03 June 2014

Youth oblivious to grammatical error.

A 16-year-old has been arrested for shooting a cabbie twice in the back of the head when the driver didn’t follow directions, Pennsylvania authorities said.

Aazis Richardson admitted as much to a horde of reporters as officers in Scranton led him down a hallway at police department headquarters. “That’s what I do to people that don’t listen,” the handcuffed suspect said, according to The Times-Tribune.

Did you see that? This youth has unwittingly embarrassed himself and his family by saying "people that don't listen" instead of "people who don't listen."

The educational "system" failed this young man. No, WE have failed this young man.

"Pennsylvania Because Driver Wouldn’t Follow Directions." By Deborah Hastings, NY Daily News, 5/24/14.

H/t: American Renaissance.


Anonymous said...

How has society failed a mad dog?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Sorry to delay responding. Blogger sent your comment to the spam folder.

Agreed. Kindly overlook my attempt at irony. :-)