01 August 2015

Loathsome, devious, despicable, treasonous, contemptible, sellout Republicans.

Britbart reports that the Republican congressional leadership would not lower themselves to respond to inquiries on whether they would
be willing to support any reduction at all in the record annual dispensation of new green cards and new foreign worker visas.

* * * *

Not one Republican leadership office was willing to even reply to the question. Every GOP leader’s office refused to answer, to express any support for reduced future immigration, or to offer any thought at all on the subject. It appears that not one of these public servants was even willing to engage on the issue of historic immigration transforming the electorate, school systems, and labor markets.[1]

The offices referred to are those of:
  • Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).
  • Senate Majority Whip, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).
  • Senate Conference Chairman, Sen. John Thune (R-SD).
  • Senate Policy Committee Chairman, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY).
  • Senate Conference Vice Chairman, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO).
  • House Speaker, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH).
  • House Majority Leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).
  • House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA).
  • House Conference Chairwoman, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).
  • House Policy Committee Chairman. Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN).
Britbart continues:
As described by Congressional aides who spoke with Breitbart News, while Republicans had an aggressive nationwide push to pass Obamatrade, they have never had a similar media nationwide campaign to protect their constituents from unpopular, uncontrolled immigration: not on sanctuary cities, not on H-1B abuses, not on executive amnesty, etc.

One GOP aide said: “Republican leaders will not, I repeat, will not ever message on how immigration is hurting American workers because they support and want their business buddies to get more foreign workers.” [2]

Immigration is killing this country, transforming it into something nightmarish and unrecognizable where politicians at the highest level care more about jobs for foreigners and taking care of employers eager to pay cut rate wages to compliant foreigners when millions of Americans are out of work and hurting.

I understand differences of opinion on life's issues. No one has a lock on reality or perfect understanding of complex issues. Debate and careful study are always a prerequisite. That said, however, it simply beggars the imagination to witness the degree to which the wholesale importation of foreigners from third-world countries who have no exposure to or understanding of the legal and cultural traditions of this country is seen as an unarguable good, something a priori of immense benefit.

Yet, we are dealing here with the really suspect "f" word that has historically meant trouble for any country. That word is, of course, "foreigner." In any country you want to name large numbers of foreigners introduced into any country anywhere on the planet always, invariably, and without fail have meant disaster, something preceded by a catastrophic failure of arms at the nation's border. The ignorance and recklessness are even worse in Europe where the default position is, IKYN, that invading aliens are to be "rescued" and brought to the homeland itself.

The concept that they should be denied entry and discouraged from further entry by military means appears to be entertained only by idiots, neo-Nazis, heartless monsters, and all manner of disreputable persons.

We in the West are afflicted with a virulent disease that numbs the brain, saps all courage, and causes us to pursue the death of the white race and the civilization it created. Never would the founders of this country have envisioned that the United States would come to be ruled by cowards and fools with nothing but contempt for their fellow citizens and the Constitution and an unchallenged determination to rule by intimidation, force, and lies.

The hope of Philadelphia has devolved into an addled plutocracy wholly indifferent to the wishes and interests of the citizens.

Some small number of us is waking up to the contempt expressed by the ruling class. The fate of Mr. Trump will be interesting. as he resembles slightly some of the occasional outsiders in China who sprang out of nowhere to lead vast armies against the emperor. (I do not equate the views of the Tai Ping leader to those of Mr. Trump. The point is what can happen when nations decay.) He appears to be waffling on amnesty so he may yet prove a disappointment. Gov. Walker shows some stiffening of views on immigration but he has uttered the absurd phrase "our broken immigration system" in the past – which I would not do at sword point – so he's suspect, one must conclude.

Not much mention of the military is made on the issue of immigration per se. Word is that patriotic officers have been purged and one hopes that they have thought about what must be done in the event that the Wesley Clarks of this world start moving units around for "field exercises." Fulgencio Batista was once a sergeant in the Cuban army and the butcher Fidel was once a mere lawyer in need of a shave. The gods have still to weigh in on all of this, though some would laugh at such a thought. I reckon that the concept of an apolitical military does have its limits.

The fulcrum upon which future events will move is, however, not the candidacy of one courageous man or two. Our is a grossly over leveraged economy that can have little resilience left in it given the fiscal and monetary insanity that has been in vogue for 50 years. Nor can we have been strengthened by off-shoring of huge amounts of our manufacturing capacity and the importation of huge, and I do mean, huge numbers of hostile, unassimilable, and parasitic foreigners. Economic collapse seems baked into the cake to my untutored eyes and grocery store shelves can clear in a matter of day.

And that will drive events.

A good friend of mine often likes to remind me that "ultimately, politics and economics must bow down before Mars." Only a few leaders seem to be suggesting anything vaguely resembling even the simplest of solutions to any problem we face here. So, alas, in the next five to ten years Trump, Walker, Fiorina, Sanders, and the scumbag Republicans will be irrelevant and we'll get down to the serious business of settling accounts. During the War for Southern Independence, one Union soldier before the Battle of Saint Mary's Church spoke to a Confederate soldier beforehand to ask him why his uniform was so ragged. The man replied that it wasn't a good idea to wear one's best clothes before butchering a hog.

Perhaps these are sentiments before their time that will amuse the deep thinkers who believe they've got it all under control. But I'm betting good money that what the sellouts have engineered for our country will soon enough give them a taste of what Mars does best.

A sad and alarming thought, it's true, but then who would have thought that what the Framers and Ratifiers set in motion would drown in the perfect storm of ruling class hubris, stupidity, and connivance at total power.

And monstrous betrayal.

[1] "No Congressional GOP Leaders Will Support Reducing Immigration." By Julia Hahn, Breitbart.com, 7/31/15.
[2] Id.

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