24 September 2014

Regression to the mean.

The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism. Colonial masters never committed anything near the murder and genocide seen under black rule in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia and other countries where millions of blacks have been slaughtered in unspeakable ways that included: hacking to death, boiling in oil, setting on fire and dismemberment. If as many elephants, zebras and lions had been as ruthlessly slaughtered, the world’s leftists would be in a tizzy.

* * * *

. . . Blacks [in Africa] are not held to civilized standards of behavior. From the liberal’s point of view it might even be racist to expect blacks to adhere to civilized standards of behavior.[1]

Not just in Africa.

[1]  Walter Williams, quoted in "Rainbow Nation." By Radish, 4/12/13.


Anonymous said...

While I wouldn't dream of defending Africa I would only note that if you really wish to see people dream up the butchery of innocents on an unimaginable scale no one beats Europeans or Americans.

It appears though that the JV in Asia is trying to take the crown and may do so.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's one of those statements that drifts out there in the gossamer clouds of casual denigration of the West.

Attempts to do more than just pontificate casually show a different picture than the one you paint. That reference is just to 20th-c. killing. A tally stretching back further in time would have to include the estimated 80,000,000 killings by the Muslims in their conquest of part of the Indian subcontinent.

The ISIS demons are probably pikers in the scheme of things though they must surely top the charts of killings that are demonic.