13 December 2014

Leftist traitors and their illusions.

Both the rabid Left and Islam need to remake the Western Civilization in its respective insane image before it moves on with the global part. At the present stage of the project they are commonsense, or tactical allies.

The Left needs moslem immigration to dissolve the cultural, religious, ethnical cohesion of the Western nations. Islam, the classic parasite civilization, needs the Left to facilitate its non-military invasion of the West, thus beside preventing what otherwise would be its certain demise, [and] prepares a stage for the final purge of everything non-Islamic, including the Left.[1]

There is a delusion that infests the minds of Westerners willing to enter into temporary alliances with demonstrably violent and hostile people. The delusion is that somehow they will end up on top when the goals of the alliance are attained. That their erstwhile allies will turn over all the fruits of victory to them because they are so nice, so decent.

It's similarly amazing how fools feverishly undermine the rule of law and assume that, in the ensuing bankrupt, lawless, discretionary, arbitrary hell ruled by scum like themselves, they will end up in the thin layer of the elite. Whatever unpleasantness befell other people in times past will invariably pass them by because they are good leftists and so sooo special.

[1] Comment by MukeNecca on "Is a Country Merely Empty Space?" By Fjordman. Frontpage Mag, 12/11/14.

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