30 October 2014

Not loathsome?

If you're ever tempted to think that the GOP is, in the main, not loathsome, you should read Chuck Baldwin's excellent article below.

It's important to vote against the ultra leftist, sellout, anti-white, progressive Democrat trolls this one last time but, after we get the finger in the eye from the GOP sellouts and cowards after this election, which we will, it will be time to go full third party.

"Reince Priebus And Amnesty–'There You Go Again!'" By Chuck Baldwin, VDARE.com, 10/30/14.


Frank Koza said...

Great article except for the unfortunate inclusion of the myth that will never die of there being a balanced budget and budget surpluses during Clinton's reign. Yes, they did manage to pay down some of the public debt in the late 90's with some good old accounting magic by increasing intra-governmental debt (borrowing from itself), but the overall national debt still increased during the years they claimed there was this mythical surplus.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks. I was unaware of the intra-governmental debt finagle and went for the shiny spinner instead.

The witticism that all professions are conspiracies against the layman applies to federal government finance.

It's been a while since I looked at the Anti-Deficiency Act so my memory is dim now but I seem to remember that the general principle was that money appropriated for one purpose could not be moved ad lib. to finance a different purpose. The ADA seemed to be serious legislation with criminal penalties, IIRC. I don't remember ever exploring the borrowing of funds angle, however.

The Republicans appear (sic) to have in mind not funding Obama's egregious imperial amnesty. I wonder where in existing appropriations the authorization for his course of action can be found.

Perhaps a special prosecutor could be appointed to look into such matters. But Boehner and McConnell are notably lacking in creativity and honesty in matters immigrational (inter alia) and it's a shame that citizen gnats such as I should be out here thinking up ways to use the existing arsenal to frustrate His Excellency.

Frank Koza said...

My pleasure. I'm sure you can imagine how many times I've been met with disbelief and moral indignation or just outright dismissal as a kook for trying to explain that when you have a revenue surplus then your overall debt decreases so their claimed surpluses just didn't exist. It doesn't matter if Republican or Democrat. Democrats believe Clinton did it while Republicans believe the wonderful Newt's Congress did it.

Thanks for the lead on the ADA. Taking a quick glance at the 30 agency reports submitted to the GAO in the last two years, nearly all resulted in no administrative actions to minor reprimands for violations claiming no evidence of knowing or willful intent. I saw only one incident reported in which two individuals were suspended without pay for an unspecified period of time and the matter was submitted to the DOJ for further investigation. The ADA may have been implemented with different intentions, but it appears that it is currently used as little more than a tool to slap the hands of low-level bureaucrats to make it appear to us laymen that they are more serious about it than they really are.

As far is this immigration fiasco, I see it as nothing more than a typical diversion. I can only laugh at the Republican machinations to not fund what Obama describes as a prioritization on allocation of limited resources which amounts to an inaction on his target group. How can you defund not deporting certain people? From what little I've seen of this imperial amnesty, he's proposed beefing up border security and to prioritize focus of deportations on felons, and to do so he's claiming to be ordering for registration w/ background checks for those eligible and who apply for his amnesty as well as providing biometric data for deferred deportation w/ work permits (what good undocumented resident could refuse such a generous offer?). Obama is a blooming idiot (IMHO) but he's certainly not stupid. He's had six years to have his minions craft some morsels to somewhat appease his base while setting traps for his opposition in this decree and it seems to be loaded with them. So if Republicans defund his prioritization scheme then they can and will be accused of being soft on crime by obstructing the discovery and deportation of (undocumented) felons.