06 August 2015

Financial warfare.

The video below, an interview with Mr. James Rickards, is an infomercial but still an interesting romp through some of the fundamentals of the world's monetary system and the dangers we face.

Of interest in this video is the part about (1) the existence of a financial war "war room" inside the Treasury Department (not a huge secret I suppose) and (2) a "mystery" buyer (Belgium) of U.S. Treasuries at the 16:11 mark. The MSM is more interested in maximizing the exposure of the "Black Lives Matter" garbage and Kim Kardashian's ass, so it's no wonder this interesting latter fact isn't more widely known. Not being financially sophisticated, I can only report this odd activity and the unlikely place where it is taking place. At.

It may be part of a campaign of financial warfare directed at us (although Mr. Rickards intimates that it is actually the Federal Reserve that is behind these Belgian purchases). Whether or not it is, it's worth paying attention to the issue of financial warfare, which is perhaps as exotic as the cyber warfare that appears to be being directed at us.

On that score, Rickards' words are also worth listening to given his position as "an adviser on international economics and financial threats to the Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community." My Skepto-Meter is usually cranked way over to the right on the "9/11 was an inside job" stuff but there's another side of 9/11 that's interesting.

Mr. Rickards indicates in Part One of his book The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, that in 2002 he was "responsible for modeling terrorist trading for the CIA, part of a broad inquiry into stock trading on advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks."

There was such trading according to him, and the Department of Justice believed it too.[1]

With respect to the 2008 financial crisis, a Mr. Mark Mitchell also reported on "massive volumes of short selling that went through [a] previously obscure brokerage [firm]." This was a Texas firm that

suddenly became (by volume) the largest brokerage on the planet. Moreover, data strongly suggests that most of this new volume was short selling targeting critical American companies, including the the [sic] nation’s largest financial institutions.[2]
This is what the Securities and Exchange Commission thought about that short selling:
Moreover, this barrage of short selling continued and intensified through September, 2008, when the Securities and Exchange Commission was moved to issue an “Emergency Order,” stating that manipulative short selling had likely contributed to the collapse of major financial institutions (e.g. Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers) and was threatening to undermine the stability of the American financial system.[3]
Some of the brokerages who cleared their trades through this Texas firm operated in a "network" of brokerages, all of which had the most alarming people operating them. Mitchell describes people associated with one unregistered Chicago brokerage thus:
Many of the other people who operated through this brokerage also had interesting biographies. One of them was a trader who had ties to Russian organized crime, and whose business partner was killed in a brutal gangland-style murder in New Jersey. Also trading through this little unregistered brokerage in Chicago was an account controlled by the top henchmen of a Russian oligarch and members of an organized crime syndicate that has been accused by U.S. officials of having ties to both Al Qaeda and the Russian government’s intelligence services.

In addition there was (to name just one more) a trader whose family members worked for the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. One of this trader’s close relatives (based outside Iran) had employed an undercover Iranian government agent who was implicated in a terrorist attack and who was caught shipping sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah, the jihadist outfit that takes its directions from the Iranian regime.[4]

Don't thank me. I'm glad I could clear everything up for you.

This only scratches the surface, I know. Alyssa Lappen used to write on these matters, if you care to check her out.

Whether this stuff is being monitored in the Treasury Department is anyone's guess. Probably it is but I rather suspect it's a matter of indifference to Obama who appears to have an agenda separate from one that any patriotic American would have. As with all things political and economic these days, it's anybody's guess where this jasper is headed.

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