30 November 2014

Anchor baby madness.

Today, more than 20 percent of all children born in the United States are born to those who have entered the United States unlawfully, and who are, by any authentic definition of the 14th Amendment, NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. because they are not citizens. Yet Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist Bourgeoisie assert that the "anchor babies" of illegal immigrants are owed all the entitlements of an American citizen.

The near-term consequences of this fallacious assertion have dire implications for the future of Liberty, for the Rule of Law, and for the very survival of our nation. But this is consistent with Obama's "fundamental transformation" agenda to break the back of free enterprise, which is essential to liberty.

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson proposed the national motto, "E pluribus unum" ("Out of many, one"), but that unity will not last much longer if we do not take dramatic action to restore the Rule of Law.[1]

Only in the debased United States of America today, will courts contort themselves to dream up doctrines that enable
  1. foreigners to claim a "right" to acquire citizenship by virtue of having been delivered 12 inches over the international boundaries of the U.S. and

  2. their foreign parents to claim a right of family reunification with such bogus "citizens."
How to illustrate the absurdity of this? If I visit a house for sale during an "open house" do I have a right to come back later and demand a bedroom from the new owner for my home? Our black letter property laws permit the courts to deal effectively with such an absurd claim. Something more than mere presence enters into the calculations of sane people.

According to U.S. federal courts, however, foreigners can make just such a claim under our immigration "laws." Location of delivery equals U.S. passport and right to reside and vote. Wishes and intentions of foreigners trump interests of U.S. citizens.

[1] "'Subject To the Jurisdiction of the United States' Means Babies Of Illegal Mothers Are Not Automatically U.S. Citizens." By Mark Alexander, Huffington Riposte, 8/26/10.

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