24 August 2015


[On his show with Ann Coulter, Bill] Maher went for the race angle at the first opportunity. The fondest conceit of the goodwhites is that they are free of all racial prejudice, while badwhites are seething with animosity, yearning to bring back lynching and Jim Crow.[1]
Mr. Derbyshire points out that Mr. Maher lives in Beverley Hills which is 78.5% white and 2.5% black. There are thus 31.4 whites for every black in Beverley Hills.

This Goodwhite Index would be a useful index to maintain for all social justice warriors.

[1] "Ann Coulter vs. Bill Maher, Luis Gutierrez, Some Black Lady And A Bernie Sanders Rally Audience…Guess Who Won?" By John Derbyshire, Vdare.com, 8/21/15.

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