19 August 2015

Immigration sellouts melt down – undermining Trump.

One of a series in which we collect the media dyspepsia over a hugely popular presidential candidate who thinks America isn't everybody's bitch. What a concept:
  • If there was ever a man who was suited for a national moment because of his flaws rather than his virtues -- Mytheos Holt, The Federalist, 8/10/15.
  • Maybe Donald Trump changed his views on abortion for the right reasons. Then again, maybe not. -- Cheryl Magness, The Federalist, 8/10/15.
  • Does he have durability – some guest on O'Reilly's The Factor, 8/10/15.
  • Does he have the temperament to be president? – Someone.
  • Love him or hate him, Donald Trump . . . – Someone.
  • You may not agree with everything Donald Trump says, but . . . – Someone.
  • His actual ideas for governing lack coherence – Jim Kunstler, 8/10/15.
  • Has no policy on ___ – Someone.
  • No government experience – Someone.
  • coarse, crude and ill-informed – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • uncouth and reckless in his language – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • cynically spreading quid pro quo money around – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • derides President Obama’s Iran pact in buffoonish terms – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • a nasty catharsis – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • crudely amplifies conservative anger – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • preposterousness and anti-PC bluster – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • Trump's hypocrisies, narcissism, or outlandishness – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • the great conservative savior. Rich Cromwell, The Federalist, 8/16/15.
  • “mean-spirited” attacks on Hispanic voters -- Robert Tracinski, The Federalist, 8/18/15.
  • uncouth and reckless in his language – Victor Davis Hanson, 8/14/15.
  • unbridled narcissism – Steve McCann, 8/18/15.
  • "seriousness that Trump too often lacks." National Review, 8/18/15.
  • "clown genius ability to use intentional exaggeration to provide anchors for your brain, and persuade your subconscious to think things you would never originally think." – Ben Domenech, The Federalist, 8/17/15.
Methinks some of these people are a little unglued over Mr. Trump.

All the pretty little lies that are now dying. All that energy propagating all the fisking bullshit over immigration.

Wasted. (Sob.)

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