19 December 2014

Precious, sacred, holy bipartisan garbage.

“We’ve done this in a bipartisan fashion, and frankly, it’s a good bill,” House Speaker John Boehner would say after negotiating another quantum leap in the national debt into an obscure funnel of government bureaucracy that will fund Obamacare and allow for amnesty for illegal aliens. That’s all we conservatives get for our vote, just a month after voters elected Republicans to take an exactly opposite course of action than the one they’ve immediately taken.
If the Republicans had been in charge of running D Day, it's a certainty that they'd have sought a bipartisan solution to the perceived need for the Normandy landings. The logic of that thought is bulletproof, it seems to me, as the recent CRomnibus bill shows the same thinking, namely, that there is no such thing on the planet as an enemy, a hostile combination, or a corrupt, subversive, alien political faction with a destructive agenda.

Neither is there a Republican "principle" that can't be watered down, compromised, or abandoned so the boodle can flow into the right hands and the GOP establishment clown car can make the victory laps in the media circus.

Nice doggy! Good boyyyy!

[1] "The Republicans' Road to Rovetown." By William Sullivan, AmericanThinker, 12/19/14.

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