10 July 2015

The dignity of marriage is preserved.

Not to be missed.


Bill said...

The problem is that once you have seen something, you can't unsee it. What a stick in the eye to everybody.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Yeats was right about the center not holding.

Homosexual marriage is an absurdity and will be shown to have been a minor objective in the culture war. By that I mean that the actual number of homosexual weddings will prove to be only a small percentage of the eligible homosexual population. As someone else observed, homosexuals want weddings not marriage. Given the promiscuity endemic in the male homosexual population, the expense and "inconvenience" of divorce will also work to establish that what homosexuals want is political dominance for their sexual and countercultural agenda. They themselves speak of "monogamouthy." I think that's how they referred to it. Sorta-kinda marriage with all the form but none of the substance, other than cohabitation. This marriage rate and divorce rate aspect of all of this will speak volumes in short order.

This is hinted at in the photograph to which I linked. What those two young men wanted was not to be married to each other but rather to devise a way that would demonstrate their contempt for every last thing about the synagogue and the Jewish religion. Caligula 2.0.

The wonder is that the rabbi gave his permission for this lunatic, degrading stunt.