26 August 2015

Oh yes we are.

That’s why the rest of the candidates should be scared. To get these crowds for Bush or Walker or Kasich, you would have to round up the people at gun point. Even then, you would
probably have to lock the gates to keep the people from fleeing the arena once the dreary dullard started talking. Those people at the Trump rally are not buying what the GOP is selling, even if they may not be sold on Trump as a candidate.[1]
The Z Man wrote a very good article about Trump and made a very good point about the "collapse of the middle," but even so he exhibits that "he's not a really serious candidate" condescension.

Is there any other candidate we DO agree with completely, for gosh sakes? And Trump is not a serious candidate but those other presidential wannabes ARE?!

How is it clear to every pundit but me that these other contenders

  1. are not mouthing platitudes and talking points,
  2. are not praying like hell that no one asks them a substantive question, and
  3. have a white paper in their back pockets on all major issues?

What's the Rubio (ineligible) position on Chinese currency manipulation? The Bush position on Agenda 21? The Kasich position on the Supreme Court's dishonest decision on Obamacare and sodomite "marriage"? The Graham position on voter ID? The Huckabee position on the undeclared war on Syria and demonization of Vladimir Putin? The Paul position on the Court's dishonest expansion of the Commerce Clause and Congress's complicity therein? The Cruz (ineligible) position on the incompatibility of Islam's death penalty for apostasy with the Constitution and with the oath of naturalization?

I like Kathleen's comment on this same article:

I’ve always said that Shrillary wasn’t going to be the nominee. Glad everyone’s catching up with me. So both parties are in chaos now. Good. Shoving Leftist big-government policies and open-border cultural suicide immigration down our collective throats has not had the desired reaction for the ruling class. Excuse us Great Unwashed peons as we vomit up this forced feeding. And that’s why Trump is popular. He’s a giant FU to the establishment wing of both parties.
Yes, indeed. That is what he is and may he live long and prosper.

Fisk all the other mealy-mouthed candidates who would turn white as a ghost at the mention of the words "deport them all!"

[1] "Something’s Happening Here." By The Z Man, 8/22/15.

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