too White’ By Ofsted Visits London to Mix With Ethnic Pupils – Interesting premise.
  3. Syria: Jihadis Display ‘Power of Islam’ On Donkey Victims – Allahu akbar.
  4. Ireland: Raunchy Nuns Diet Coke Jesus Parody Banned by RTE – The fine line between sacred and profane.
  5. The Great Fear — Why Do Whites Fear Their Own Ethnicity? – Because public schooling has done its job.
  6. Joe Biden: U.S. needs ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants. – Calling Dr. Sanity.
  7. Caught: CA Mayor Throws Dog Poop on Neighbor's Lawn – When you positively, absolutely are striving for clarity.
  8. Desperate Iraq asks for U.S. airstrikes, as U.S. prepares to empty embassy – Unforeseeable.
  9. Obama: ‘Our Future Rests’ On The Success Of DREAM Kids – Only foreigners can save us.
  10. IRS says it lost key Lerner emails – Define "lost."
  11. EU Demands Prostitution and Drugs To Be Included GDP Figures – No more confusion.
  12. Report: Key 9/11 architect among 5 released Taliban leaders... – Mistakes were made.
  13. Churches Ordered to Perform Sodomy-Based Wedding Ceremonies – I hope this doesn't mean what I think it means.
  14. Lesbian’s Note: She Was Inspired by Homosexual Church to Murder Lover’s Daughter – Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  15. Pope warns against World Cup racism and greed… – Next: NASCAR racism and greed.
  16. Researcher Trowbridge Links Obama to 1975 Weather Underground Domestic Terrorist Group – Outrageous.
  17. Pius XII Criticism ‘Gives Me a Rash’ Says Pope – TMI.
  18. UK: Police Fobbing Off Victims of Yobs by Asking Them to Write Diaries Rather Than Taking Action, Says Peer – "Deer Dairy."
  19. Were the Vikings Scared of Volcanoes? – If they were close by they were.
  20. Work on border fence resumes. – Obama: One-mile-per-year goal attainable.

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